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Best Gun Cleaning Kits [Hands-On Tested] – 2024

Regular gun cleaning and maintenance is part of every sensible gunowner’s routine. Some lean on household items to clean their weapons while others rely on professional gun cleaning kits

But how do you find the best gun cleaning kits from so many choices? How to use them properly? What type of gun cleaning kit do you need? — I’m sure as a beginner, you’ll feel overwhelmed when dealing with this matter.

Here we listed down and reviewed today’s most-favorites! See which one suits your firearms most!

A Quick View of Our Favorites Gun Cleaning Kits

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
All-in-One Best Gun Cleaning Kits - GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit $40 at Walmart
Best for Handguns Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit $25 at Cabelas
Most Complete Kit Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Otis Technology the Otis Elite Otis Technology the Otis Elite $135 at Cabelas
Most Compact Kit Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Gun Cleaning Kits by Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kits by Sage & Braker $25
5th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit $14 at Walmart
6th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies $36
7th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning kit BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning kit $15
8th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit $100 at Walmart
9th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - FREETIME Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit FREETIME Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit $65
10th Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Universal Hunting Rifle Pistol Shotgun Cleaning Kit Universal Hunting Rifle Pistol Shotgun Cleaning Kit $60

Best Gun Cleaning Kits Reviewed

1 GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit (All-in-One)

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit

We were putting together enough tools at the local gun store to clean all of our guns clean when we realized we were well over $100. So, we started looking for all-in-one kits like this one. We decided to buy this kit, Gloryfire, as soon as we realized that it offered approximately twice as many attachments than most of the kits out there at only half the cost.

The rods were solid reinforced brass that we found to be stronger than other similar kits at the same price. Everything inside the case is neatly organized and marked so we never had any trouble arranging all the tools inside the kit.

We regularly clean all my guns with this and are very content with the kit. Durable plastic meant that the casing would be able to take on abuse. While using, however, we felt that the kit won’t be as long lasting if used for a prolonged time in harsh weather conditions.

The kit is good and does the job even if it is not high end, and also comes with the option of brass jags and loops or plastic jags and loops.

Our Experience with the GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit

  • This kit offers almost twice as many tools than most of the kits out there at only half the cost
  •  The case is not bulky or heavy which made it easy to carry and store away.
  • Extra pieces meant that we could continue our maintenance work even if one or two items are misplaced
  • The thin, plastic case feels kind of flimsy though it holds things in their place.
  • Smaller tools tend to get loose inside.

What we didn’t like

  • The thin, plastic case seem durable enough
  • Small items get loose inside the case

Who Will Use This Most

Guns owners who own several firearms of different kinds

What could be improved and why

  • The plastic case could be made of more stronger plastic material
  • The slots for the smaller pieces could be designed better so that they remain in their place

Package Includes

  • 3 brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles
  • 3 solid brass rods for shotguns, .30 caliber rifles, pistols, and muzzle loaders
  • 3 muzzle guards
  • 3 utility brass brushes
  • 3 accessory adapters
  • 9xcotton mops
  • 14 bronze wire brushes
  • 13 spear pointed jags
  •  4 slotted patch loops
  • 4 polishing clothes
  • 50 cleaning patches
  • 2 empty bottles


  • Wide range of tools to clean different types of guns compared to other brands
  • The case is not bulky but compact enough to carry around and store away
  • Case is durable enough to withstand abuse but not for prolonged periods
  • Good quality tools that perform well
  • Extra tools included which made cleaning convenient
  • Value for money


  • Case not made of durable plastic
  • Small items get loose inside the case

2 Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit (Best for Handguns)

https://rangerexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/2.-Real-Avid-Gun-Boss-Handgun-Cleaning-Kit.jpg - Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit offers a complete system to keep guns clean and firing accurately. The quality of this kit and the range of calibers it covers is remarkable. Perfect for someone who shoots a lot and needs to clean their firearm in different scenarios.

Real Avid provides all the basic cleaning tools in one handy kit! One can always spend more dollars and get better quality cleaning tools, however the value provided by Real Avid here is very good.

