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Best Bore Sights in 2024 Reviewed & Ranked

Whether you’re planning to hunt or target shoot, bore sighting is an important step towards preparing your firearm for use. There are special instruments that can be costly, difficult to use, and sometimes, inaccurate.

However, boresighters are an inexpensive way to get the job done in minutes and improve your shooting accuracy.

Because of variations in the ammunition’s trajectory and other reasons the bore-sighted firearm probably won’t shoot to the exact spot the crosshairs indicate, and you’ll have to fire live ammunitions to fine-tune the sighting process.

Still, laser bore sighters are popularly used for sighting in rifles. But how do you find a reliable bore sighter that’ll help you achieve both accuracy and precision? This is where we come in. Our reviewed top bore sighters and bore sight kits are sure to help you make up your mind.

Our Hands-On Tested Best Bore Sight Reviews

Sitelite Mag Laser Boresighter (Top choice)

Sitelite Mag Laser Boresighter

Sitelite Mag Laser uses the Class IIIA RED laser sight for better aim and zeroing. Considering its accuracy, this is one of the high-end bore slighters for sure. The cost is also decent as it comes with a low power consumption battery. The battery can hold charge up to 2 hours easily.

It has an ergonomic design including a ballistic target system using laser technology. Because of its features, the US Navy has opted for this model. The scope is sturdy and durable. Material is thick enough and crafted perfectly so that it fits most of the firearms.

The slighter gets adjusted pretty quickly but it may require lubrication for excellent calibration. SRL scope is good for crosshair leveling. The weight is perfectly balanced and it does not feel heavy. You need to slide it in a uniform way to get the maximum result. Do not press hard while inserting the slighter.

Overall, this is one of the most accurate models and a bang for the buck as it is of the class IIIA. The front portion of the device has enough coating on it to provide the highest possible results. The laser part is exactly in the middle and it is very bright as well. It further includes a highly concentrated beam for a clear view. So, you get all the features that the best laser bore sights are expected to have.


  • Red laser light with 2-hour battery life
  • Class IIIA
  • Power output – 5.0 mW
  • US Navy and USMC standards
  • Fits perfectly to different adapters 0.22 cal to 0.50 cal, and 20. Fits 12 ga shotgun
  • Ballistic software program support
  • 4 ounces of weight
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 2 inches


  • Highly accurate
  • Lifetime warranty and Support of iPhone app
  • Compatible with most of the firearms
  • Includes SRL Scope for better leveling
  • Low power consumption and Charge last long


  • A little bit of resistance when you slide the slighter into the barrel
    Calibration is loose resulting in the readjustment

Our Verdict

Consider its military-grade quality, one can say this product is definitely one of the tops in the market. SL 100 comes with 2 batteries and capacity is also excellent. For the price, it is an amazing option. It has software with ballistic targeting system to customize the laser support.

One major issue is resistance as overtime, oxidation occurs resulting in rust. It is important to lubricate the sight periodically else you will find it hard to calibrate. It is important to remove the oxidation to provide a clear electric path for the boresighting laser to enhance zeroing abilities.

SiteLite Ultra Mag Green (Professional choice)

SiteLite Ultra Mag Green

Site Lite Ultra Mag Green gave us very good results. It has a slightly different design compared to its peers. It is easy to hold and easy to insert device. The battery compartment has clear coating but few complained about oxidation. The outer layer is smooth and has the right curves to fit guns.

Fit the right adapter in, then slide the sighter slowly into the barrel. It will realign quickly. With a couple of shots, you will notice that the accuracy and zeroing factor of the device have increased. Accurate results can be obtained by using the target adjustment system.

The large battery might help in long training sessions. Further, you need not worry about energy consumption. The on and off switch also helps in better battery management. The SLR cope leveler is similar to earlier models. The leveling function is very good.

