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Best Arrow Rest: Hand-Picked by Seasoned Archers [Sep 2021]

Welcome to the world of hunting and archery bows where you need different accessories to optimize your aims. Just like other outdoor accessories, you’ll need to figure out the best arrow rest that suits your purpose. An arrow needs to rest well before taking a precise aim at targets. The arrow rest is an important part of the bow even though many think they are just accessories.

An arrow rest is what you need during your target practice sessions and competitions. An arrow needs the right balance to maintain a straight flight with accuracy; else, it will wobble and distort your aims. I prefer arrow rests that give enough fletching clearance because it helps maintain linear actuator. More so, a veer-off in the wrong direction makes me unhappy.

Before you visit the local archery store to customize your compound bow, this article can help you understand the importance of arrow rests. According to our experts and field volunteers, arrow rests can trigger an amazing impact on how arrows fly. So, after conducting an in-depth research and field test, the Ranger Expert team has prepared this review to guide both novice and expert archers. In this guide, you’ll find important qualities that make an ideal arrow rest in compound bows.

Top Arrow Rest for Target Shooting: Comparison Chart

Pick NameThumbnailProduct NamePrice
Best OverallQuality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestQuality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestCheck Price
Top Drop Away RestQuality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy OakQuality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy OakCheck Price
Top Whisker BiscuitTrophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow RestTrophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow RestCheck Price
4thUltra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away by Quality Archery DesignsUltra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away by Quality Archery DesignsCheck Price
5thQuick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy RidgeQuick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy RidgeCheck Price
6thPro-V Rest, RH by Vapor Trail Limb DriverPro-V Rest, RH by Vapor Trail Limb DriverCheck Price
7thThe Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest by TRUGLOThe Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest by TRUGLOCheck Price
8thNew Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest (Black)New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest (Black)Check Price
9thPro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs (QAD)Pro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs (QAD)Check Price
10thNAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 DegreeNAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 DegreeCheck Price

10 Best Arrow Rest Reviews

In archery, individuality is celebrated with high-quality accessories. The goal of this review by the Ranger Expert team was to help buyers make informed decisions. Also, the facts behind the claims of each arrow rest’s product must be unveiled to give you a complete idea of what to expect. Hopefully, this will also meet your query: what is the best arrow rest?

01 Best Overall: Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

The HDX Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs is sturdily built with an advanced drop-away technology. When the bowstring is drawn, the rest moves forward; this feature improves the safety of bow draw. Let’s discuss other features that make this product a preferred choice for hunters and target shooters.

Velocity Drop-Away Technology: This technology increases shot accuracy and ensures more versatility by allowing you to turn the bow at all angles. The sleek curved capture bar locks down the shaft of an arrow and helps it fly straight. This technology can also be seen in QAD’s other models including Ultra Rest Hunter.

Sturdily Built: The black stainless steel of HDX arrow rests is sturdily constructed with a mounting block design. The material’s hardness ensures durability and signifies the high quality of this product. The long-lasting feature of arrow rests, and archery products is a cost-saving measure for buyers.

Advanced Vibration System: It uses a molded rubber to reduce its vibration amplitude is to a minimum level. Low-noise rests are the best arrow rests for hunting because they allow you to strike animals from a close range.

Adjustability: It is convenient to adjust the HDX rest’ timing, locking and positioning features. The timing cord is cut to an ideal length and clamped to the buss cable. Owners of this product can use the instruction manual to learn how to use with the full draw indicator.


  • Arrow rest weight 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions 2.5 x 5.3 x 7.3 inches
  • Material Type Stainless Steel
  • Technology Patented Advanced Vibration, Velocity Drop-Away, and Lock Down


  • There’s no interference with the shaft or fletching of arrows while using the HDX rest
  • This rest has high-quality full draw indicator that helps you take a proper launcher position at full draw.
  • It comes with velocity drop, advanced vibration, and lockdown technology that helps you make successful aims at targets.
  • An adjustable timing cord with a cord lock has been provided to assist your shooting style


  • The mounting block design is too thick and may obstruct the vertical adjustment of the HDX arrow rest

Our Verdict

This HDX rest by Quality Archery Designs is available in the option of right and left-hand shooting orientations. It’s a versatile product with a sleek design that’s compatible with modern compound bows. This rest is the right product for hunters that need advanced technology to increase their shot accuracy. The HDX is designed to supersede the UltraRest MXT model in both design and performance.

