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Outdoor Optics Scopes

Best Spotting Scopes for Hunting [Reviews 2024]

A spotting scope is a must if you’re into long-range hunting or if you hunt in open terrain where visibility is limited. You’ll also prefer one if you want to scout an area for game from a distance without alerting the animals of your presence.

When looking for the best spotting scope for hunting, remember that clarity is way more important than magnification. That means you don’t really need the most powerful spotting scope but one with quality lenses. And for clarity, you’ll have to be prepared to spend some money because there’s no magical way to go around this.

Still, we tried to list down some today’s top choices keeping in mind the budget-co9nmscious hunter as well. Check to see which one fits the bill.

Best Spotting Scopes for Hunting: Choosing the Right One

1 Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope (Editor’s Choice)

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope

The Vortex Optics Diambondback 20-60×60 has a straight design that magnifies from 20x to 60x. It has multi-coated lenses giving us a clear image and good light transmission. The built-in sunshade is retractable to reduce glare in the sun.

The collar is twist-and-lock making it movable for different glassing positions. We found it comfortable to use because of the adjustable eye cup. The zoom range is the most powerful, giving us crystal clear shots from far away. It is at a higher price than some others on this list, but it is worth it.

It does not come with a tripod that you better buy separately. It makes it easier to use in a hunting or photography environment. Tripods are adjustable for you to use the device at eye-level. It is also light-weight and easy to travel with.

When we adjusted the focus, we had to do it slowly and carefully. This shows that changing focus will take some time. It comes with a double-layered case to keep protected when you travel or move it around. The zipper opening near the lens meant we could use it while the case was on.

It is nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed that not only makes it durable but water-and fog-proof as well. Rubber makes up the outer armor that allows you to grip it. Multi-layer prism coatings give clear color-accurate images.

It is excellent for hunting and target shooting and you can screw it onto a tripod of your choice.


  • MODEL: DBK-60S1
  • BRAND: Diamondback
  • WEIGHT: 33.8 oz.
  • LENGTH: 14.4 inches
  • EYEPIECE: Straight
  • EYE RELIEFV: 14.0-17.0mm
  • CLOSE FOCUS: 20 inches
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 1000 YARDS 114-51’


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Affordable
  • Multi-coated lenses


  • No stand included

Final Verdict

If you need a lightweight tool, then this is your best option. The comfortable grip and lens adjustments mean you can use it easily. It is great for people starting their scoping journey.

If you don’t have a lot of time to clean it, the case provided is ideal for you. Being able to use it while it is in the case means it does not become dirty as fast as others might. Make your scoping experience fun and comfortable.

2 Celestron Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope (Also Great)

Celestron Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

An 80mm objective lens and 45° viewing angle makes the angled Celestron Ultima 80 perfect for people who love the outdoors. It comes with an extended tripod mounting plate, a T-adapter and a soft carrying case. A lens cloth and instruction manual are also included, unlike with other options on this list.

The lenses are multi-coated with anti-reflective coatings. We found this helpful for color and image contrast. This also made pictures brighter and sharper even during darker conditions. The large focus dial allows sharp focusing. The zoom eyepiece that is included lets you zero in for detailed images.

You can use it while it’s inside its nylon case by unzipping it to reveal the lens. This makes it less likely to collect the dust. You can store the ocular lens in a plastic container, keeping it safe. A downside is that there is no adjustable sunshade, which is a feature found in many of its competitors.

We found it to be forward heavy so you will need a sturdy tripod. The lens cover locks in place to keep your lens safe. At such a low cost, it’s a great value for the money. Be sure to buy a tripod that has slide-in mounting.

We could even see the rings of Saturn and some of Jupiter’s moons, let alone spotting large deer species like elk 5 miles away. This means that it is as good for stargazing as it is for hunting. A quality lens that can capture a lot of light makes Celestron 52250 one of the top 3.


  • BRAND: Celestron
  • FIELD OF VIEW (DEGREES): 2.0°-1.0°
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 105-53’
  • MAGNIFICATION: 20x-60x
  • EYE RELIEF: 18mm
  • EYEPIECE: Angled
  • WARRANTY: 2-year limited warranty


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Changeable ocular lens
  • Durable
  • Multi-coated lenses


  • No sunshade
  • Tripod not included

Our Verdict

We believe this is the best spotting scope for elk hunting. The price and quality makes it ideal for all kinds of hunting enthusiasts. It is easy to use and durable. Being waterproof, you can use it in landscape environments that have water such as at the beach or a waterfall.