Considering its cost and features, it is safe to say that it is an excellent choice for the price. Some may feel that it is slightly costly but for professional needs, the price is worth the money you spend. You can even use it to aim precisely in daylight as well. The laser is visible in clear sunlight and has a good magnetic cone centering option.


  • Class IIIA Laser technology
  • SLR Scope leveler
  • Fits 0.22 caliber to 0.50 caliber
  • Compatible with 20 and 12 ga shotgun
  • Power output is lesser than 5 mW
  • Dimensions are 9 x 2 x 6.5
  • It weighs one pound
  • Model number SL 500
  • Lithium metal battery operated


  • High accuracy with Rectile leveler scope
  • Easy to insert and use
  • The ballistic target system is provided
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Rugged carrying case


  • Slightly costlier
  • Oxidization problem

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter (Advanced choice)

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

Wheeler laser bore a sighter is an advanced tool with class IIIR system. This allows a clear and faster zeroing process. The case of the sighter has a perfect opening for the sighter. You can store it in the case when you don’t use it. It looks very premium with surface color and material. There is no doubt about its durability.

It includes a magnetic connection, which helps in quick and easy attachment. You can just place the sighter on to the muzzle in just a few seconds. The grip is very solid. Because of versatility and universal setup, we tried this on different caliber handguns and rifles and it fitted on them perfectly.

It is highly reliable as the laser module is permanently fixed inside the chamber. We can see that the laser is perfectly calibrated and hand-tuned as we did not see any misalignment. As accuracy is already preset, you will not find it difficult to operate it at all. It has a complete chamber and housing is also very strong.

There is no risk of bore damage as it has protection. The aluminum body looks very stylish with rubber molding housing. It is definitely costly but the price is not very high. You can say that it cost few bucks more than average bore slighter. If you want high precision with durability factor then go for this bore sighting device.


  • Class IIIR Laser
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.6 x 1.8
  • It weighs just 15.2 ounces
  • Prefixed magnetic connection
  • Reflecting grid included
  • Lithium 123A battery
  • Aluminum body


  • Highly accurate
  • The case is soft and provides good protection
  • Easy to fix and use
  • Durability is high due to the aluminum body
  • Reliable magnetic holding


  • This is costly
  • Battery dead issue was reported by some users

Our Verdict

Many waste a lot of money due to the wastage of ammo due to misalignment or faulty laser. Wheeler Professional is a clear exception as the accuracy is very high due to manual setup and fixed laser in the magnetic compartment. It is easy to mount and easy to recalibrate on the muzzle end.

If you can spend a few dollars on this sight, it will definitely help you in increasing the aim of your gun. The green dot also provides a clear visible mark even if you are watching from a distance. The battery can last long and there were no reports of rust or corrosion. It should be one of your options.

Bushnell 743333 Boresighter

Bushnell 743333 Boresighter

Bushnell has introduced a compatible, compact and portable for guns. This sighter is small but can easily fit on to different caliber varying from 0.22 caliber to 0.270 calibers. Even it is compatible with 7 mm to 0.35 caliber. Further, you can use it on the 0.35 caliber to 0.45 caliber guns.

We did not find any difficulty in mounting the device on different guns. We even tried a few shots from different guns and the results were equally good. It has a graduated grid sighting Reticle. The case looks very premium and compact in size. Graduation scale is measured at 4.0 inches for every 100 yards/300 feet.

One major aspect is it includes three expandable and compatible arbors. This is really great considering the price. Arbors can also cover the calibers from 0.22 caliber to 0.45 caliber.

However, they could have used better quality or grade laser sighters, such as IIIR for professional use. This would have been a great feature. Moreover, it doesn’t work well for firearms that come with raised scopes like AR 15, AK 47, or M4 style rifles.

The material looks decent enough and it should hold good for a few years. Further, it has a lifetime warranty. If you find any problems you can just contact the customer care for replacement. The outer layer is soft and smooth. The mounting time is slightly faster due to its compact size. It can be mounted on all kinds of devices for sure.