02 Top Drop Away Rest: Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak

The Ultra-Rest HDX from Quality Archery Design is covered with camouflage prints for stealth hunting. It’s compatible with different types of bows and highly versatile. This low-noise arrow rest is meant for right-hand orientations and has laser cut felt with rubber dampeners. Here are some features that make this Ultra-Rest HDX accessory a high-end product.

Low-noise Technology : The Ultra-Rest HDX has built-in Harmonic Dampener Technology (HDT) that offers silent loading for arrows. It’s injection molded rubber thumbwheel is a high-end design that minimizes peak vibration amplitude. In plain terms, this technology helps you make successful strikes without scaring any game animal during hunts.

Stealth Mode : This product is ideal if you are looking for arrow rests that puts hunters in a stealth mode. With its sleek camouflage cover, the Ultra-Rest HDX shield may shield an arrow of the die-hard hunter until the tips make a fatal hit on the target.

Strong Material : The strength of this Ultra-Rest HDX components lies in a combination of high-quality materials. This rest has been manufactured with precision-machined aluminum components, stainless steel, and internal silicone bumpers. The choice of sturdy components makes this product durable and weather-proof.

Total Arrow Containment : The inclusion of a cam/brake feature enhances spring tension and prevents a bounce-back of the arrow rest. More so, this accessory’s sleek, curved capture bar stabilizes the arrow’s shaft for straight flights.


  • Material type Precision CNC Aluminum, and Silicone
  • Arrow rest weight 0.48 ounces
  • Orientation Right-handed
  • Low-noise feature Harmonic Dampener Technology


  • It has a low-noise technology that uses laser cut felt and rubber dampeners
  • This rest is adjustable with its timing cord and cord lock feature


  • When ‘fall-away rests’ are not well-tuned, the VDT feature can’t stop arrows from falling on the ground.

Our Verdict

The Ultra-Rest HDX is the best arrow rest for the brave and passionate hunters. It’s an aluminum body, and silicone bumpers are covered in camouflage film that allows hunters to strike their games at a close range. It’s the right product for those in need of arrow rests that are compatible and versatile.

03 Top Whisker Biscuit: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

The Whisker Biscuit arrow rest by Trophy Ridge is easy to set up; it’s safe and reliable. You can employ a good-quality bow release along with this arrow rest to get the perfect shot. This arrow rest has a ring of bristles (strands) that offers low noise when you draw or release the bowstring. Here are other features that make this product ideal for hunting.

Quiet Shots : This quick, low-noise arrow rest is designed with custom rubber boots for accurate bow hunting. The silent arrow loading feature also prevents metal-on-metal contact that causes friction.

Fail-Safe Rest : The Kill Shot Arrow Rest has a reversible mount design that fits bow users with left and right-hand orientations respectively. It also has laser-engraved reference marks that act as a fail-proof feature to enhance the accuracy of shots at targets.

Sturdy Construction : This encased whisker biscuit has high-quality aluminum and nylon bushing construction that makes the product durable. Its solid shell doesn’t have dazzling features, but this Trophy Ridge arrow rest can last longer than other types of arrow rest.

User-friendliness : The bristles allow the vanes of arrows to slice-through the ring. More so, the rest is adjustable with advanced windage and elevation adjustments.


  • Material Type Aluminum with ringed bristles
  • Arrow rest weight 4.8 ounces
  • Design strength 150% increase


  • This rest offers quick and silent arrow loading for compound bows
  • The vane slice-through bristles maintain consistent trajectory and velocity for arrows
  • It uses the dual-bolt mount design to secure arrows


  • The bristles might be soft, but they can alter the speed and course of an arrow that has helical fletching

Our Verdict

These arrow rests are ideal for archers; especially bow hunters with different levels of skill. However, you have to be an expert hunter to overcome the rest’s risk of interference. When you take aims at animals from weird angles, this low-noise Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest can impact the direction of an arrow’s flight. However, it’s dual-bolt mount design secures arrows, and might satisfy your purpose if you need rests with high-end designs.