This is the best optical tool for under 200 USD and will be a great addition to your camping trips. Get crystal clear images and relax while stargazing. With the case, this is a great device to have if you travel often.

3 CREATIVE XP HD Spotting Scope with Tripod 20-60x80mm (Great Value for Money)

CREATIVE XP HD Spotting Scope with Tripod 20-60x80mm

We put this powerful scope on our list for those hunters who are into long-range shooting. CREATIVE XP isn’t just another scope that you can take for granted, it offers power and range that longe-range hunters can only dream of. Besides, you can also enjoy stargazing with this capable scope.

We liked the feature that its nitrogen purged barrel is waterproof. The build is quite impressive too. 2 fine focus knobs let you focus accurately giving a vibrant and detailed image. The adjustable eye relief provides added comfort to this angled design.

We found the added accessories that came with it was quite useful. It comes with a tripod, a protective case, a cell phone adapter, and a photo clicker. This makes it affordable and you do not have to purchase accessories separately.

A rubber outer cover makes this a non-slip and we found this useful when holding it. The nitrogen purge provides fog proof lenses. It is also shock proof. BAK4-prisms allow for a brighter field view and circular exit pupil.

The Rangerexpert team found the extendable sunshade useful on sunny days. The 80mm objective lens and 60x zoom improves your scoping experience. The zoom ring was stiff and difficult for us to adjust initially, but the more we used it, the easier it became.

Being half the price of other devices with the same abilities, this is a steal. Wearing glasses when using it will not affect your vision. We were not dizzy or uncomfortable with our glasses on.

Aside from backcountry hunting, our team used it for birdwatching, photography, and stargazing. The excellent zoom and clear picture made for beautiful photos. The result is clear and detailed, even at the highest magnification.


  • BRAND: Creative XP
  • EYE RELIEF: 17-22mm
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 114-60’/1000 yards
  • EXIT PUPIL: 4-1.3mm
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tripod included
  • Cell phone holder included
  • Bluetooth clicker included
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof


  • Stiff zoom ring

Our Verdict

If your hobbies are long-range hunting, stargazing and digiscoping, this is the tool for you. It takes detailed photographs but needs a bit of time to adjust the zoom. The lifetime warranty and added accessories are great if you are on a budget. The compact design and ease of use make this great for entry-level users.

4 Emarth 20-60x60AE Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope

Emarth 20-60x60AE Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope

Rubber armor makes up the outside of this durable device. The multi-coated lenses give higher light transmission. This gave us clear, bright images with high contrast allowing it to work in conditions with low lighting. The dual focus wheel systems let you lock onto your target and zoom in for detailed images.

The powerful zoom magnification is adjustable from 20x to 60x. The angled eyepiece allowed us more comfort when standing. It also features a retractable sunshade which is something not found on some others. The high-quality rubber makes it non-slip, shock-proof and durable.

It comes with a tripod making it easier for us to stand it up. Aviation aluminum makes up this tripod which helps it support this optical tool. Not having to buy a tripod as well, is an advantage. O-rings seal the optics to prevent buildup of moisture, and debris. The barrel is filled with nitrogen, making it fog proof.

The lens focusing system let us zoom in on our target using a knob. Each magnification has a different eye relief. The lower magnifications give a wider field of view, while the higher magnifications allow for a more detailed close-up image.

This device is a great money saver and great for entry-level users. The quality is excellent for the price you pay, and you can use it in many different environments.


  • BRAND: Emarth
  • WEIGHT: 3.3 pounds
  • LENS COATING: Multi-coated
  • MAGNIFICATION :20x-60x
  • EYEPIECE: Angled
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 39-19m/1000m
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty


  • Tripod included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime cash-back guarantee
  • Inexpensive
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Fragile

Our Verdict

We recommend this for the budget-conscious buyer. It is inexpensive and comes with a lifetime cash back guarantee. This and the lifetime warranty make it ideal for your budget. You can use it for target practice with your rifle or other guns and other outdoor activities like crossbow hunting.

It comes with a tripod that saves you money because you won’t have to buy one separately. There’s also a carry case that allows you to travel anywhere with it. This is a great choice that comes at just under $100.

5 Advanced Choice: Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

Advanced Choice: Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

The Vortex Razor comes with an eyepiece cap, an objective lens cover and a view through carry case. It is the most expensive device featured on this list. The multi-coated lens gave us a high level of light transmission. There are many anti-reflective coatings on all the lens surfaces.