  • Weight is one pound
  • Class IIIA laser
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Graduated grid Rectile with 4.0 inches at 100 yards


  • Easy to mount and use because of compact design
  • Comes with a handy case or Deluxe holder
  • Includes three extra arbors and compatible with all the guns and rifles
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Decent accuracy


  • Material is not premium
  • Some users reported the issue when it comes to grip tightening.

Our Verdict

Considering the price and attachments, this is definitely worth the try. We recommend that you mount the hair higher than the centerline for higher precision. However, the material should be a problem as it feels just above average.

LaserLyte Universal Laser Bore Sight (Budget choice)

LaserLyte Universal Laser Bore Sight

LaserLyte is a versatile 223 device with a universal adapter kit, which includes a separate adapter for different kinds of firearms. Considering its package and performance, it is definitely a good budget candidate in the range. It also has a target system and battery in it to help you shoot precisely.

It’s smaller frame helps you easily slide it into the barrel and fix it. You can use the red dot to adjust the crosshairs. It fits all of the firearms. Daylight laser target helps in better zeroing and target practice. With just 2 to 3 shots you will get adjusted to the laser. It works accurately at 25 yards to 100 yards.

The laser is classified under class IIIA laser and its power consumption is also very less. It will consume 5 mW power and the power output varies from 630 nm to 670 nm making it one of the powerful and bright lasers for your firearms. All in one design provide easy to use interface.

You can just roll your thumb to switch the laser. Slide the laser part into the barrel and the part will center and align itself. For better adjustment, select the adapter, which suits your gun and insert it.


  • Class IIIA laser sighter
  • Aluminum material with 6061 T6 ratings
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Two batteries included
  • Power output ranges from 630 nm to 670 nm
  • Less than 5 mW power
  • Covers 0.223, 0.556, 5.56, 0.270, 22-250, 308, 338 lapua, 5.56 nato, 30-06, 300 Blackout and 243 Blackout whisper, 7.62×51, 7.62x54r, 7.62×39, and others


  • Universally compatible Self-adjusting sighter
  • The highly powerful laser beam
  • All in one Aluminum body design
  • Great fit for 0.22 to 0.50 caliber pistols and rifles
  • Lightweight & durable


  • Battery compartment design is not good
  • Sometimes the manual adjustment is required

Our Verdict

It has everything needed in a good boresight with an excellent design except for the battery compartment. The thumb roll switch is really great but some users found it difficult to operate due to thumb size and placement of the switch.

The outer layer is smooth for easy insertion. Some users complained about laser sharpness. It might be due to the charge in the batteries. It is energy efficient and has a target system in it. With the universally compatible adapter kit and all-in-one design, this sighter deserves your attention.

ADAFAZ Red/Green

ADAFAZ Red/Green Bore Sight Kit

ADAFAZ is a bore sight kit consisting of red or green boresights ranging from 0.177 calibers to 0.50 caliber. It includes emitters along with a series of different adapters.

It includes a different setting, as a result, you can adjust the adapter to get higher accuracy. This reduces the wastage of money due to prolonged shooting and accuracy testing. It also has a manual assembled and accuracy tested laser for good performance results out of the box. We did notice the accuracy part was quite good.

There is a total of 8 pcs of adapters. However, none of them suit 12 gauge or 20 gauge rifles, which was a disappointing factor. Nonetheless, it has covered all other aspects. It also uses IIIA laser with 5 mW power ratings. Aluminum used is of good quality and you can feel the quality in hand. It feels good but not premium.

You need to use the CR2 battery. The package contains red or green laser along with 8x bore adapters, 2x spare screws, one CR2 battery, and one screwdriver. It also comes with a 3-month money-back or replacement guarantee. On top of that, it has 2 years of warranty.


