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    Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer

    Ranger Expert is an active participant of the Amazon affiliate marketing program supported by Amazon LLC Associate Programs. This advertising and affiliate marketing program assists the websites in earning money through advertising fees and sales commission.

    When a user buys any product by clicking the link presented by Ranger Expert, Amazon directly pays a small amount of money upon every successful purchase. This has no connection to the increase in the price of the products, and the price remains the same as offered by Amazon. The revenue from Amazon helps us continue improving our services and the different features of the platform. It is also allocated for the hosting cost along with other maintenance costs.

    However, we have no business relationship with any of the product manufacturers whose products we review, nor we are sponsored by any brand. That’s why all our contents are free from the deliberate promotion of any particular brand or product for monetary gain. Ranger Expert is devoid of the influence of the advertisements of our partners, and other e-commerce associates.