The high resolution gives only the best high definition images. The APO system meant that we got a high level of color sharpness. The angled eyepiece made it easy for us to use it while vertical, and the adjustable sunshade meant that the sun gave us no trouble.

Textured paint coats the body and rubber makes up the grip. This makes for a non-slip and shock proof tool. It is portable and well-balanced which gave us an advantage in the field. We did not have to touch it too much for adjustments.

The clarity of the optics is great even at the highest magnification. Clear images mean that you can use it for digiscoping, hunting, and bird watching. The image quality can compete with other devices that are double the price of the Vortex Razor.

Though lightweight, it is comparatively heavier than other products on our list. It needs a durable, stable tripod to mount it due to its weight. If you damage it somehow, it has a lifetime warranty. This is an amazing product that comes at an amazing price.


  • BRAND: Vortex Optics
  • MAGNIFICATION : 16x-48x
  • EYEPIECE: Angled
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty
  • LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW: 138-75’/1000 yards
  • EYE RELIEF: 20-18mm
  • EXIT PUPIL: 4.1-1.4mm
  • LENGTH: 14.1 inches


  • Lifetime warranty
  • HD images
  • High resolution
  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

If you need high resolution and HD images, best spotting scope under 1000 USD. It has a higher power in comparison to cheaper options.

The fitted case makes travelling easy. You need top-of-the-line accessories for this quality spotting scope. Consider that when making your budget. Being that it’s waterproof, it is ideal for digiscoping in areas with high mois.

6 Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

This is one of the best spotting scopes under 300 USD. It comes with a digiscope adapter, a tripod, a carrying bag, a lens cap, and a manual. The multi-coated green film objective lens makes the images brighter, clearer, and crisp.

The variable 20x-60x magnification made zooming easy for us. Durable magnalium framework and rubber armor make up the device. It can withstand the toughest weather. You can stretch out the eyepiece shield to protect the eyepiece. The rubber armor also provides for a shock-proof design.

The waterproof design allowed us to use it on the beach and near a waterfall. The digiscope adapter allowed us to attach a cell phone camera for clear pictures. The tripod that is included is a metal tablet tripod. It is recommended that you use a standard tripod for outdoor activities.

A retractable sunshade decreases the amount of glare. You can adjust the angled eyepiece to any viewing position. It was easy for us to do this by loosening the adjustment collar on the center of the body. The provided tripod is best suited for windows and countertops.

We used it for target shooting, archery, bird watching, and astronomy. The optical performance provided detailed images, so we could see the moon crater while using it. A con is that the cell phone holder is not adjustable and bigger cell phones may not fit in.


  • BRAND: Gosky
  • MAGNIFICATION: 20x-60x
  • EYE RELIEF: 17-13.5mm
  • EXIT PUPIL: 3.2-1.10mm
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 39-19m/1000m
  • WEIGHT: 800g
  • EYEPIECE: Angled


  • Tripod included
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Cell phone holder not adjustable

Our Verdict

This is an affordable tool that is ideal for archers and bird watchers. You can also use it for shooting and astronomy, making it very versatile. It is also lightweight, but durable, allowing you to use it in all environments during all types of weather.

The included tripod means that you don’t have to spend money to buy one separately. Though the cell phone holder is not adjustable, it will still fit many cell phones. This is a great tool and it can be used by people with any skill level.

7 Celestron Ultima 80 Straight Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima 80 Straight Spotting Scope

The straight Celestron Ultima 80 comes with an extended tripod mounting plate, an integrated T-adapter, and a lens cloth. You can use the T-adapter to mount a camera to the scope for digiscoping. A carrying case is also included to make moving around easier. An eyepiece pouch is also included in this package.

All lens surfaces are multi-coated with anti-reflective coatings improving the color and contrast of captured images. The brightness is also maximized allowing us to capture sharper images even in low light situations.

The large focus dial made zooming easy for us and our subjects were detailed. Even at the highest magnification, the image is sharp and clear. It was easy for us to zoom and took only seconds. This optical device has a magnification that ranges from 20x to 60x.

It also features an 80mm objective lens that provides a wider image, allowing you to take landscape pictures. The armored exterior tackles any situation without risking damage.

It is both waterproof and fog-proof that makes it ideal for rainy days. The dry nitrogen gas filling the sealed barrel is what makes the lens fog-proof. The eyepiece is straight, whereas others on this list have angled eyepieces.

This high-end hunting gear has a limited lifetime warranty and it also gives you free, unlimited access to online technical support. The included manual allows you to use it the best way.