  • Maximum output is less than 5 mW.
  • Dimensions are 170 mm x 20 mm
  • It weighs 1.34 oz
  • Aluminum body
  • Red or Green laser
  • CR2 Battery
  • 5 mm of tail diameter
  • Head diameter is 16 mm
  • It can fit different rod length 2.4 to 3.5 inch/ 60 mm to 90 mm (tapered)


  • It has 8 attachments
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty along with 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Lower power consumption
  • Two laser color option available
  • Strong aluminum body


  • At first, requires more time to caliber and alignment
  • Laser Light is not very bright

Our Verdict

This set of laser bore sighting equipment has all the adapters one can wish for. You can use the adapters to set the laser position to the correct position. It is important to check the size before you insert the adapter. Stronger aluminum body and different options will keep you covered. But, if you have 20 gauge and 12 gauge guns, this is not for you. For the money, you pay they could have provided attachments for 12 and 20 gauge as well.

Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Boresight

Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Boresight

Sightmark’s Luger is one of the better quality and accurate laser sighter you can find for your guns. Wondering If you can bore sight a pistol? Yes, this model is compatible with 0.380 older pistol versions as well. As the size is universal, you can use them on different types of rifles. It has an easy design with laser, which is aligned perfectly.

The design has a simple chamber, which looks very similar to the bullet. The laser dot is very precisely inserted into the center of the chamber. We noticed a very quick alignment as the laser aligned itself fairly quickly and we can zero in on our target without firing even a single shot.

You can easily view about 100 yards with this laser. Dot size is rightly designed as you can measure 2 at every 100 yards. Further, it has on and offends cap to change the laser setting. The battery life of this device is an issue as it gives only 1 hour of battery life. You can either use AG3 X3 or AG5 X 2 batteries.


  • The laser wavelength is 632 nm to 650 nm
  • Red color laser output
  • Power is less than 1 mW
  • The range for clear sighting is 15 yards to 100 yards
  • Battery types – AG3 or AG5
  • It operates at F/C 15 – 122 or – 11 – 50 F/C


  • Highly accurate with the faster alignment process
  • Can fit older pistol model such as 0.380
  • Durable material
  • 100 yards of range
  • Laser brightness is high with high beam concentration


  • Low battery backup
  • No case is given

Our Verdict

Sightmark’s laser 9mm model is definitely a versatile and affordable solution for your guns. When we inserted it on our guns it got aligned very quickly. As the size is very compact we did not face any problem. The battery is a major issue here though. If you are ok with the battery life you can definitely go for this. They operate at 1 mW power output.

Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal

Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal Bore Sight

Sightmark’s triple dirty bore sight is tested by North America Hunting Clubs and National Tactical Officers Association. This is one of the top-of-the-line models from Sightmark. It has a simple yet compact design with a nozzle at one side and flat edge at other. It has better accuracy as the laser is tightly mounted inside the chamber. The outer layer is slightly less durable but the design is better.

This universal model has a sighting caliber range from 0.17 to 0.50 caliber. It does not include any extra additional items. As a result, you can just mount the sighter onto the gun and test it. It is perfectly aligned. You need not worry about wasting rounds. The self-centering bore will help in this regard.

Protection is given inside the chamber. Because of this, you can attach the bore at the end without damaging the firearm barrel. The bore will get attached to the barrel magnetically. Even though it is lightweight and compact in size, it will not affect the performance.

It has a fast device with faster gun center zeroing option. It works on AG3 batteries and as a result backup or battery life will be average. A carrying case is provided for easy carry and travel.


  • Red laser light
  • Class IIIA LASER
  • AG3 battery operated
  • Magnetic bore
  • Self-centering bore
  • Compatible with 0.17 to 0.50 caliber


  • Very portable and less weight
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Faster zeroing option with high accuracy
  • Universally compatible


  • Low better life
  • Some user faced turning on the issue due to battery

Our Verdict

This sighter is very simple to use. We liked the design as it does not have any extra part. You can just mount the device on the muzzle and align the scope. All of our volunteers did not face any problem with this bore sighter. It has a faster zeroing ability. However, it requires 3 batteries and for highest results, the battery should have enough charge.