04 Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away by Quality Archery Designs

Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away by Quality Archery Designs

The Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs securely holding arrows. It’s Velocity Draw Technology (VDT) is a high-end feature that provides horizontal, overdraw and vertical adjustments. This product attaches well bow frames and shoots shorter arrows too. Let’s discuss other important features that make this Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest unique.

Break-away Safety Component : The break-away safety feature is a notch that oversees the facts related to arrow trajectories and prevents arrows from falling prematurely after releasing the bowstring. As a safety feature, beginner archers and hunters can practice their shooting skills.

Velocity Draw Technology (VDT) : Drop-away arrow rests with the velocity draw technology (VDT) allows adjustability of shots taken from weird positions. When the nock of an arrow is aligned horizontally or vertically, the VDT reduces any risk of speed interference.

Total Arrow Containment : The Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest has a removable containment arm that adjusts well to arrows with large shaft diameter. It also has a front grabber that offers stability to arrows.

Unique Construction : This arrow rest is durable; it has a sturdy construction of precision CNC aluminum, and stainless steel. Also, it has built-in features like the full draw indicator and thumbwheel. They are user-friendly and support fast loading of smaller arrows.


  • Material type Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Orientation Right-handed
  • Adjustable feature Velocity Draw Technology


  • In weird positions, you can launch arrows at full draws with the aid of the thumbwheel indicator.
  • This arrow rest has an impressive camouflage design that allows hunters go closer to animals without startling them.


  • It’s not ideal for arrows with long shafts but shoots shorter arrows

Our Verdict

The Ultra-Rest Hunter bow accessory is a right-hand rest. This high-end rest has laser cut felt for a precise, silent draw. It’s sturdy aluminum, and stainless steel construction will prevent the arrow rest from shattering when it drops on hard surfaces. Also, it’s easy to adjust the timing cord that’s attached with a cable clamp.

You have found the right drop-away arrow rest if you are interested in bow hunting.

05 Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy Ridge

Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy Ridge

The Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit by Trophy Ridge is a fully-captured arrow rest for left and right-hand orientations. This is a great choice for hunting game. As a composite-encased whisker biscuit, the manufacturer (Trophy Ridge) has the strength of this arrow rest’s design by 150%. You can get more impressive features of this product that has been tested by our experts.

Fail-safe Rest : This arrow rest’s versatile design ensures it holds arrow shafts firmly and releases with high accuracy. As a fail-safe rest, both right and left-hand bowhunters of all skill levels will find it very easy to set up.

Silent Arrow Loading : It comes with a custom rubber boot that loads arrows silently. This feature reduces metal-on-metal contact, and friction that may occur from interferences of the arrow’s shaft on the bow’s frame.

Easily Adjustable : Apart from being easy to install, first-timers and expert bow hunters can make quick corrections before releasing the bowstring. This rest comes with a reversible mount design that offers advanced elevation and windage adjustments.

Lightweight Construction : With a weight of 4.8 ounces, this arrow rest doesn’t exert undue tension on the bow’s weight. Instead, the lightweight rest has an improved design of a 150% increase in strength when you compare with previous models.


  • Arrow rest weight 4.8 ounce
  • Design strength 150% increase
  • Material Type Aluminum


  • The manufacturer of this Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit considered usability while making this rest for left and right-hand bow hunters
  • It comes with a reversible medium mount design that’s easily adjustable


  • Whisker Biscuit rests can alter the speed and direction of arrows

Our Verdict

This whisker biscuit arrow rest by Trophy Ridge is hard to beat for hunting purposes. Unlike previous models, this product has high-end features that allow for concise and accurate shots on targets. It also comes with a ring of bristles for silent loading. Bow hunters might consider this arrow rest if close-range hunting excites them.

