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Best Hunting Rain Gear in 2024 (Jackets, Pants, Boots, Ponchos)

Getting caught up in the rain is one of the challenges we hunters face every now and then, but great hunters always find a way to outsmart the weather. There’s no reason to let the rain determine your hunting schedule when you can stay dry and warm even when it’s raining cats and dogs out there. The most straightforward rule to always win is also a simple one – use the right waterproof gear.

We understand that sorting through a wide assortment of waterproof wear is confusing for you since there are different water-resistant ratings and styles to choose from. To help you with that, we checked a lot of products on the market, researched what different types of hunters needed, and then came up with a reliable buying guide.

Now, you can always have comfort and significant success in the field with the best hunting rain gear!

Our Reviewed Best Hunting Rain Gear

Best Waterproof Hunting Jackets

1 Wantdo Men’s Mountain Rain Jacket

Wantdo Men’s Mountain Rain Jacket

If you’re looking for the best waterproof cover for your next adventure, search no further, the Wantdo Men’s Mountain Rain Jacket is for you. It is made of 240g polyester to provide ultimate heat retention and rain protection.

It has a water-resistant rating of 10000mm, meaning you can stay dry and comfortable in heavy downpour conditions. There is also a detachable hood that protects the head against cold, wind, and the rain.

The Wantdo jacket has plenty of inside and outside pockets, including two zippered external handwarmer pockets, one waterproof chest pocket for storing your cards, one inside pocket, and one external media pocket. There’s an earphone fastening fixture inside the jacket that safeguards your mobile device from raindrops.

A few of our volunteers complained that the zipper quality was poor and the underarm seam came apart after a few weeks of use. But it was a top rated hunting rain gear, which indicated that it met the needs of many users.

There are also great men’s, women’s, and unisex hunting jackets for all seasons that you can consider alongside.


  • Multi-pockets
  • Removable hoodie
  • Available in many colors & sizes
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Quick-dry material


  • Poor quality zippers and armpit seams

Our Verdict

One common complaint against any piece of rain gear is that its ability to retain heat makes it unusable for hot summer days. The second common complaint is about the size and ergonomics of the gear. That’s why a rain gear must be chosen based on the area it is going to be used for. The very title of our first pick implies its design for mountain regions that are typically colder than most planes. So, these hunting clothes for men have better heat retention ability befitting the landscape.

2 MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Army Hunting Jacket

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Army Hunting Jacket

The MAGCOMSEN Hunting Jacket is simply the right solution for you when it starts raining. This waterproof camo men’s wear is made of shark skin softshell fabric with a fleece lining to make it breathable, soft, and warm.

Its major separating feature from our top pick is the vent zipper under each arm which makes the jacket more breathable and comfortable. Also, there’s a non-detachable hoodie to provide the right protection and warmth for your head and neck area.

This Jacket feature several zipper pockets but our favorite is those on the left sleeve for keeping your mobile devices. There is Velcro on the cuffs to give you a customizable fit, protecting you from excessive wind and cold. The waist is adjustable to provide a snug fit and also keep water out from your body.

Though our team loved the fabric’s quality, we noticed that the size of the sleeve was more extensive than advertised. Priced at around $50, this MAGCOMSEN Hunting Jacket is a great choice for the money.


  • Camouflage color
  • Forearm pockets
  • Vent zipper on armpit
  • Fleece lining
  • Warm and breathable
  • Velcro cuffs


  • Not true to size

Our Verdict

We like the plenty of pockets on this cloth that allows you to shield your items from the rain. We didn’t experience serious issues when testing it except a few cases of poor fit. Overall, it’s coming at a reasonable price for the quality, and being a camo, the prey won’t easily see you.

Top Hunting Rain Ponchos

3 Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho

Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho

This lightweight Foxelli rain poncho is designed to keep you covered from the rain while trying to enjoy the outdoors. Made of high density PU3000mm coated polyester, it offers perfect protection against winds and the water.