The outer layer looks little cheap but when you place it on the muzzle it feels durable. The protection unit will protect the gun and bore from getting damaged. The laser beam is highly concentrated to provide a Sharpe point. This can be a great 223 laser boresight option for you.

Sightmark SM39021.22LR

Sightmark SM39021 .22LR Boresight

Sightmark SM39021 is an exception to another bore sight in battery category. It has a separate battery compartment, which holds three AAA batteries in it. It can last up to 30 hours. However, in practice, it was around 28 hours, which is really good. In the end, the light got dim because of less power.

It is similar to other boresights in the range.

The brass body gives premium stability. In our review, we found this to be similar to all other Sightmark products. Dot size is 2@ 100 yards. This helps in increasing the accuracy of the scope.

After the initial use, we noticed that the bore needs to be reset because of misalignment after shots. We found this issue in testing units but not frequently. It has a battery pack, which has a stronger outside body. Further, a fabric case is provided to cover the battery.

Overall, it is a good choice and the price is also good. They could improve the battery compartment design and make it more portable so that everyone can carry it. It is compact but compared to sighter it is quite big.


  • The laser’s wavelength is 632 mm to 650 mm
  • Output power is less than 5 mW
  • Battery life is 30 hours
  • Range varies from 15 yards to 100 yards
  • Brass body
  • Operating temperature is 15 – 120
  • Two AAA batteries needed
  • Dot size at 2@ 100 yards
  • External battery with switch


  • It has high battery back up
  • External battery support helps in durability
  • Power output is less leading to energy efficiency
  • High precision with the faster zeroing ability
  • Durable brass body


  • Some users reported misalignment

Our Verdict

This bore sighter has one unique aspect in comparison with other laser sights, which is its battery compartment. However, it provides a good battery life. You should not worry about it. Sometimes it is a little awkward to use the battery case everywhere. It could have been compact in size.

Considering the price point and its feature, we can say that it is one of the better options in the market. It has high accuracy, magnetic lock, and brass body and protection system. Overall, it is worth the price. There’s another version of this boresight, .17HMR, that costs a bit more. It might not be a cheap choice but it is affordable for sure.

SiteLite Ultra Mag Laser Professional Boresighter

SiteLite Ultra Mag Laser Professional Boresighter

SiteLite ultra mag laser has Class IIIA professional quality laser with SRL scope leveler. By just adjusting the scope and balancing the gun, your accuracy will increase considerably. This makes it one of the logical options among other sights like holographic sights and reflex sights.

After inserting the right kind of adapter, you can insert it inside the gun’s chamber. Once the alignment is fixed you can text the accuracy. As it uses a CR2 battery, you need to insert a high-quality and powered battery to get clear laser light. The battery can last up to 40 hours and it is energy efficient.

When we used it on our 0.220 caliber gun we noticed that we have to align the laser mark to one hair above the center alignment of the laser mark to get the highest possible result. Accuracy increased as we changed the hair position. Make use of target system software for better zeroing in the target.


  • Class IIIA Laser sighter
  • SRL Scope leveler
  • Fits 0.22 caliber to 0.50 caliber
  • Compatible with 20 and 12 ga shotgun
  • Power output is lesser than 5 mW
  • Dimensions: 9 x 2 x 6.5
  • It weighs one pound
  • Model number SL 150
  • Lithium metal CR2 battery operated


  • High accuracy with High precision red laser light
  • Bright and sharp laser
  • 40 hours of battery backup
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Excellent scope leveler SRL


  • Oxidation problems
  • Problem with O-Ring

Our Verdict

SiteLite ultra mag is a professional choice that can handle all kinds of guns, rifles, and shotguns with caliber capacity 0.22 to 0.50 cal along with 12 and 20 ga shotguns. SRL leveler helps in perfect adjustment. Because of its utility value, they use it in the American navy, satellite, and helicopters as they have high accuracy.