The handgun cleaning rod comes with 2 sections and a swivel tip that connects to a t-handle to make a total length of 9 inches, making cleaning pistols easier. The ballistic nylon shell kit case is resistant to the elements and kept all of our supplies clean.

All the pieces included in the kit snap firmly into their places so when on the move, no rattling. And when we opened the hand-sized, rugged case nothing spilled out either. The oil resistant tray allows oil to be wiped off easily too.

Our experience with the Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit 

  • The tools held up very well while cleaning our guns. None of them broke or deformed
  • There are well designed slots, holders and storage areas for the different tools that keep everything in their place
  • Good selection of tools in a compact pouch which can be easily carried anywhere
  • The plastic tray design is such that even when one of our members spilled some kitchen oil on the tray which holds the pieces, we could easily wipe it off
  • Weather-resistant hard shell case also protects from crushing the items inside and from the elements
  • Value for money

What We didn’t like

  • Not top quality but a decent purchase
  • No solvent and oil included

What could be improved and why

  • The quality of the tools could be made better so they last longer
  • The gun maintenance kit would be more complete with solvent and oil tubes included


  • Swivel Tip and  2-Section Rod System together form a 9inch Rod
  • Phosphor Bronze Brush – .357/.38/9Mm, .40 & .45 Cal.
  • .22 Cal. Phosphor Bronze Brush
  • Cal. Red Nylon Jag – .22/ .357mm, .38mm, 9mm & .45,.40-.45 Cal.
  • T-Handle
  • Gun Cleaning Patches – 25nos. 3 inch X 3 inch, 25 1.5 inch X 3 inch
  • Weather resistant compact travel case


  • Good quality tools
  • Well-designed case interior to contain all the items securely in their places
  • Oil-resistant tray
  • Hard shell case which protects items from getting damaged
  • Portable carrying case
  • Value for money


  • Solvent and oil not included

3 Otis Technology the Otis Elite (Most Complete Kit)

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Otis Technology the Otis Elite

With a diverse collection of firearms accumulated over the years, we found ourselves in need of a versatile cleaning kit capable of handling multiple calibers. As we found, Otis fits the bill! It includes everything for disassembling and cleaning almost any firearm, oil, solvent, cleaning patches, and brushes for a wide range of calibers.

There are specialized precision tools for complete overhauling of all the critical and difficult areas of your firearm. The kit also includes a cable extender with which we were able to clean some of our larger barrel firearms easily. Moreover, lens tissue, lens spray, lens brush and lens cloth for optics care are also given.

This cleaning kit is perfect for taking on a hunt or to the range because of its portability. We highly recommend this kit to people who want an all-in-one maintenance solution for their entire weapon collection.

However, we wish the nylon kit-bag was more sturdy in design. It was quite difficult to use it because it was not rigid enough. These types of kits won’t hold up in harsh environments either. The instruction manual that came with it also didn’t have instructions in a manner that one would find useful.

Our experience with the Otis Elite Gun Care System

  • The kit does have quality tools, but it is very poorly organized
  • The case or bag is a little small for the included tools and appeared to be just thrown in randomly
  • The carrying kit is compact and well-made and fits in a range bag
  • It includes a small “range” kit to carry all the tools needed in case you prefer not to carry the main bag to the range!
  • Tools included even allowed us to do a quick cleaning without taking the gun apart

What We didn’t like

  • On the downside, the carrying case of this kit is a little sloppy, essentially just a bag made of padded cloth with a zipper around it, so it’s better left at home.
  • Also, we couldn’t use this kit to clean our .22 rifle which has a short action.
  • Not everyone will like the “cable” type cleaning systems, but rather cleaning rods and bore guides.

Who Will Use This Most

People who own a wide range of firearms of different types.

What could be improved and why

The exterior clothing of the bag can be replaced with a hard shell covering so the kit items remain protected.