Not only is the material waterproof, it’s abrasion-resistant, allowing you to use the coat for more years ahead. It measures at 95 x 55 inches, it’s pretty wide to cover an average-sized adult and will not restrict your movement.

Weighing only 11 ounces, the Foxelli product is so light that you can easily fold it into your backpack without feeling any change in the weight. Like our previous choices, it comes with a hood to protect your face. However, it lacks pockets and doesn’t offer many options by size.

What’s more, it comes with a 1-year warranty and 120-day money-back guarantee. This package also includes a carry bag to aid in its storage and transportation.

The price of this product is a little below $30 that makes it one of the affordable options to look out for on the market.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Wide size
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Lack of pockets

Our Verdict

This Foxelli rain poncho is a great bargain for the price, and you won’t complain about its fit and material quality. It has plenty of positive reviews on different eStores – a clear sign that it made most of its wearers happy and satisfied.

4 FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite 2 Rain Suit

FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite 2 Rain Suit

The Ultra-Lite 2 rain suit from Frogg Toggs consists of a matching pair of pants and a jacket, making it the perfect choice for serious hunters who wouldn’t what raindrops to mar their day. Its makeup is 100% fiber making it both water-resistant and breathable, so you’ll experience comfort, dryness, and warmth in any weather conditions.

Its most outstanding feature is the included stuff sack around the elbow and knee areas to ensure that you enjoy adequate freedom of movement. Like our previous choices, the jacket features a non-detachable hood with adjustable cord lock to give you the right fit. The front zipper on the jacket is covered with a storm flap to improve further its ability to keep water out.

While our Wantdo Jacket features an adjustable cuff, this Ultra-Lite 2 jacket has elastic cuffs to enhance its insulation. It is available in men’s, women’s and youth’s styles as well as in a variety of colors.

The Ultra-Lite 2 model weighs 1 pound; you’ll hardly notice a layer on your body. Besides, it’s already big for you to wear clothing underneath; there’s no need to order one that’s bigger than your regular size.

Though we were quite impressed with this item, we found that the pants lacked cuffs at the bottom to keep moisture out. Also, the material could tear if it’s caught in tree branches, but you can repair the cut with duct tape. Finally, there were no pockets on neither the jacket nor pants.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Elastic cuffs on the jacket
  • Full front zipper with flap
  • Adjustable hoodie
  • Stuff sack
  • Breathable material
  • Great fit


  • No pockets
  • Could easily tear

Our Verdict

For a lightweight hunting rain suit to protect you from sudden rainfall that may hinder your movements, this is a great buy. It may be a little noisy that may spook out your game but considering its superior ability to keep you dry, you better give it a try.

5 Arcturus Rain Ponchos for Adults

Arcturus Rain Ponchos for Adults

The Arcturus Rain Ponchos costs a little higher than our previous choice Anyoo poncho – and you’re paying for quality. You’ll appreciate the fact that it’s made from 210T Ripstop Taffeta and overlaid with two layers of polyurethane, making it extra durable and waterproof.

We found that this poncho was relatively quiet and held up pretty well against mild downpour without water sipping through the fabrics. It was easily packable and felt light to carry.

Consumers reported that this product felt quite comfortable despite wearing for many hours. Being a camo, it blended well within the woods, making it an excellent choice for hunting purposes.

The Arcturus Poncho is big, covering from your head to toe, keeping your whole body dry. Our only complaint is that wind and water could penetrate through the gaps between the buttons during moments of stormy rainfall – at least adding four to five buttons on each side would do better at keeping you dry.


  • Excellent fit
  • Light to carry
  • No leaks
  • Quick to wear and easy to remove
  • Multiple uses


  • Many closure buttons would be better.

Our Verdict

This poncho offers a comfortable feel, and it’s easy to wear. The camo pattern is surprisingly good at hiding you from the game. It’s lightweight and sturdy, coming at such a reasonable price, you won’t regret trying it out.