Why Use a Bore Sighter

Why Use a Bore Sighter

Boresighter is a tool that allows the user to adjust the sight of optical firearms to assist in aligning it with the barrel’s position or its bore axis. This is a pre-align method to increase the zeroing speed. This device takes less time to adjust and helps in aiming the target in shooting practice.

To choose the right one from so many options you need to understand the technicalities of the device, including the material used, technology, design specs, cost, usage, accuracy, and other design aspects.

We made it easier for you as we have not only selected a better slighter based on the user experience but also on the technical level. It is better to read the entire guide before you invest your money.

How To Choose The Best Bore Sight

Bore Sighter buying guide

For a common man, the description of a product is the main source of information. It will cover different aspects including information about materials, specifications, usage, unique factors, and other info. If you are not an expert, you will not understand whether the features are better or marketing gimmick.

1. Material

Being a modular gadget, a boresight is added to the firearm. This makes it obvious for its build to have high durability. Aluminum alloy is considered as the core building material as it not only ensures better durability but reduces total weight. Bronze is also a good choice as it provides a better balance to the firearms. Brass material is another material, which provides high durability along with compact and lightweight features.

2. Type

There are majorly two types. The first type is a cartridge system, which is inserted in the chamber. It gives a laser beam and requires charging. The second type is the arbor type. It is attached to the muzzle. Cartridge type connector is more accurate compared to arbor type.

3. Laser specs

If you want high accuracy laser beam for excellent sight, you will need at least Class IIIA sensor. The better class will provide better output. You need to check the distance aspect based on your preference. Further, selecting an active beam laser helps in better sighting in the day time as well.

4. Performance

Is bore sighting accurate? Well, laser sighters should be accurate if you use them properly. A laser bore sight works the best for targets that are at a distance of 100 yards or more. They’re easy to attach, easy to configure, provide better flexibility for different caliber and should last long. Universal sights are considered as the go-to options. But, some premium bore sighting laser devices can help in bettering the shooting experience with fewer parallax issues.

5. Versatility (More caliber vs Single caliber)

The sighters should handle single caliber and multi-caliber weapons. As the speed of firing varies, the adjustment or zeroing also varies. As a result, target locking should be perfect. It should be compatible with all kinds of guns as it is not feasible to buy separate models for each gun.

6. Fit

Fitting is a major aspect since different types of scopes are involved. A lightweight, durable and easy to mount sighter will allow the user to control the zeroing aspect properly. I did face issues with fitting as there were very few options for my gun. Now, there are so many options. Better fitting will definitely increase the aim output. Our laser bore sight reviews should help to understand the fitting issue. Besides, you can also use a DIY laser bore sight to fit it correctly to the firearm.

7. Price

It is better to set a budget and then set up an offset of 5% to 10%. This allows you to control and filter your buying options. This is just a suggestion as it helped me in finding the right sighter. Usually, the price of boresight ranges from 13 to 260 USD.

Boresighting Tips

line of sight to bore

  • Insert slowly and do not force it in the chamber
  • Lubricate occasionally if needed
  • Based on the accuracy, adjust the sighter position one or two hairs above the centerline
  • Use high concentration and bright beam
  • Use powered batteries
  • Mount the scope properly
  • After the setup check for gun stabilization and scope alignment.
  • If you fail to get the highest results then realign the laser
  • Use the software to check and customize the settings.
  • Do not let Laser beam to fall on the human eye as it can damage the eye. Wear glasses if needed


1. How accurate are laser bore sight tools?

Ans. They will get you at 25 to 50 yards on paper and then you will have to adjust things yourself from there.

2. Can I laser bore sight my pistol?

Ans. This is quite uncommon but you will still find people that have done that before. Boresighting your handgun will provide a point of impact theoretically but there are other factors like the muzzle flip and your hand that’s holding the pistol.

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