  • 2 inch and 3 inch 100% cotton patches, slotted tips – 3 nos. and patch savers – 2 nos.
  • 16 bore brushes made of bronze (.17,.22/.223, .243-.260, .22 limited breech, .30-06/.300/30-30/.308, .270/7mm, .357-38cal/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45, .50cal, .338-.35,16ga, 20ga, .410ga, 12/10ga, 28ga)
  • Thread connector and  8 inch, 12inch and 36 inch Memory-Flex cables (aircraft grade)
  • Obstruction removers (small & large), stuck casings, t-handle (small and big) and stud for small caliber cleaning
  • Straight pick, short AP brush, scraper, .223cal/5.56mm chamber brush, double end AP brush pin punch, male & female rod, end brush, and locking lug scraper
  • Lens brush, lens cloth, lens tissue, and lens spray
  • (2) 0.5fl.oz. Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP , Microfiber gun cloth, chamber flag, and instruction manual
  • Full tactical cleaning kit in compact soft pack cases with 3 cables and 6 brushes


  • Lots of high quality tools
  • Compatible for a wide range of gun types
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Value for money


  • Soft clothing bag doesn’t protect items inside
  • Poor organization of items inside the kit

4 Gun Cleaning Kits by Sage & Braker (Most Compact Kit)

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Gun Cleaning Kits by Sage & Braker

Sage and Braker are bore snake specialists. It even has a detachable “copper” brush head, which we could detach and throw the snake in our washing machine with the clothes. Other brands have the bore-bristles built onto the snake itself and they eventually wear out and become unusable. Sage & Braker smartly connect the actual bore brush to the snake via a metal connector and the system works very well. The caliber is also stamped on the drop weight so there was no confusion as to which caliber snake we should be using.

These guys are also known for their outstanding customer service.

Our experience with the Gun Cleaning Kit by Sage & Braker

  • A simple, innovative, and clever tool to clean firearms which is apart from the traditional rod and patch cleaning
  • The brass weight string and brush can be unscrewed from the snake itself making cleaning the snake far more easier
  • Full bronze brush for proper cleaning
  • Durable material didn’t break even after cleaning multiple guns in one session

Who Will Use This Most

People who shoot a lot in ranges, while hunting, and other places.

Recommended method of usage

When we first tried to pull the cleaner through the barrel, it didn’t move easily until we applied some lubrication on the cleaner’s surface which made it slid through easily. The lesson? Don’t try to pull it through a dry bore, use some lubrication to make the task easier.


  • Caliber – .40, .41, .50, .51
  • Full Size Bronze Brush
  • Removable Buffing Rope


  • Able to clean different calibers without the need of cumbersome rod and patches
  • Stamped Brass Weight
  • Able to clean guns of different calibers much faster
  • Caring about their customers


  • The construction of the snake is not durable enough for small caliber firearms, where the bends prove too much for the snake to handle without breaking

5 Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s has been around a very long time and has a great reputation. This kit in particular is essential and proved to be a very handy kit. The kit contains the basic tools one will need to clean 9mm or similar calibers. Hoppe’s is an established name and their products are the best for the price range.

A small compact plastic box contains all the items with instructions on how to clean firearms. Another great thing about this kit is that once you run out of any of the items you can just buy another replacement.

Our experience with the Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit

  • Very good and handy kit, especially for a beginner
  • We could easily find the extras in the shops when we ran out of them
  • The kit came with instructions which helped us to clean our firearms more properly
  • The case is small enough to be carried anywhere, especially for people who shoot a lot
  • We could clean a good number of caliber guns if not a lot with this kit.
  • While the tools performed great, we weren’t very pleased with the poor build of the case

What We didn’t like

  • Plastic case is not very durable and therefore not be carried around to different places safely without damaging or losing any items contained within.

Who Will Use This Most

  • This is a great kit for beginners as well as someone who wants a basic and compact cleaning kit

What could be improved and why

  • The plastic case could be made of more durable plastic so it can be carried easily and reliably anywhere.


