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Best Lighted Nocks in 2024 Rated & Reviewed

Hunting with your bow and arrows is an art. The good news is you can take your skill to a whole other level with quality nocks that’ll help you track the arrow flight, see where your arrows hit, and find them in the dark after the shot.

But there are so many lighted nock choices on the market that it’s really hard to single out the best ones, especially if you’re new to archery. Keeping that in mind, we reviewed today’s top illuminated nocks here so you can easily find the perfect match!

Our Reviewed Best Lighted Nocks

Nockturnal-S Lighted Nock (Editor’s Choice)

Nockturnal-S Lighted Nock

Nockturnal is a leading manufacturer of lighted nocks. The Nockturnal-S is designed to advance archery prowess in low-light conditions.

The switch is triggered by piston-driven contact that is fail-proof. These nocks are both waterproof and shock-resistant. The beauty of the Nockturnal-S lies in its wide range of compatibility with arrows and bolts of differing sizes.

  • We were a bit taken aback by the life of the battery. Could be more enhanced for a pricy nock. But we do agree that this is fair as it can be switched off
  • We liked the linear switch design which is truly foolproof
  • We specifically tried this nock for its waterproof qualities. Our bowfishing experience with it and guess what- we got a nice, fat trout and it passed the test with flying colors
  • Another facet we give full marks for is the super bright LEDs
  • At 25 grains we were expecting some imbalance but the arrow speed was fast
  • This nock is pretty decent not only for location pointing but also for flight accuracy


  • Battery type :Lithium
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Bolt dia. : 0.244 in.
  • Weight: 25 grains
  • Color: Red, Green, Blue


  • Requires no preparations and hence convenient
  • Impressive 20+ hour battery life
  • Suited for all weather conditions
  • Easy to use


  • A bit slow to handle fast-moving game

Our Verdict

The Nockturnal-S is a game-changer and clearly at the forefront of lighted nocks. The light emitted is pretty hi-dens, virtually a spotlight that is blacked by a powerful lithium battery with over 20 hours of backup. You wouldn’t need to worry about the bad weather as it’s completely waterproof and shockproof.

XHYCKJ 6PCS S Led Lighted Nocks (Great Value)

XHYCKJ 6PCS S Led Lighted Nocks

Besides being cheap, XHYCKJ nocks have a huge advantage – they come with a special screwdriver to switch off the battery. This means goodbye to needless tinkering! They are easy to use and have an amazing battery life. This is a 6 nock pack.

  • We absolutely approve of this lighted nock. In fact, it is equally good in daylight conditions so far as detection is concerned
  • And we need to mention the staggering 48 hours of battery power
  • We were pretty amazed at the included screwdriver to turn the switch off. A sticky problem no maker bothers helping out with
  • The multi-colored nock is simply groovy. You really need to be blind as a bat to miss this


  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Battery life: 48 hours
  • Bolt dia. : 0.244 in.
  • Weight: Not known
  • Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Colorful(7 colors)


  • Super bright making tracking easy
  • Easy to use
  • Installation is simple
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Wide color range


  • None found

Our Verdict

We were highly impressed by the XYHCKJ LED Lighted nocks. They’re extremely bright and easy to locate even in daylight. You also get to choose between 5 different colors. These lights can be switched on and off very easily. Even if you decide to leave them on, they’ll keep glowing for 48 hours straight.

The 6-piece pack retails under $14, which means the asking price for each nock is below $3. Considering the features and functionalities, you won’t find a better deal than that on the market.

Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Green Lighted Arrow Archery Nocks (Most Durable)

Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Green Lighted Arrow Archery Nocks

The Nockturnal Universal addresses all size and color issues in one shot. The body is of pretty strong polycarbonate construction. It comes in two versions; strobing and non-strobing. The color options cover all bets.

This nock can accommodate many sizes as it has adapter collars. Like all of the Nockturnal products, this too is guaranteed to switch on after release.

  • We, in our efforts, found that switching off the nock calls for tinkering. The Universal comes with a tool specifically designed to switch off. Great value addition
  • We cannot fully agree that the universal fitting works well for all or most sizes. Some sizes that are supposed to fit are a wee loose. Stick with X, H, S, GT for the desired results
  • We were quite satisfied with the robust construction of this nock
  • This nock pretty much got our attention. The strobe versions are so amazing at 400 times per minute
  • We are pretty clear about standards. The Nockturnal-X is a steady and consistent performer that we love for its nice glow
  • One thing we advise strongly – make sure you use the right collar or you will end up breaking the nock. This is what we found out in the course of our trials!


  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Bolt dia. : Fits X, H, S GT
  • Weight: 25 grains
  • Color: (those separated by/ are stroboscopic) Red/Blue, Red/Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, White


  • Great for low-vis conditions, especially the strobe versions
  • High illumination
  • Easy to switch off prolonging shelf life
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Super bright illumination


  • Can be a loose fit with different sized arrows

Our Verdict

The best way to enhance your archery skills is to practice with one size. In the field where speed is called for, frequent changes in sizes can be difficult to handle. However, if you practice and get comfortable with the universal size, you’ll face fewer troubles switching to different arrow sizes.