06 Pro-V Rest, RH by Vapor Trail Limb Driver

Pro-V Rest, RH by Vapor Trail Limb Driver

The Pro-V drop away bow rests by Vapor Trail Limb Driver is easy to set up. It offers full fletching clearance for arrow shafts of large diameters. However, you need to have a big budget for this model. Usually, expensive arrow rests have great reputations for impressive qualities. Let’s guide you to discover other amazing features that make this drop away rest unique.

Limb Driven : This Pro-V model is the foremost limb-driven rest with a full-capture feature. It offers stability with better performance for vertical, horizontal and downrange shots.

Full containment : The containment ring of this Pro-V rest is a remarkable feature that allows an arrow rise to the launcher. Regardless of the shaft’s diameter, the ring is convenient to draw your bow from horizontal and vertical positions.

Adjustable Spring Tension : Apart from its user-friendliness and ease of set up, this rest comes with free-floating launcher arm and adjustable spring tension. Also, there’s a contoured bumper design with a rubber dampener that reduces noise while drawing your bow’s string.

Full fletching clearance : These Trail Pro V rests give full fletching clearance that minimizes interference of straight flying arrows.


  • Arrow rest weight 6.4 ounces
  • Efficiency 70% arrow shot cycle support
  • Material type Metal


  • It comes with a free floating launcher arm and offers full fletching clearance for arrows
  • The Pro-V rest comes with adjustable spring tension and a full-capture option


  • It’s an expensive arrow rest

Our Verdict

The Pro V by Vapor Trail LimbDriver beings a high level of improvement to archery and bowhunting accessories and is essentially a good buy for the money. As the pioneer arrow rest with limb-driven technology, its fine-tuning option offers great performance. Our review team recommends this product for buyers that need workable arrow rests with user-friendly designs.

07 The Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest by TRUGLO

The Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest by TRUGLO

This full-containment top rated arrow rest by TRUGLO has everything to offer. When you are out in the field, this cable-driven drop-away arrow rest is easy to install. Here are the exciting reasons why you must buy this product.

Quick Set Up : The installation of this rest on bow frames is easy, and it doesn’t require a bow press. However, you’ll need a set of Allen keys to make adjustments on the rest according to your orientation.

Drop-away Design : The high-performance drop-away design allows this rest to hold arrow shafts securely. Unlike whisker biscuit, it has the right combination of durable components that suit your style of shooting. Also, the Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest is ergonomically enhanced with eye-catchy features. You enjoy its durability because the camouflage cover, rubber dampeners, and metal construction are solid.

Low-noise Rests : This cable-driven drop-away arrow rest comes with rubber dampeners for quiet arrow loading. Its low-noise feature allows bow hunters to take aims at preys without startling them.

Optimum Arrow Speed : Beginner archers and hunters can upgrade their skills, and enjoy an increase in arrow speed with the sealed bushings on this rest. Apart from consistent performance, the design prevents the bounce back of an arrow after releasing the bowstring.


  • It’s designed with technical rubber dampeners that allows quiet and quick loading of arrows
  • Owners of this Down-Draft arrow rest don’t require a bow press during installation. Instead, the set up is very easy on compound bows.


  • The rubber dampeners are not as weather-proof as the arrow rest’s metal construction

Our Verdict

Based on the field testing sessions conducted by our team of experts and volunteers, we are confident that this is one of the best bow rests available today. Intended buyers in search of arrow rest that don’t bounce back when firing should go for this Down-Draft Cable-Driven Rest by TRUGLO.

08 New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest (Black)

New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest (Black)

This Arrow Rest (Black) by New Archery Apache has right-hand orientation, but it’s not compatible with recurve bows. The Ranger Expert team found impressive results when we tested this model. So, intended buyers should be confident that every shot taken with this arrow rest will be perfectly aligned. Let’s share the qualities that make this product unique.

Easy Installation :  A simple do-it-yourself (DIY) approach is needed to install this rest on your bow’s frame. It’s pretty easy to install this arrow rest without using a wrench. While hunting in the wilds, you can also make adjustments to the arrow rest with ease.

Drop-away Design : The drop-away design comes with ample containment for the shaft and fletching of your arrows. Without making any interference, arrow shafts with regular diameters can fly straight with great speed.