  • BRAND: Celestron
  • MAGNIFICATION: 20x-60x
  • FIELD OF VIEW (DEGREES): 2.0-1.0°
  • FIELD OF VIEW (FEET): 105-53’/1000 yards
  • CLOSE FOCUS: 26.2’
  • EYE RELIEF: 18mm
  • EYEPIECE: Straight
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime limited warranty


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Tripod included
  • T-adapter included


  • Difficult to use vertically

Our Verdict

Even though it is more difficult to use vertically, it is a great telescope. It is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for viewing landscapes. This is a great money saver under $400 if you are on a budget, and it comes with a tripod and T-adapter. This means you do not need to buy them separately.

It comes with a lifetime warranty for any bumps in the road and it is recommended to photographers because it produces sharp, detailed images.

8 Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope

Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope

The rubber armor and magnesium body make the Vanguard Endeavor durable. The built-in sun shield helps to avoid glare from direct sunlight. There was a fine and coarse adjustment knob that gave us clear, detailed images. The angled eyepiece is detachable, and the rubber eyecup is comfortable.

It is 100% weatherproof for you to use in every environment. The zoom magnification ranges from 20x to 60x for sharp images, like those of the best long range scopes. The lens glass is extra-low dispersion to lower fringing which allows for accurate color rendition. The lenses are fully multi-coated.

The diameter of the objective lens is 82mm – larger than others on this list. This gave us a clear, wide image and made photography easy. The eye relief ranges from 19 to 20mm so we were able to use this scope well while wearing glasses. The near focus is between 19.7 and 21.33’.

It is on the heavier side and weighs about 1.8kg. The package includes a carrying strap, lens and eyepiece caps, and a lens cloth. Unfortunately, it does not come with a carrying bag which means it will be more exposed to the elements.

This is one of the pricier options on the list, but it’s premium build makes up for the extra cost. It does not come with a tripod so you will need to buy one separately, but make sure that it’s sturdy. The device’s weight means that it needs a sturdier tripod to stand on.


  • BRAND: Vanguard
  • MAGNIFICATION: 20x-60x
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 330-156’/1000 yards
  • EYE RELIEF: 19-20mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.8kg
  • MINIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE: 14.7’(20x); 18’(60x)
  • WARRANTY: Premium lifetime warranty


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Premium lifetime warranty
  • Carrying strap included
  • Detailed images


  • Heavy

Our Verdict

This device is more costly, but it is perfect for digiscoping. The detailed images and adjustable zoom make for clear photographs. The lifetime warranty is a huge advantage because of the amount of money you’re spending on it.

The carrying strap makes it ideal for people who travel a lot. The angled eyepiece makes it comfortable to use in a group. This is a great tool in all aspects, making it one of the best spotting scopes for hunting.

9 BARSKA Benchmark Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope

BARSKA Benchmark Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope

This inexpensive device comes with a wide range of powerful magnifications ranging from 25x to 125x. We found zooming and targeting easy and it gave us clear, detailed images. The 88mm objective lens gives you bright crystal-clear views.

The optics are fully coated to enhance the quality of the image. The objective lens is adjustable and fine adjustments were easy for us to make. Rubber makes up the armor that makes it water, fog, and shockproof. These features make it an ideal optical tool for any environment.

It comes with a tabletop tripod, unlike others on this list. The grip handle that comes with the device allowed us to steady it and the provided hard and soft cases protect it. This is great for moving around. An integrated tripod mount allowed us to mount it on most tripods.

The cases have space for the other accessories, such as the grip and tabletop tripod. The hard case is ideal for storage and traveling in a vehicle while the soft case is good for walking around. Other products on this list do not have the feature of both a hard case and soft case.

The field of view is 18m at 25x and 8m at 125x giving sharp, wide images from far away. The precise focusing system provides clear images even at the highest magnification.


  • MAGNIFICATION: 25x-125x
  • WEIGHT: 0.81kg
  • EYE RELIEF: 13.3mm(25x); 7.6mm(125x)
  • LENGTH: 13.2”
  • EYEPIECE: Straight


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Hard & soft case included
  • Tabletop tripod included


  • Low eye relief

Our Verdict

This versatile device can be used in many situations, including at the shooting range and hunting ground. It is best suited to people on a budget as it’s inexpensive and will not break the bank.

The tabletop tripod is a nice addition for window photography. If your lens is likely to take some bumps, then the hard case is a great addition. Get clear, sharp images with this BARSKA Benchmark.