  • 2.25oz lubricating oil
  • 2oz gun bore cleaner
  • Aluminum rod (swivels)
  • 40 cleaning patches
  • Plastic rod end bristle
  • Plastic slotted end
  • Plastic knob end


  • Great basic cleaning kit for experienced shooters as well as for beginners
  • Good quality
  • Cleans the most common guns very efficiently
  • Compact cleaning kit
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Value for money


  • Plastic case is not durable enough to be carried places
  • The kit doesn’t include Q-Tips, rags, and toothbrush, which come in very handy during gun maintenance and cleaning.

6 FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

Firegear comes with a wide variety of calibers making it a one stop shop for the seasoned gun owners who constantly need to buy this and that tools as well as extras. This kit already has everything you need to clean almost any firearm, far exceeding our expectations.

Most of the items are made of Brass that doesn’t damage the steel of the weapon. Also included with the kit are bottles that are fluid-tight, a rare feature anywhere else. There is however no room inside the box to store the extra brushes, pick, and swabs they provided.

The kit also comes with lifetime warranty that gave us peace of mind.  As a matter of fact, so far we haven’t come across any other kit that come even close to the quality this kit provides at this price range.

Our experience with the FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Reinforced Rods- The kit tools made with CNC precision machined brass performed very efficiently and durably without breaking while cleaning our firearms
  • We could clean most of our firearms with this tool kit, it really is an all-in-one gun maintenance kit
  • Our firearms didn’t sustain any damages or even scratches while using the machined brass tools
  • Fluid tight bottles ensured that our tools didn’t get spilled on with the cleaning solvent and oils
  • Excellent value for money

What We didn’t like

  • No space to store the extra brushes, pick, and swabs that come with the package

Who Will Use This Most

  • Seasoned professionals who shoot in a variety of scenarios with multiple type of guns


  • 3 brass rods for rifles (.17-.270 caliber, .30 caliber), shotguns , pistols, and muzzle loaders
  • 3 accessory adapters, 3 muzzle guards; 3 utility brass brushes;
  • 9 cotton mops, 14 bronze wire brushes;
  • 1 black powder jag, 12 spear pointed jags;
  • 2 empty oil bottles, 4 slotted patch loops;
  • 4 polishing clothes, 50 3×3″ cleaning patches;


  • Lots of tools included
  • Reinforced brass tools
  • Replacement parts available
  • Molded plastic casing holds all the tools securely
  • Fluid tight bottles
  • Extra brushes, pick, and swabs


  • Not very portable to carry

7 BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning kit

Made of high quality, the zippered compact padded case of Boosteady held all the essential cleaning tools and kept everything perfectly organized. We were able to clean most of the common gun calibers we have and very easily with this kit that comes with many features in a nice, compact case.

On the other hand, the quality of the tools is justified by the price. Screwed together, the handle, extenders and attachments also tend to come loose while in use.

The extra cleaning patches were an absolute steal though.

Our experience with the BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

  • We could clean most of our common sized guns without any trouble with this kit
  • All the essential tools needed could be easily carried around in the high quality nylon zippered pouch
  • All tools are made of brass which didn’t damage our firearms
  • The tools are of reasonable quality given the price range
  • The extender pieces don’t hold up well enough for cleaning when screwed together
  • We also got a nylon brush and two large swab packs

What We didn’t like

  • The cleaning brush heads which can be screwed on the rod, often become loose while cleaning
  • One of the most common 9mm caliber tools not included in the kit

Who Will Use This Most

  • Beginners as well as professionals who need a compact cleaning kit to move around without much trouble

What could be improved

  • Cleaning tools for 9mm could be included since it is a very common caliber gun

Package Includes

  • 1 Handle
  • 10.5″ Brass Gun Cleaning Rod (2 Segments)
  • Both Small and Large Brass Slotted Tip
  • 1 Nylon Brush
  • 100*Gun Cleaning Patches
  • Brush and Jag for – .22, .357 Cal./.38 Cal., .40 & .45 Cal.
  • 1 Stainless Steel Pick


  • 16-piece handgun maintenance tools in an organized portable pouch
  • Justified quality of tools according to the price
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Pick
  • Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee
  • Kit is small enough to fit inside the pocket
  • Extra cleaning patches


  • 9mm caliber gun tools not included
  • Extender rods become loose frequently while cleaning

8 Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

For the high price tag, we were a bit unsure if we should buy this mammoth kit, though the word among gun professionals is that it is simply the best all-in-one kit. Another great thing about this brand is that their customer service lived up to their reputation when we called them to inform about a missing tool. They handled the matter professionally by delivering us the missing piece as quickly as they could.