360 degree Sound Dampening Pad : This piece of archery accessory might have a metal construction, but its sound dampening system ensures zero noise while loading arrows. With this stealth feature, the hunters can get close to the prey, and strike without startling it.

Durable Construction : The black metal construction has high-end components that are durable. They are built to resist any unfavorable weather conditions. Also, this rest comes with a pre-installed felt silencer and tool-less adjustment knobs.


  • Material type Metal
  • Orientation Right Hand
  • Arrow rest weight 6.5 ounce
  • Low-noise feature 360 degrees sound dampening pad


  • It comes with a 360 degree sound dampening pad that prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • It’s a metallic body, tool-less adjustment knobs, and felt silencer components are weather-resistant


  • This Apache Arrow Rest (Black) has a simple design. Unlike the other camouflage model, this product doesn’t have eye-catchy features.

Our Verdict

Besides being easy to set up, this arrow rest has quick, and a whisper-quiet arrow loading feature. It’s designed for right-hand orientation, but not compatible with recurve bows. We are thrilled by its lightweight design and can assure you that this rest will provide accurate shots on targets. Above all, this product definitely generates good value for its price.

09 Pro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs (QAD)

Pro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs (QAD)

This lightweight Pro Series LD Drop-Away is a great choice for target shooting. However, it’s designed for left-handed shooters that might be novices or experts in archery. According to the results from our field tests, this arrow rest’s full containment offers 100% arrow clearance.

Interestingly, we have prepared other features of this product to help you make an informed buying decision.

Lock-Down Technology : It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice hunter or an expert target shooter, this arrow rest prevents bounce-back of arrows with this technology. The bounce-back mode is a safety feature that helps your arrow to maintain a straight-flying trajectory.

Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT) : Without impeding the speed of arrows, this arrow rest uses its Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT) to achieve at least 400 FPS after a full drawback. Also, the VDT feature of this Pro-Series doesn’t allow arrows to fall off the rest.

Noise Dampening Pad : This archery accessory comes with noise-diminishing rubber dampeners, and a pre-installed laser-cut felt. Die-hard hunters that love close-range aims at game animals will easily load their arrows by using the Pro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest.

Durability : This sturdily built Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest has a range of components. Firstly, its stainless steel frame is covered with a piece of camouflage material. Also, the arrow rest has the Delrin and CNC aluminum components.


  • Arrow rest weight 8 ounces
  • Arrow rest dimension 8.8 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Designs Velocity Drop-Away Technology, Lock-Down technology
  • Material type Stainless steel, Delrin and CNC aluminum
  • Orientation Left-handed


  • This drop-away rest offers total fletching clearance and enhances the accuracy of shots with its Velocity Drop-Away Technology
  • It comes with high-end components like the HD extended lever, thumbwheel with a timing cord, and lock that helps archers take precise aims.


  • It might be difficult to set up this arrow rest without reading the installation manual.

Our Verdict

This Pro-Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest comes with a sleek design and looks tough for daily use. Its lightweight and can resist tough weather conditions. Also, our review team recommends this arrow rest for bow hunters or field archers that need to increase their shot accuracy.

10 NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree

NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree

According to the results of field tests conducted, the owners of The New Archery Apache didn’t require any tools (Allen key or wrenches) to adjust it. However, those who used recurve bows couldn’t use this rest. Let’s find out those features that make this drop away rest unique.

Drop-away Design : The drop away design allows users to position arrows horizontally and vertically. While holding them securely, the rest will not interfere with the direction of flight.

360-degree Sound Dampening Arrow Rest : This arrow rest’s containment has sufficient room for arrows with thicker shafts. So, the containment is attached to a sound dampener that allows it to load quietly and prevents metal-to-metal contact.

Easy Installation : The New Archery Apache arrow rest is easy to install on compound bows. Simply read the instruction manual, and use your do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. It’s also adjustable even after setting the rest on your bow’s frame.

Impressive Construction : The durable metal construction is an impressive feature of this arrow rest. It has rust-proof camouflage coats that allow a hunter to strike preys at a close range without startling them. Even when this accessory falls on hard surfaces, you are sure to pick it up in one piece.