10 Landove 20-60X Prism Spotting Scope

Landove 20-60X Prism Spotting Scope

The fully multi-coated green lens provides HD images. It also reduces the amount of stray light that enters the lens. Light transmission and bright viewing make for clear, sharp images. It has a magnification range of 20x to 60x and the adjustable zoom made it easy for us to take close-ups.

The dynamic lens focusing system makes for a versatile device. You can use it in many different situations and environments. The armor is non-slip and waterproof. The nitrogen-filled barrel makes the lens fog-proof, giving clearer images without the risk of distortion.

It features a shock-proof grip for steady handling. The built-in sunshield is retractable, unlike on some other telescope options. We found that the sunshield reduced glare from the Sun on a sunny day.

It comes with a cell phone adapter for digiscoping that you won’t find in most of its counterparts. You can use your cell phone to take clear photos and the adapter will fit most smart phones. You can mount your phone with or without the case and you can use the adapter for other optical tools.

The Landove 20-60X also comes with a carrying bag that made it easier for us to move around with it. A lens cloth, 2 lens covers, and a metal table tripod are also included in the package. A lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag definitely make it a great buy.


  • BRAND: Landove
  • MAGNIFICATION: 20x-60x
  • EYEPIECE: Angled
  • LENS COATING: Fully multi-coated green lens
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty
  • WEIGHT: 2.04kg


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Retractable sunshield
  • Cell phone adapter included
  • Tabletop tripod included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavyweight

Our Verdict

This is an excellent top-rated device for sale that can be used for bird watching, hunting, and astronomy. It is waterproof that allows you to use it in any weather. The retractable sunshield makes this ideal for hunting in the daylight.

If you travel a lot, the carrying case is an added advantage. The lifetime warranty is another reason why this is one of the best hunting spotting scopes. It gives clear images and is easy to use regardless of your skill level.

What are Spotting Scopes Used for?

What are spotting scopes used for

These optic devices can be used in many different situations. Their primary use is providing a higher level of magnification than hunting binoculars. You can use them in archery, wildlife spotting, hunting, and bird or plane watching.

You can also use it if you’re a landscape or wildlife photographer. They allow you to attach a camera for digiscoping. The pictures you will take in this way will be much clearer with smaller visible details.

Being able to use them for photography makes it less dangerous for you as a photographer. You do not have to get too close to any dangerous situations or animals.

If you use one for hunting, you can keep an eye on your game. You use it to view the animal you want to shoot before you take an aim. Many also think they are the best spotting scopes for target shooting.

All in all, it’s a good tool to have if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Best Hunting Spotting Scope [Buying Guide]

Spotting Scopes Buying Guide

1. Build quality

The material that makes up the armor of the body is important. Stronger materials make for more durable equipment. A rough outer armor ensures that it is slip-and shock-proof.

2. Body style

They can come straight or angled and some are handheld while others require tripods.

3. Focusing type

  • Helical focusers: A rubber collar surrounds the barrel. You can turn the ring to change focus quickly. This focuser is ideal for observation of fast objects.
  • Knob focusers: They are slower than helical focusers. Accuracy and precision are its strengths. This is ideal for objects that are slow and far away.
  • Rack and pinion focusers: Stargazers use these focusers. They can focus smoothly and quickly. Elemental exposure can damage these focusers.

4. Magnification

Most optics have a magnification power between 15 and 60x. Some have adjustable single eyepieces and rangefinders while others have different lenses that you can change depending on your preferences. Any quality mid-range spotting scopes usually do well to make your hunting expeditions a success.

5. Objective lens

You will get a more detailed image with a bigger objective lens. If you need detailed images, we recommend getting a big objective lens. The size of this lens determines how much light enters the optical system. Bigger lenses provide brighter images.

6. Eye relief

This is the distance allowed between your eye and the eyepiece before you lose field of view. This is helpful for people that wear glasses. We recommend that you use an eyepiece with at least 14mm of eye relief if you wear glasses.

7. Lens coating

Chemicals coat most lens surfaces to increase the brightness of the image. Some have single coats and others are multi-coated. The quality of the image increases with the number of coats.

8. Eyepieces

Most high-quality devices do not come with an eyepiece. This is so you can choose the eyepiece that is better suited to you. Some include an eyepiece that is not removable. Eyepieces that can zoom are the most popular because you can decide how you lay your image out.

9. Weatherproof

Being fog and waterproof is not needed, but it makes for more comfortable scoping. This is to protect it from the weather conditions so you can use it in a wet environment.