If properly handled and not abused, it performs efficiently over and over again.

Needless to say the kit included all the most popular caliber tools. The big casing is not flimsy at all, and all tools were well cushioned to avoid any damage during mobility. Some may argue that the case is terribly big, but once you notice at how compactly and efficiently all tools are organized securely inside the box, you will definitely change your mind.

That said, we were surprised to see that there is still plenty of space for rags, and oils and solvents bottles.

Our experience with the Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Cleaning Kit

  • More than plenty of tools included which we could use to clean all our guns
  • Very well designed sturdy case with enough cushioning to protect all the tools inside
  • Kit included all the tools a seasoned shooter would need to clean their guns
  • Good quality tools performed as we expected
  • We could also store bottles and extras without any trouble inside the casing
  • Great customer service

Who Will Use This Most

This is one of the best gun cleaning kits for professional shooters who use a wide range of guns.

What could be improved

A cleaning guide could be included to fully utilize all the tools included in the kit

Package Includes

  • 12 & 20 gauge and .410 bore shotgun bronze bore brushes, Bronze rifle/pistol brushes:  .22, .243,.270, .30, .338, .35, .375, .40, .44/.45, .50, and .54 caliber (8-32 thread), and .17 (5-40 thread), 5/16-27 threads
  • Brass jags for rifle/pistol: .22,.243/6mm,.25, .270, .30, .338, .35,.375,  .44,.45, and .50 caliber (8-32 thread), and .17 (5-40 thread)
  • Shotgun cotton swabs: .410 bore, 5/16-27 thread, and 12 & 20 gauge
  • Rifle/pistol cotton swabs: .270 caliber, .357/9mm, and .30, 8-32 thread
  • Brass slotted tips: shotgun (5/16-27 thread) and rifle/pistol in .40, .30, and .22 caliber (8-32 thread)
  • Shotgun (5/16-27 thread) brass adapters , .20 caliber and lower (5-40 thread), rifle/pistol (8/32 thread)
  • 4mm and 6mm brass cleaning rod muzzle guards
  • 3-piece brass cleaning rods: 6mm and 4mm
  • Brass cleaning brush, nylon pick tool, cleaning brush, and cotton patches: 1inch x 3inch and 1.5inch x 3inch


  • High quality nylon and brass brushes
  • Well cushioned sturdy casing
  • Plenty of professional tools included
  • Good space inside casing to store bottles and extras
  • Efficiently packed tools inside the case
  • Good value for money


  • The kit doesn’t include a cleaning guide
  • Limited mobility with case due to the large size

9 FREETIME Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - FREETIME Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit

This package size is excellent for cleaning guns at home. All rod threads in this kit are the same and we could fit the appropriate size cotton or bronze brushes, even brushes from our older kits. Another good thing is that the rods are copper instead of aluminum, which we prefer due to its sturdiness.

There are two models available for this kit, the difference is an option of the cleaning pad push head to be plastic or copper. It is a relatively basic maintenance kit with the most common caliber tools, but definitely a bit better than some of the other kits, and we therefore would expect it to last a longer time too.