  • Material type Metal
  • Orientation Right Hand
  • Arrow rest weight 6.6 ounce


  • This arrow rest comes with a sound dampening design that ensures your preys are not startled during hunts
  • Its metal construction is rugged and resistant to the effects of weather conditions


  • Every part of this arrow rest is not covered with layers of camouflage film

Our Verdict

This New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest is designed for right-hand orientation. It has a sound dampening system that allows for whisper-quiet loading of arrows. Though not suitable for recurve bows, it is a nice compound bow arrow rest and you’ll be pleased to own this high-end accessory.

Best Arrow Rest – Complete Buyer’s Guide

best drop away arrow rest

1. Your Intended Purpose

  • Hunting : The drop-away arrow rest and capture rest are both ideals for bowhunting. Usually, during game hunts it not common to find hunters shoot from straight (level) positions. Instead, they take aims from inconveniencing positions. Sometimes they assume sharp downward angles or weird positions to avoid startling their game animals. The drop away arrow rest will not also interfere with straight flying arrows nor alter their direction of flight. More so, noisy arrow rests will draw the attention of animals while you hunt.
  • Target Shooting : If you’re planning to use arrow rests for target archery shots, practice or competition, you need an arrow rest that will help you make accurate and precise shots. During competitions, an arrow rest that allows the adjustability of prongs to fit the diameter of arrows is ideal for this category. The shoot-through arrow rests allows field archers to aim accurately with center shots. Beginners in archery can build their skills by using lightweight arrow rests too. Target archers that desire consistent shots will need rests that offer stability to arrows.
  • Center Shot Alignment : The full capture arrow rest can interfere with the course of arrows. It’s important to consider the center point alignment during bow hunting or archery competitions. By ensuring center point alignment, the arrow’s nock point maintains a straight line with the arrow rest. This alignment allows arrows to fly straight (without interference) along the path of the bowstring. Plunger adjustments are also necessary when considering center point alignments. They complement the flight of arrows in straight trajectories.

2. Durability

Durability of compound bow accessories is important in archery. A durable arrow rest is sturdily built to hold arrows in place. The strength of an arrow rest’s material ensures its weather-proof. Durable arrow rests prevent snapping when they hit a hard surface. If an arrow rest is durable and tough, it can serve while you draw the bowstring, run, or jump during bow hunting. Usual build materials are leather, high-quality nylon, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

3. Smoothness & Noise

Only the best arrow rests have parts that operate smoothly and quietly that’s necessary for hunting and target shooting? Noisy arrow rests will distract animals when hunters release the bolt. Sometimes, rests that produce quiet shots come with noise dampeners.

4. Lightweight

The draw weight of a bow is an important factor for bow hunting and archery. However, lightweight arrow rests are easily adjustable in the middle of a hunt. They also ensure minimal contact with the vanes of arrows when you release the bowstring.

5. Terminologies

Interference, the ease of use, durability, speed, and accuracy are few terminologies that archers use while describing arrow rests. These archery terms signify performance levels of arrow rest products.

6. Arrow Alignments

The shaft and nock point of arrows must align with the arrow rest. Arrow alignments are adjustable with many rests, and it helps to make concise aims at targets.

7. User-Friendly

The ease of use of a properly tuned bow and rest is important. Arrow rests that are user-friendly don’t exert undue pressure or tension on the arrow shaft. To become user-friendly, all features of the rest must be pleasant for shooting experience.

8. Interference with the Arrow

Interference of the arrow rest on the arrow shaft will alter its speed and course. When the direction of travel is altered, arrows might oscillate wrongly or crash on the ground without reaching the target.

9. Budget

Price is a factor that determines the quality of arrow rests. The price to quality ratio of arrow rests can also affect your archery or hunting experience.

Interestingly, the use of arrow rests and other accessories are personal to each archer or hunter. Regardless of your purpose, ensure the use of any rest that brings satisfaction.

Cable-driven and Limb-driven Arrow Rest: For both types of rest; when an archer pull the bowstring, the rest moves up and down when released. The timing cord that’s attached to a down-moving cable can also use its inertia to cock the arrow rest.