Top Hunting Rain Suits

6 TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants

TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Here’s a reliable pair of waterproof pants from TBMPOY that comes at a relatively affordable price. This Men’s Outdoor Pants offer effective insulation against water splashes while keeping you comfortable in the woods.

The 97% polyester and 3% Spandex materials are praised for their water repellant and quick-drying properties, that keeps you cool and comfortable under wet conditions. The fleece interior feels warm and soft you need for a successful hunt when it’s heavily downpouring.

It features zip pockets at the back and sides for the most convenient and secure storage of your survival items. This TBMPOY version comes with an elastic waist and adjustable belt to provide you with maximum comfort and fit. The stitching is high quality, enabling you to engage in any physical activity without worrying about a tear.

Our only dislike is that this product wasn’t completely waterproof but offered a decent shield against the wind when waterfowl, duck, and turkey hunting.

However, it’s excellent for camping, running, cycling, fishing, hunting, among other sports. Unlike most pants on the market, this one comes with a front zipper for you to quickly use the bathroom.

This is a great bargain at a price ranging from $30 to $40 as it’s well-made, sturdy, and lasts for a long time. Also, the customer support team is know to be friendly and always quick to attend to your complaints.


  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Stylish design
  • Zip pockets
  • Elastic waist
  • Belt included
  • Fleece lining


  • Not waterproof

Our Verdict

This is the best hunting rain gear for any dedicated sports lover that’s exposed to harsh weather conditions. It’s durable, feels comfortable to wear, and worth every penny.

7 Anyoo Waterproof Women’s Rain Poncho

Anyoo Waterproof Women’s Rain Poncho

This is another super affordable choice when you’re looking forward to a successful sporting adventure.

The Anyoo poncho is sized 85 x 55 inches, which for us is large enough to cover your backpack. It’s made of 210T ripstop nylon fabric and coated with PVC to ensure its utterly impregnable to water. The sewing is well glued to prevent untimely tearing and leakage.

With this rain poncho, you can always prepare yourself for the unexpected downpour and other emergencies.

You can fold it to a compact size of 9 x 3 x 3 inches, then carry it around, which is more comfortable than going about with a heavy raincoat. Besides offering rain protection, it has eyelets on the hem that lets you use it for shelter or groundsheet.

There are hook and fasteners on the sides that allow you to form sleeves so that you won’t experience challenges with movements while handling your equipment.

Since it’s completely water-resistant, this poncho didn’t breathe, but there’s of plenty airflow through the arm and bottom. We also noticed that item wasn’t perfect for heavy use and wouldn’t last like the more expensive ones.


  • Excellent stitching
  • Ultimate waterproof performance
  • Highly versatile
  • Lots of room to comfortably move
  • Available in over 30 color options


  • Relatively less durable

Our Verdict

For superior rain protection at a pocket-friendly price, this is perfect for almost all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. But if you’re looking for extra features like wind protection and several pockets, look for more expensive options on our list.

8 NEW VIEW Hunting Jacket

NEW VIEW Hunting Jacket

This lightweight waterproof camo suit is excellent for keeping you dry and hidden from the animals when there’s a rainstorm. The New View Hunting Jacket is a little on the high-end price but with excellent quality.

This jacket and pants pair is made from polyester with a fleece interior to make you more comfortable under a wet environment.

Wearers were happy that it came with the Velcro cuffs, which is easier for customizing the fit at the wrist. However, if you have a thin hand, we recommend you buy other versions with elastic cuffs.

What’s more, the New View model comes with ten pockets which allow you to store your essential hunting gear.

The hoodie has a square cover over the front zipper that protects your chin and mouth from the zipper action. Another exciting feature of this product is the underarm zippers that serve as a good passage for air.


  • Good quality
  • Jacket and pants
  • Fleece linings
  • Hoodie attachment cover
  • Underarm zipper
  • Headphone and D-ring tabs
  • Tighten robe at the collar


  • Relatively expensive

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a lovely pair for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. It’ll keep you comfortable, dry, and warm. Though a little expensive, it is worth every cent.