10. Straight vs Angled

Straight eyepieces are better suited to taller tripods. This makes it comfortable for you to look through. The straight design can be set to eye level. Angled designs allow you to look down into the eyepiece. This makes sharing easier as it can be set to any level.

11. Close focus capability

This refers to the closest distance that you can see through it. Most have a close focus of 20’ or more. This means you need to ensure that you’ve enough distance from the object you want to view. This is ideal for bird watching at a close range like 100 yards to 300 yards.

12. Tripod and window mount

Window mounts are shorter and better suited to tabletops and windows. They are usually not adjustable and are better suited to angled eyepieces. You can adjust the tripod to your eye level which makes using a straight eyepiece easier.

13. Digiscoping capability

Taking photos is possible with the use of an adapter. You can use T-adapters to attach a digital camera to your device. You can also mount your cell phone to it using a cell phone adapter. The quality of the photos depends on the quality of the optics.

14. Warranty and budget

They come with warranties that range from 2 years to a lifetime! You must consider the duration of the warranty if you want to buy a high-quality tool. They come at many different prices with more expensive ones being higher quality. The price range is from just $70 to as much as $800.

Care & Maintenance Tips

  • Keep it clean: You can clean the outer surface using a soft, microfiber cloth. You use this to remove any mud or dust. Do not use this cloth for your lenses as it can damage them.
  • Clean the interior: You need to do this in a dust-free environment. Count the screws that you remove so you do not lose any. You can use alcohol for the screw holes then grease the screws when you screw them back in. Using a spray hose, blow dust away from the viewing tube.
  • Clean your lenses: You can damage your lens if you use the wrong material to clean it. The best tool for you to use is an ultra-brush. Move the brush from the middle of the lens, to the outer edges. This lowers the risk of you scratching the lens.
  • Use an anti-fog cleanser: This prevents the lens from fogging up and they are safe for all surfaces of the scope.
  • Keep the inside dry: Dry the disassembled parts of your tool before putting them back together. If the inside is moist, the lenses can fog up and reduce performance.


We tried to provide you with the best spotting scopes reviews possible. As you can see, it all depends on your own preference. If you mean to share your scope with other people, you’ll need an angled eyepiece. Straight eyepieces will also work, but you’ll need to adjust it a lot. Angled designs are better suited to bowhunting when you will be standing.

Straight designs are better suited for hunters, as you will be down on the ground. This means that you can adjust it to your eye level when on the ground. The difference in price is related to their image quality.

Hope by now you will be able to find the best spotting scope for hunting.


1. How are spotting scopes used?

Ans. They are small telescopes used when binoculars aren’t enough. You can use them for hunting, bird and landscape watching, ships, surveillance, and wildlife.

2. How to attach a spotting scope to a tripod?

Ans. First you must set up your tripod. You mount it by screwing it onto the tripod, or by sliding it into the platform. In most cases, you do not need a special adapter to attach it to a tripod.

3. How to attach a camera to a spotting scope?

Ans. Different devices have different ways of attaching a camera. Those that have removable eyepieces can have a camera attached in place of the eyepiece. If you own one that does not have a removable eyepiece, you can buy a removable mount. Manufactures designed this mount for digiscoping.

4. What is Digiscoping?

Ans. Digiscoping is a type of photography using a camera attached to an optical tool. This is to take pictures from far away. This word is a combination of digital camera and spotting scope. It is also known as spotting scope photography.

5. How to set up the spotting scope to my tablet?

Ans. You need an adapter to attach it to your tablet. These adapters are also made for cell phones. Connecting your tablet requires a camera that has a WiFi connection or Bluetooth.

6. What spotting scopes are used by the military?

Ans. The army and marines use the Compact Leupold MK4 Spotting Scope. This is the standard used by scout snipers and they consider it a tactical device. The military uses it due to its high level of magnification and its HD quality.

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It’s been several years that Marc, a retired teacher and a proud dad, has silently been piling up mature bucks down the South. This humble hunter began his hunting journey at quite an early age and since then, he spent countless hours in the woods and learned good lessons in terms of woodsmanship. Along the way, he also made money sharing his skill with his followers and well-wishers.

The Ranger Expert is the brainchild of this veteran hunter who loves hunting the swamps and the hills around the Mississippi and Homochitto rivers. His most favorite hunting technique is taking his climbing gear and going to the top of pines with a 25.06 – the old-fashioned way!

He gets most of his games during late December through mid-January – his favorite hunting time. Marc strongly believes that hard work, passion, and a bit of luck can bring you success in the wild.

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