Drop-away Arrow Rest: With a drop-away rest, hunters maintain the stability of arrows through the draw cycle. When the bowstring is drawn, the launcher pulls off the riser while holding the arrow’s shaft. However, the rest will provide clearance for the arrow’s vane when the string is released.

Containment Arrow Rest: The Whisker Biscuit is the best type in this category. They are easily identified because of their ringed nylon bristles. When an arrow is nocked, there’s full containment (capture) for its shaft. While in this position, the arrow is securely held and flies with minimum interference.

Some More Products We Tested

Finally, we do not want you to miss out on some of the best brands currently triumphing on the market. Let’s go through some brands with their popular models that we think worth mentioning since we’ve covered their products as well in our research:

Ripcord Technologies (popular models – Code Red, ACE), Trophy Ridge (Cajun Bowfishing, Revolution), Schaffer Archery (XV and Opposition Slide Out design), New Archery Products (NAP) (Nighthawk, Flipper, Quiktune), Golden Key, Elite, Bear Archery (Longbow rest designs), Cabela’s, Axion Archery, LimbSaver, Matthews (recently partnered with QAD), Beiter (known for their compound rests), Tabiger, Carolina Archery Products, Spigarelli (ZT, Super), Octane ( Hostage XL, Hostage Max, Hostage Pro), PSE (Phantom) archery, Muzzy (Xcelerator), AA & E (Freakshow, Superflight, Cavalier), Bodoodle (Pro Lite), Timberdoodle, PSE (Phantom), Barnett (Vortex, Vertigo), Hamskea Archery, Apex Gear, Trophy Taker (Pronghorn), G5 Outdoors, Samick Sports (Samick Sage), and Tiger Tuff.

Different Types of Arrow Rests

compound bow arrow rests

Archery is interesting because it has names for various accessories. An arrow rest is a device that holds an arrow against a bow’s handle until it’s released. It’s a bow’s accessory that serves as a platform to launch your arrow. The orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the arrow doesn’t matter. Instead, an arrow rest should stabilize the arrow and fling it quietly when the string is released. There are different types of arrow rests for sale in today’s market with a range of colors including black, pink, yellow, brown, red and white. Here’s how to chose the one that suits your shooting style.

1. Drop Away Arrow Rests

People often come up with this question: what is the best drop away arrow rest? Drop away or fall away rests are popular because they don’t impede the arrows when tuned right. Instead, they allow the maximum feet per second of arrow speed.

They may have different types of designs but their “V” shape makes them popular. When the end of an arrow is pulled at full draw and released, the V-shaped rest falls forward to avoid interfering with the arrow (‘fall-away rests’) or its fletching.

The drop away, also known as ‘fall away’, rest review shows that field shooters are concerned about two properties of this drop away arrow rest.

Timing: Except for expert archers, getting the right timing of the drop can be tricky while using a drop-away arrow rest. The rest should be tuned properly to avoid the arrow from falling on the ground before taking a shot.

Reliability: A drop away arrow rest without a notch will not be reliable because an arrow might fall prematurely from the rest. It’s the notch that secures an arrow on the rest when you hold the bow straight up or down.

2. Containment Rests

This type of rest encircles the shaft an arrow with its thick frame and guards it after releasing the bowstring. Containment rests have rings of bristles (strands) and are made for the locking systems. However, the bristles should be cleaned regularly to reduce interference with the speed of arrows that fly from this rest. However, archers and bow hunters are concerned about a property of this containment arrow rest.

Interference: Regardless of the soft bristles, sometimes the helical fletching of arrows interfere with the sides of a containment rest. Many people prefer to use straight-fletched arrows to avoid velocity changes or course alteration.

3. Shoot-Through Rests

They have simple designs of two-prong supports and are adjustable to fit with the widths of arrows. Its pair of prongs is spring-loaded and has a disk of stiff bristles.

So, when a field archer releases the bowstring the prongs tilt forward and down after taking the shot. These shoot-through rests (also called the prong-style arrow rests) also optimizes the stability of arrows.

However, some bowhunters that shoot downrange on the target often think these rests give poor shooting form. Hand nervousness during inclined shots can create a shaky stroke on the draw, and your arrow might fall from the prongs.

