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Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away Arrow Rest: A Broad Look

whisker biscuit vs drop away
Written by Catherine Weeks
Last Update: August 11, 2023

As a hunter getting a device is important that will aid you during your hunting experience. Aiming and getting an accurate shot is always exciting.

Having issues in deciding between the whisker biscuit and drop away arrow rest. There has been an ongoing controversy about who wins the“whisker biscuit vs drop away” debate.

Want to know more about their specs and attributes? Here, we’ll differentiate both types so you can hit the bullseye every time you take a shot.

Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away Arrow Rest: How Do They Differ

Containment Arrow Rest (Whisker Biscuit)

While arrow rest has been around for quite some time now, hunters often see them as the best option for getting an accurate shot.

The drop away arrow rest has been in use by hunters since the 90s it is used by hunters when aiming for accuracy.

But as modernization sets in, new discoveries have been made and there are many advanced arrow rests available in the marketplace.

Containment arrow rest can be described as a better world of archery today. They come in different sizes and designs, but we will be discussing the whisker biscuit as one of the containment arrow rest.

Containment Arrow Rest (Whisker Biscuit) vs Drop-Away Arrow Rest

With that being said, let’s dive into our main topic, drop away arrow rest vs whisker biscuit comparison.

Our Today’s guide should be able to help you decide on what type of arrow rest suits you the most. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away Arrow rest

Whisker Biscuit

A whisker biscuit is described as an arrow rest made using artificial bristles. It has a hole in the middle, this gives it the ability to encircle and hold the arrow entirely.

Providing it with a flawless placement, and preventing any hindrance for the arrow feathers or vanes.

Whisker Biscuit

The whisker biscuit-one type of arrow rest is actually long lasting, easy to adjust and helps the arrow to firmly stay on the bow. And they provide you with accurate shots.

Positive Sides of Whisker Biscuit

  • The whisker biscuits unique features provide the hunter with a simplified draw and shot with either of compound bows and crossbows.
  • The biscuit safeguards the arrow is in perfect position even when the light source present is very low.
  • There is no moving part attached to the biscuit, so there is a high chance that no mechanical failure is going to occur while you are on the hunting ground.
  • Worry about missing a shout due to noise is not a problem anymore because the whisker biscuit has a quite attribute in function.


Nothing is always 100% perfect. The whisker biscuit has its own limitations but it’s actually something that goes unnoticed.

  • Sometimes there’s a need for you to re-fletch your arrow after you have carried out multiple shots. The reason has to be that at times the whisker biscuit can put pressure on the arrow vane.
  • In some cases, the whisker might to some extent limit the speed and accuracy of your arrow.

Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The drop-away arrow rest became popular among hunters in the Late 1980s as advancement, due to the necessity for accuracy.

The drop-away arrow rest will allow your arrow to hit the target without any interference. The arrow rest is best suitable for hunters will like to hunt and shoot in 3D.

Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Positive Side of Drop-Away Rest

  • This arrow rest when used by a good archer, it gives a better shooting experience.
  • With the drop away rest, there is minimum friction between the arrows which in turn provides a high velocity for the arrow.


  • There’s is always the frustration and missed chances if the arrow mistakenly falls off or hitches an object before the shot.
  • The cost of a quality bead away rest is quite a lot higher than a whisker biscuit.
  • Chances that the arrow can drop off the break of the body while moving is high.

At this point, you might find the whisker biscuit vs fall away debate overwhelming. Don’t worry. I’m giving you a nifty opinion based on my hands-on test.

Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away Rest: What We’ve Found

From observation after a test on both rest. we could come to the conclusion that:

When you are actually looking for simplicity and very easy to use, the whisker biscuit rest sure gives you actually what you are looking for.

For accuracy and speed, the drop-away arrow rest, given that you can keep one in a good condition, stands out. Though differences are not noticeable between both.

At last, each sort of rest will be as exact as you are with the bow. Your decision is as liable to be dictated by which one you figured out how to shoot with as some other factor.

The contrast between whisker biscuits and drop-away rests is generally an individual inclination for either, and that is the one you should use with no inquiry regarding how it influences your hunting trip.

Drop Away vs Whisker Biscuit: In a Nutshell

Whisker Biscuit Drop Away
The Whisker Biscuit is easy to utilize and dispenses with the opportunity of the projectile to tumble off the arrow rest while pulling. While it is likely for machine-driven inability to drop away, customary bow upkeep & overhauls fundamentally lessen the odds.
With no dynamic part, chances are low that there will be a mechanical failure in the field. They cause the least rubbing with the arrow, which thusly likens to higher arrow speed.
The basic and calm capacity of the arrow rest is smooth. While it is likely for machine-driven inability to drop away, customary bow upkeep & overhauls fundamentally lessen the odds.

Still wondering whisker biscuit or drop away? Well, I haven’t finished yet. Keep reading…

In spite of the fact that we commonly view bead away rest as more exact compared to Whisker Biscuit, pertinent inquiry to a seeker is whether the thing that matters is sufficiently generous to permit the utilization of one product over another.

You may assume that current compound retires from at around 350 to 400 fps; it truly is certainly not a significant distinction.

Moreover, groupings were somewhat more tightly with bead-away rest. It isn’t sufficient to have a perceptible effect considering the objective size you go for while shooting.

Pick a Whisker Biscuit, and on the off chance, you need dependability with one less part to focus on. You’ll see it being as great as you want for performing proficiently with a nice compound bow.

Run per bead away in the event that you request the higher execution conceivable. Pick bead away on the off chance that you need the most ideal precision & the speed of the arrow.

And that’s where I would conclude my opinions on drop away vs whisker biscuit.


Is a Drop Away More Accurate Than a Whisker Biscuit?

Yes. Drop-away rests allow aggressive fletching and great adjustments so you can get maximum control over your broadheads, which results in higher accuracy. They are also more forgiving, so slight changes in the arrow’s spine weight, straightness, and tip weight won’t affect your accuracy.

Should You Twist When Cutting Biscuits?

No. I know you get tempted to twist the cutter after pushing it into the dough. However, if you do that, it’ll seal the edges completely, preventing the biscuit from rising. That’s why you should cut it straight down only.

Are stiffer arrows more accurate?

Not really. You’ll need to use just the right amount of stiffness to improve your accuracy. Arrows slightly more or less stiff than the ideal range will have a significant impact on your accuracy. If your arrow is too stiff, it’ll favor slightly left. An under-spined arrow will tend to veer to the right.

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