Top Hunting Rain Pants

9 Grundens Weather Watch Fishing Bib Trousers

Grundens Weather Watch Fishing Bib Trousers

Grundens has come up with superb bib trousers for all the die-hard fishing enthusiasts. As an angler, if you are looking for the ultimate protection against moisture and rain during fishing adventures, this one is the first thing you should grab. This Weather Watch Bib pants from Grundens is made of 100% Nylon that will ensure lasting coverage against the heaviest and roughest downpours.

The reason why it stands out from the rest is that it starts from the chest and extends to the feet. That offers more coverage than the previous pants we discussed. You can always use the shoulder straps and adjust it to your height. You can also adjust the leg cuffs and stack them to the hunting shoes.

Although most users were happy with the product, a few complained that the pants didn’t have enough pockets apart from the two located at the side and in the chest. The design also lacked the front zipper that could be much more useful for most users. Stripping down the straps and unbuckling could be a superb way of relieving yourself.

In case you’re picky with colors or worried about a suitable size, there’s plenty of option for you to select. This model is machine washable, meaning you won’t spend many efforts when cleaning it.

It’s price ranges from $70 to $130 depending on the size. So, it’s among the expensive options on this list though you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.


  • Extended coverage
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Machine wash
  • 100% nylon
  • Adjustable leg cuff
  • Superb waterproof protection


  • No front zipper
  • Not many pocket

Our Verdict

This product offers the most reliable water-resistant protection in the most demanding environments. Though it’s coming at a higher price compared to our previous hunting gear, you’ll be happy to have gone for it after many years to come.

Top Waterproof Hunting Boots

10 Muck Boot Arctic Men’s Winter Boot

Muck Boot Arctic Men’s Winter Boot

We understand that you need the perfect footwear to enjoy a successful hunting adventure. So, we’re introducing you to the Muck Men’s Winter Boot.

The Muck Company was established in 1999 with the sole purpose of flooding the market with high-performance shoes. They saw the need for users to wear something more comfortable and safe under messy environments and this waterproof model has lived up to that expectation.

This brand sets a standard of relaxation and quality that outweighs the expectations of its global customers.

The product is useful for outdoor work or leisure activities under the most unfavorable weather conditions. This Muck Boot model is waterproof and will keep your feet warm and dry no matter the situation of your area.

This pair of shoes is designed to provide both support and comfort to the wearer, thanks to its grippy sole that keeps you grounded, warm fleece lining, and foamy footbed, among other features. It can absorb shock, retain heat, and adjusts to the natural size of your feet to prevent chafing or blisters.

Moreover, this pair is for harsh conditions in agriculture, outdoor sports, and emergency situations. It’s available in diverse sizes and styles for both men and women.

Few users reported that these pairs felt comfortable on the feet and allowed for a variety of motions. We found that there was no problem with getting our feet in or out while wearing a thick sock. Apart from the price that was a little expensive, we didn’t experience any negativity.


  • Rubber sole
  • Excellent comfort and flexibility
  • Adjusts to the foot shape
  • Waterproof
  • Shock absorption
  • Heat retention


  • Relatively expensive

Our Verdict

The Muck Men’s Winter Boot is wholly waterproof and comfortable on the feet, making it the perfect addition to your hunting gear. The material used in this footwear is simply the finest available. Though it comes at a price, it’s well constructed and highly durable, making it the best hunting rain gear for any seasoned hunter.

How to Find Quality Hunting Rain Gear

How to Find Quality Hunting Rain Gear

1. Types

Standard waterproof clothing consists of ponchos, jackets, and suits.

  • Ponchos – Water-resistant ponchos are ideal for areas with low rainfall intensity. Besides, you’ll need them if you’re not spending long hours in the rain. They may cover your head and arms, but some of them can make you feel a little uncomfortable when moving.
  • Jackets – Jackets are excellent for keeping your upper body warm and dry under moderate rain conditions. Unlike rain ponchos, jackets are quite good with mobility.
  • Suits – These consist of a jacket and a pant, offering you ultimate coverage and protection when hunting under a torrential downpour.