Apart from holding arrows securely, it’s possible to lose some feet per second of arrow speed when the cock vane is wrongly positioned. It might be a great rest for target archery, but not for bow hunting.

4. Pressure Rests

This type of arrow rest is pretty traditional, and it operates manually by using the archer’s fingers to aim at targets. The pressure arrow rest has a simple design of arrow pulling space. It doesn’t have a locking or pointing features to support straight-flying arrows.

5. Whisker Biscuits

The whisker biscuit is a type of containment arrow rest that’s solid and suited for the skilled toxophilites. It uses 3 brush or whisker parts through which the arrow is shot. These part is made of calf hair or hair of other animals.

6. Total Captures

These types come with rings of bristles (strands) as the containment rests, and they interfere with shafts of arrows. However, they don’t work well with recurve bows, but are the best arrow rests for compound bows.

7. Butterfly Arrow Rests

This is a cheap arrow rest that is designed for recurve bows. The butterfly rest is very adjustable because of its small size.

8. Blade Arrow Rest

People also call it ‘lizard tongue’ particularly for its building structure that uses a tiny spring which supports and controls the arrow. It’s a popular rest for its simple design allowing repetitive shots without hindering the feather of the arrow while being shot.

Drop-Away or Whisker Biscuits?

It could be tough deciding which arrow rest might suit your hunting technique the most. Unlike target shooting where archers hold their bows straight out, hunting is different.

When hunting in the wild, bow hunters can assume weird angles, and even take aims for a treetop. Apart from using an arrow rest that securely guides the arrow’s shafts, uses quiet rests that won’t rattle game animals.

Drop-away Arrow Rests Pros

  • These rest improve sighting by not having any interference with the arrow’s shaft.
  • The drop-away rest has a notch where an arrow can rest before making precise aims at targets.

Drop-away Arrow Rests Cons

  • The set up is not seamless
  • The rest makes noise when you draw or release the arrow
  • The archer needs to reset drop-away rest every time it’s used.

Whisker Biscuits Pros

  • These rests hold the arrow securely in place
  • They allow you to take aims for difficult angles
  • They produce low noise when you draw or release the arrow
  • These arrow rests have an easy installation process
  • They are made of simple parts that are reliable

Whisker Biscuits Cons

  • These rests make slight contact with shafts
  • The course of an arrow with helical fletching will be altered because of interference with this rest
  • Expert archers will find both the Drop-Away or Whisker biscuits arrow rests useful. However, the Whisker biscuits arrow rest is used for skill set building if you are a novice archer or bow hunter.

A Word from RangerExpert

I am happy to successfully guide you through this detailed review and also hope you can make an informed buying decision. Through this learning process, you will experience various benefits your preferred arrow rest. However, I’ll recommend two of our top ten picks for those willing to outshine their archery competitors or boost hunting expeditions.

You should consider price, stability, alignment, weight, user-friendliness, noise, and interference with arrows before choosing an arrow rest. The Ultra-Rest HDX by Quality Archery Designs will make a great arrow rest for die-hard bow hunters that love close-range hunts. Also, beginners with low budgets should buy the Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest by TRUGLO. I am confident that our reviews will help buyers find suitable arrow rest for your shooting style.


1. Are arrow rests really necessary?

Ans. If yours is a recurve bow or longbow, you usually don’t need one. They are mostly necessary for compound bows so you can aim your bow through the sight.

2. Where should I place my arrow rest?

Ans. We recommend that you nock your arrow at the string’s 1/2 point that’ll need a 2-inch long upper limb. You’ll find this setup comfortable to shoot with a good stress distribution between the limbs.

3. Are drop away rests better?

Ans. While whisker biscuits do have accuracy, that reduces over time as the bristles get weaker and then shift. This means the accuracy of whisker biscuits is inconsistent. On the other hand, you’ll get to enjoy consistent accuracy with drop away rests.

4. Are arrow rests necessary for all kinds of bows?

Ans. You won’t need these bow accessories for recurve bows because you can shoot them off the shelf. But you should still use “shelf rests” to protect the wooden part of your bow.

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