Our experience with the FREETIME Upgraded Version Gun Cleaning Kit

  • We didn’t have any trouble finding a tool that we needed with this tool kit
  • Quality tools
  • Same rod threads meant we could use it with tools from other cleaning kits too
  • Copper rods gave us better control over the cleaning process due to its higher rigidity
  • Two options, copper cleaning pad push head or plastic were available to purchase according to one’s needs. We bought copper

Who Will Use This Most

  • Professional shooters and occasional shooters as well as the kit has included the most common caliber tools

What could be improved

  • The box inside could be better designed to hold all the pieces in place securely

Package Includes

  • 3x solid brass rods for .17-.270 and .30 caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzle loaders
  • 3x utility brass brushes;
  • 3x muzzle guards;
  • 3x accessory adapters
  • 14x bronze wire brushes; 9x cotton mops
  • 12x spear pointed jags; 1x black powder jag
  • 4x slotted patch loops;
  • 2x empty oil bottles
  • 50x 3×3″ cleaning patches;
  • 4 polishing clothes


  • Enough tools included to cater to the most common calibers
  • Copper rods instead of aluminum
  • Good quality tools
  • Space to contain bottles included
  • Same rod threads work with other kit tools too
  • Plastic and copper options available for cleaning pad push head
  • Value for money


  • Interior could be designed to hold all tools firmly into place so they don’t spill when the kit if opened

10 Universal Hunting Rifle Pistol Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Best Gun Cleaning Kits - Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Rifle Pistol Shotgun Cleaning Kit

This plastic case comes with enough cushioning inside to prevent everything from rattling around and getting damage. We noticed a missing brush, but then found them stuck inside the case in its slot. Must say the case is well designed to hold everything in place. We were also surprised to see that a parts diagram was included! Our first among all the other kits that we used.

Made of nicely machined brass, the cleaning jags handled nicely while cleaning! There’s even a ramrod end included of 50 cal jag, but without a patch pin on it.

Plus, more patches are included than we knew what to do with! Plenty of brass brush and mop adapters ensured we could get the job done without any hitches.

Everything is neatly organized, and stays put, with even extra space for Q-tips, oil bottles, and pipe cleaners. The kit also comes with a warranty.

Our Experience with the Universal Hunting Rifle Pistol Shotgun Cleaning Kit

  • We got a LOT of patches of different sizes
  • The oil bottle has a metal tip on it covered by a rubber nipple to prevent oil leakage
  • We never face any trouble getting the job done with the plentiful collection of brush and mop adapters included
  • None of the pieces were damaged as the inside of the kit was well cushioned
  • All the pieces stayed in their slots and never spilled upon opening the kit
  • The included parts diagram allowed us to easily put back all the pieces inside the kit

Who is it great for?

  • Professional and occasional shooters who use a good range of firearms

What could be improved

  • Selection could be made to include higher caliber guns so professional shooters don’t face trouble while cleaning high-end firearms

Package includes

  • 13X brass jags
  • 14X brushes
  • 9X mop
  • 4X slotted patch loops
  • 3X utility brushes
  • 3X muzzle guards
  • 3X accessory adapters
  • 50 3×3″ cleaning patches
  • 4X polishing clothes
  • 1X empty bottle


  • Machined brass tools
  • All slots hold on to their tools firmly
  • Nylon and brass toothbrushes
  • Nice collection of bore mops
  • Plenty of patches included
  • Good selection of cleaning brush adapters
  • Enough padding inside to prevent damage to tools
  • Well-designed oil bottle with metal tip


  • Tools not “solid” enough to handle rough use over prolonged periods of time

A Quick Weapon Cleaning Kit Buyer’s Guide

  • Material

The best gun cleaning kits are usually made of strong durable plastic or high-quality nylon. The difference between a hard-cased bag and nylon bags is a personal choice. You get a shoulder strap to carry the bag or carry the hard box kit with the handle.

  • Accessories

The various components which are used to clean a gun make-up for the accessories. Different brands include a wide range of tools which make gun cleaning one easier than the other. The most common tools included in the kit are listed below:

    • Cleaning rod
    • Bore brush (caliber specific)
    • Cleaning jags (slotted and form-fitting)
    • Cleaning swab
    • Mops
    • Double-ended/utility brushes
    • Cleaning patches (caliber specific)
    • Luster cloth/Silicone impregnated Gun and Reel Cloth
    • Cotton swabs
    • Bore snake
    • Cleaning chemicals- bore cleaners, action cleaners, and lubricants
  • Portability

Portability boils down to the number of tools included in a kit and the material of the carrying case. As you can guess, the more tools a kit has the bulkier it will need to be, relatively, assuming all components have been packed in as efficiently as possible.