2. Material

Many rain jacket companies use polyester because it’s durable, affordable, and water-resistant. To keep off water and enhance its quality, they coat the fabric with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane. However, because polyester suits have poor breathability, you may feel uncomfortable if wearing for hours.

Gore-Tex fabrics are better alternatives for polyesters since they’re both breathable and waterproof but cost more. Most brands feature fleece linings which feel soft and warm. You can also benefit from models with odor blocking technology that make your cloth to still smell good even after wearing it for days without washing.

3. Seam Protection

You should inspect the seams for weak points or holes that could cause water leakage. Seams are stitched and covered with waterproof adhesives to seal openings and make the garments stronger. Though materials with better seam quality are expensive, you’ll be better off with them than cheap hunting clothes for the wet season.

4. Insulation

The environment you’re will determine if you want extra padding or not. For example, if you’re hunting in colder climates, you’ll not only need a rain shield, but you’ll wish for clothing with better thickness to keep you warm.

5. Weight

Your suit’s weight plays a vital role in your comfort, which is the reason we recommend you to opt for lightweight gear. Though heavy clothes offer more warmth, you’ll have challenges when carrying out your activities in the woods.

6. Packability

Since you may not always get it right if you depend only on the weather forecast, it’s ideal for carrying the raincoat in your backpack when spending time outdoors. Now, what you need is a lightweight and easily foldable material that won’t take much space in your bag.

7. Waterproof vs Breathable

It’s common for you to have a few doubt about these terms; however, we’re here to help out – after all, a 100% waterproof clothing like rubber is not breathable. As mentioned earlier, polyester is often coated to make it watertight, but this coating will wear over time, making some water sip into your innerwear. For a perfect combination, always select models with highest water-resistant and breathability ratings.

8. Quietness

Special agents are often added to such type of gear to avoid any sound when raindrops fall on it. You’ll need such type to prevent your prey from escaping upon hearing those odd sounds.

9. Camouflage Colors

Wearing camo hunting clothes will help you blend in the vegetation, preventing the game from quickly spotting you through the woods. Check your hunting environment and choose a similar camo color that ranges from Mossy Oak Bottomland to Mossy Oak Country to Realtree to Blaze Orange and many more.

10. Pockets

When it comes to hunting rainwear, it’s beneficial to go for the ones with plenty of pockets. Most rain gear for hunting purposes feature both inside and outside pockets for storage and quick access to your items.

11. Zippers

Besides the seam, another weak point to look out for in your coat is the zipper. Make sure that quality flaps are guarding the zip to block out rain. Check the comments from the previous users about the zipper, especially if it quickly breaks or is difficult to lock and unlock.

12. Elbows, Knees, and Pant Seat

Raingear with specialized pant seat, knees, and angles are more durable and also allows you to move without hindrances.

13. Versatility

Make sure that the product you choose can also be used in outdoor sports like snowboarding, fishing, skiing, skateboarding, and much more.

Care & Maintenance of Your Camo Rain Gear

We all need our rain protective garment in good condition for us to enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides in wet surroundings. Even if you’ve the best rain gear for hunting, you still need to take good care of it to ensure the desired outcomes every time you go out in the wild.