The universal size nock from Nockturnal is a terrific tool to practice with and to arrive at a choice of the size that fits your style. Waterproof and shock-resistant, they are one of the most durable choices on the market.

Nockturnal-GT Lights

Nockturnal-GT Lights

A trusted nock should perform in all conditions irrespective. From semi-arid desert to lush tropical, both existing in America. This is the time-tested principle of a great nock

These bolts fly straight whether you use a vertical bow or a horizontal crossbow. The piston-driven switch won’t let you down. Made of plastic, they are shock-and waterproof

  • We were so happy with the simplicity of this nock that can be switched off easily too. No tinkering with knife points needed
  • We absolutely loved the models with strobe lighting effect and that too in dual colors
  • We were a bit disappointed with the intensity of the light that could be brighter. After checking out quite a few, we discovered this was a manufacturing issue because some actually turned out over-bright
  • We found the gold tip fitting a unique feature. They need to measure no less than 0.246”
  • With single piece construction, it is so easy to use


  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Bolt dia. : 0.246 in.
  • Weight: 25 grains
  • Color: Red, Green


  • Long-lasting lithium batteries.
  • Water-resistant and all-weather compatibility
  • High on reliability
  • Selective hi-vis color options
  • Fool-proof operations guaranteed


  • Some have very glaring lights that can stun night vision

Our Verdict

The key selling points of this particular product include multiple hi-vis color options, long lasting battery and waterproofing. It passed our tests every single time. That’s why we stand by our choice of Nockturnal as the provider of efficient, well-functioning lighted nocks.

Lumenok GT Nock (3-Pack)

Lumenok GT Nock

Lumenok is a trailblazer in the field of lighted nocks. These nocks are simple to use and highly effective easy retrieval features. They are designed particularly with Gold Tip arrows in view. There are no moving parts, only a battery, wire, and the source of light arranged in a circuit. No magnets are involved. It is manufactured from a Signature nock by Bohning.

The battery holder is a specially designed high-impact resistant polymeric shell.

  • We do like the sheer simplicity of use of the Lumenok GT
  • We felt that stringing the arrow could have been smoother
  • A revelation we found using fiberglass shafts. They don’t conduct and hence the light trigger mechanism does not get triggered. It has to be carbon sheathed or else something that conducts without altering the flight path
  • Our other concern is that this nock comes with one color green, which is not that popular
  • What we certainly don’t like is the light turning off midflight. It comes on after a couple of sharp taps. That makes it unreliable
  • Nice touch. They can be turned off but you need to have a Lumenok arrow puller to turn it off by rotating the nock


  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Bolt dia. : 0.246 in.
  • Weight: 25 grains
  • Color: Green


  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • Hi-intense light
  • Long lifespan of batteries
  • No magnets or switches


  • Dicey on/off mechanism

Our Verdict

The sheer simplicity and ease of use are what set the Lumenok GT apart. They are a wee bit more expensive than other nocks but well worth the price, especially when teamed with Gold Tip arrows, you will get your trophy buck for sure.

Quick Lighted Nocks Buying Guide

Lighted Nocks Buying Guide

1. Durability

Lighted nocks do cost a lot when you use them for practice only and some could still be fragile, especially the Chinese-made ones. Always pick from renowned brands like Lumenok, Nockturnal, or Nockout so your nocks don’t quit working so easily.

2. Size

The sizes of lighted nocks are kind of confusing. The naming is G, F, X, A, H, S, and GT.

  • G nocks: .166in
  • F nocks: .166in
  • X nocks: .204in
  • A nocks: .204in
  • H nocks: .234in
  • H.E. nocks: .234in
  • S nocks: .244in
  • GT nocks: .246in

Measure the diameter of the arrow shaft and compare it with the above sizes. Go for the closest fit.

Below is a sample size chart for all Lumenok brand arrows.

Sizes of Lighted Nock

3. Color

The two factors that matter in archery are accuracy and shot placement. This need introduced the development of the lighted nock. You want to practice with nocks to get a good feel before using them in the field. A lit nock allows you to follow the trajectory. You can hone your skills appreciably during these practice sessions.

Most importantly, every arrow in your quiver has inherent flight characteristics. By sticking to tested lighted nock arrows you can eliminate the errors from being carried out when hunting. It is a valuable tool in your arsenal as retrieval is made possible.

The color you settle on is important. Visibility and contrast to the surroundings are some aspects to pay attention to. If you have not made a clean kill, a lighted nock will help in following the blood trail. The color you settle on is also crucial here.

4. Green Lighted Nocks

Green Lighted Nocks

Green nocks are a bad choice when it boils down to a green landscape. Of course, hunting in Midwest scenarios in autumn, green is a distinct choice. Also green is practicably undetectable through night vision gear.