  • Cleaning solvents – Choose a simple detergent containing small proportions of foaming agent and brighteners. Avoid bleaches and fabric softeners as these chemicals could destroy the fabric’s texture, making it prone to leakage.
  • Washing – Check the tag on the cloth to know the manufacturers’ guidelines regarding the cleaning process. For example, most clothes are machine washable while others aren’t. It’s also a good idea to close the zipper and turn the material inside out before washing as this will prevent the gear from snagging.
  • Cleaning frequency – You can wash your gear after each hunting trip or immediately you notice a speck of dirt or offensive smell on it. Regular washing of your garment will help restore its DWR properties for better performance.
  • Storage – Make sure that your suit is dry before folding it for storage. Keeping wet stuff in a tight bag could promote the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Drying – The best way to dry your jacket and maintain its DWR is to use a dryer on mild heat. If you don’t have a dryer, you can sun dry or hang it in an open area with plenty of air.
  • Ironing – Never try to iron your raincoat as the heat could damage the waterproof coating, reducing its usefulness. Besides, most nylon materials could melt on the application of heat.

Rainy Day Hunting Tips

Rain can be the most exciting condition to hunt your favorite game animals if only you can overcome the fear of getting caught up in the cold water and have severe hypothermia. If you’re still thinking of the right time to go bow hunting or gun hunting, a rainy day will be more than worth the trial.

Here are a few things to have in mind after going through our hunting rain gear reviews.

  • Less scent is left in the rain – A higher percentage of animals can pick up even the faintest smell, which happens to be an advantage for them over their predators (humans). Their ability to sense your smell drops in the rain. You can move to a closer shooting range without alerting the prey.
  • Noise reduces when it’s raining – When moving through the woods, it’s essential to stay as quiet as possible. In this situation, rain is pretty helpful as the leaves and forest floor become damp, allowing you to wade along without making a lot of noise that could scare off the animals.
  • Blood trails are a matter of concern: You can’t depend much on blood trails in heavy rains. So try to make a precise shot and better get a tracking dog (if legal in your hunting area) to help you track blood.
  • When not to hunt – Don’t stay outdoors if there are severe thunderstorms along with torrential downpours. However, you can move into the woods soon after the downpour subsides.


1. Why is specialized rain gear necessary?

Ans. You need the right rain gear to stay dry in situations of bad weather which could otherwise compromise your outdoor experience.

2. What is the difference between various rain suit types?

Ans. Rainwear is available in three styles; namely: poncho, suit, and jacket. So you’ll begin by knowing these types, then pick the one that you most prefer.

3. What is a rain poncho?

Ans. Ponchos are loose garments that cover the body from head to toe, protecting you from rain. They’re made from thin polyester, which is the reason they’re lighter than other gear types. However, they only offer light protection against rain and are quite handy in an emergency.

4. What is the ScentLok technology?

Ans. This technology uses carbon molecules to extract unwanted odor from rainwear. It was invented in 1992 and has since been highly effective at scent control.

5. What waterproof material is the best one?

Ans. Though you can quickly get a fabric that keeps rain out, keeping you dry; the main challenge is in finding a garment that’s both waterproof and breathable. Manufacturers understand that moisture in the body escapes through the fabrics by the principle of diffusion. That’s molecules moving from a region of high density to low. Since different materials have different waterproof ratings, most companies use a 20000mm+ rating which is also durable and breathable.

6. Can a windproof jacket be waterproof?

Ans. Waterproof and breathable garments can allow air to penetrate from 0 to 0.5 cfm, meaning it’s 100% water-resistant. However, windproof gear has a cfm rating of 5. Nevertheless, most waterproof jackets are windproof. A dense fabric that can block water from penetrating will also protect the wearer from wind.

7. Should I hunt in the rain?

Ans. Yes, of course. Only you’re being bothered by the downpour, not deer. They will eat, rest, socialize, and mate no matter the weather.

8. Do deer bed down in heavy rain?

Ans. Yes. High winds, thunderstorms, and heavy rains cause these animals to bed down in sheltered areas.

9. Will rain wash away my scent?

Ans. Heavy downpours wash away human scent while winds carry the scent over a wider area.

10. What exactly are pit zips?

Ans. Pit zips or underarm vents are zipper openings located in the armpit area of jackets. The idea is that opening these zips will allow hot air and moisture to escape from the inside of the jacket so you can regulate your body temperature and keep you more comfortable during physical activity or in warmer weather.

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