5. Yellow-Lighted Nocks

Yellow Lighted Nocks

Yellow nocks are a strict no-no in fall. They defeat the very purpose of being distinctive. Against a green foliage backdrop, yellow is pretty much visible.

6. Red Lighted Nocks

Red Lighted Nocks


Nocks that are red are great for all backdrops and seasons, especially spring and summer.

7. Battery Life and Type

Nocks are “use and dispose of” mostly. A few designs do however allow battery replacement. As to the life of a battery-driven nock, well, 24 hours is about it.

There are some that can stretch it to 40 hours like Lumenok nocks. Look for nocks with rechargeable batteries. Don’t forget to switch them off. Figure this out when purchasing as most lit nocks are not easily switched off.

8. Weight

You want to carry around something light easily. So you need to check on the weight ratings for your chosen option. The center of weight should always be center of forward (COF) for that smooth flight path. If the mass and balance are too far back, the arrow will spin midair. Weight is the most important consideration for achieving accuracy. Ideally, it should be at the center.

On average, lighted nocks weigh anything between 8 to 16 grains. Again this can vary from maker to maker and can go up to as much as 25 grains.

9. Legality

Before 2015, five US states prohibited game hunters from using lighted nocks –
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Oregon
4. Montana
5. Colorado
However, they were legalized in Colorado in 2016, in Oregon in 2016 and quite recently in Washington and Montana.
This means there is now only one state where lighted nocks are illegal to use – Idaho.

10. Skill level and control

Getting familiar with the features of your nock is a must-do. Your skill level matters here because you won’t be able to do much even with the best lighted nocks if you don’t know how to make the most of them. Keep it light and basic. Do not go for something complicated.

11. Ease of use

It takes less than 60 seconds to string a nock. Don’t rush through the process for fear of not triggering on the switch. The entire purpose is defeated. And one more thing, make sure the nock is of the correct size.

Lighted Nocks Reviews – Pros & Cons

Lighted nocks shine on three main fronts. They help you – track your arrow flight, see exactly where the arrow hits, and find the arrow after the shot.

The arrow’s flight trajectory helps you see if it’s flying erratically and make any necessary adjustments to your bow. You also get to identify the exact impact point and guestimate how far the game may have gone.

However, lighted nocks are not legal in all US states, including Montana and Idaho. You want to look up this for your hunting area.

Pro tip: Don’t push too hard when you’re nocking your archery arrows as you could turn the light on accidentally and spook the game nearby. Take your time, practice well, and get used to the sensitivity before you venture into the dark.

How to Use Lighted Nock for Bow Hunting?

  • The first step is to attach the lighted nock on the arrow. Confirm that the joints are secure and tight.
  • Shoot the arrow. The light gets activated by a trip switch. Ultimately, you can manually turn the light on
  • Monitor the trajectory of the arrow, whether it has struck your target. If not retrieve it.
  • Switch it off till such time you are ready for your next shot.
  • In case you have hit the prey but could not manage a clean kill, you can follow the lit nock to locate your wounded prey and finish it.

Is there any difference in point of impact with lighted nocks?

You won’t find any significant difference at a hunting distance under 60 yards. Some have noticed inconsistency with weight, fit, and accuracy, especially at longer ranges but there could be other factors in play here, such as square, movement or string pressure, and the skill level.


1. Do lighted nocks affect accuracy?

Ans: Accuracy of lighted nocks is affected very little to none. Longer distances will affect accuracy due to wind, gravity, and external forces. In general, an inch at 30 yards at best would be the deviation.

2. What size Nockturnal lighted nocks should one buy?

Ans: Nocturnal too has a sizing chart like the one shown for Lumenok nocks.

3. How long do lighted nocks stay lit?

Ans: Around 24 hours on average. Some of the top-rated ones even last for 35-40 hours. However, this varies according to the maker.

4. How does a lighted nock work?

Ans: The action of releasing the arrow trips a switch that completes the illumination circuit. The light thereafter stays on till the battery is drained.

5. Which lighted nock color works best?

Ans: Red is undoubtedly the first choice. The visibility of red nocks is not affected by season changes even in fall.

6. How to turn off lighted nocks?

Ans: Unfortunately, lighted nocks don’t come with an “off” switch until you go for a DIY option. You have to do it manually using a special tool (if you have one), field point, knife tip, even a gem clip, or some such device into a designated hole on the side of the nock to physically turn it off.

7. Can you reuse lighted nocks?

Ans: Almost all lighted nocks are powered by lithium cells. These are seldom replaceable. You can turn them off between hunting trips to preserve battery life.

8. What materials are best for lighted nocks?

Ans: Lighted nocks are made of clear plastic or a carbonate-based compound. The important point is that visibility should be clear and have good maneuverability. Secondly, the effort required should be reasonable.

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