The kit is usually made of hard durable plastic case or a high-quality nylon bag, and its portability is defined more personally than practically, depending how you find it easier to carry the kit.

  • Compatibility

Gun cleaning kits are usually designed for a specific range, types or models of guns. These days, universal gun cleaning kits are available too although to tell you the truth there is no truly “universal” gun kit. Similarly, there is no best gun cleaning kit for all guns.

If you have an uncommon firearm you will most probably need a special kit or have to make your own gun cleaning kit for your gun maintenance. Also, in practice we have seen that each gun owner has their own preferred tools and methods. Some don’t like to clean their guns at all!

You need to make your choice according to the type of firearm you own, as each type of firearm requires a bit different type of tools to clean it.

  • Overall quality

There’s a lot of appeal in having everything you need to clean your guns in one convenient place, and there are kits that make it possible.

The important thing is to be practical about your shooting preferences, whether you just practice sometimes with one firearm to stay skillful, or regularly shoot several different types of firearms for competitions, buy the best cleaning kit for guns that meets your needs without breaking or not getting the job done.

  • Price

Given the wide selection of brands these days, you should be able to find a cleaning kit that is within your budget. However, care must be taken to avoid compromising quality for budget to make sure the tools don’t give away while cleaning.

What to Clean and Why Do You Need Proper Cleaning?

Cleaning a gun is more than just about having a fine-looking firearm. It’s also about your and others’ safety.

Not adopting the proper method for cleaning your firearm can cause accidental injuries or worse. There are legal implications too as the weapon owner is liable for any injuries or damages done from a negligent discharge.

The barrel and chamber need to be brushed with a dry bore brush (nylon) from the chamber to the muzzle. This helps to detach and remove large metal and carbon fragments from the bore.

Moving on, you need to clean and lubricate the barrel. The action (lever, pump, and bolt) also needs to be cleaned using a dry cloth, utility brush, and solvent (action cleaner). Next, the action needs to be sprayed generously with the cleaner starting at the top of the receiver to allow metal and carbon fragments to fall into a trickle pan.

Use the recommended procedure for the specific type and model. After cleaning let the sub-assemblies dry. Dispose off any cleaning residues using proper discarding procedures.

Next, using a needle applier, precisely apply a few lubricant drops on the barrel exterior, action and slide assembly at the marked lubrication points, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Take care not to lubricate too much, because this may attract more contaminants and could cause potential reliability issues. As mentioned earlier, the lubricant helps to reduce friction and wear on all moving parts.

Finally, the proper ammunition supply of semiautomatic weapons depends on the magazines that hold the ammunition. Clean and reliable magazines are very important for the correct functioning of a weapon. They should always be taken apart, cleaned, and put back together according to the instruction manual. Magazine cleaning has its own specific brush types.

When cleaning magazines extra care must be taken by wearing safety glasses as they are spring operated. Avoid petroleum products since they will taint the bullet primers. Instead, use a clear solvent.

Essential Components of the Best Gun Cleaning Kit

1. Bronze & nylon brushes

Bronze brushes are used to remove heavy buildup of carbon inside the barrel while nylon brushes are useful for cleaning the sensitive and hard-to-reach areas. Make sure your preferred kit has quality bronze brushes so they don’t scratch the barrel. Also, nylon brushes are recommended for wooden-or polymer-framed guns.

2. Bore/gun mops & cleaning swabs

Once you’ve used the bronze brush, remove the leftover dirt and oil residue in the barrel with a bore mop. Don’t forget to clean them after each use to prolong their lifespan.

3. Cleaning patches

They are tiny squares of cotton mounted on cleaning jags to remove the cleaning solvent residue. Use a patch for once only and then replace it for the next cleaning session.

4. Cleaning jag

These are thin rods usually made of plastic, brass or nickel. As said before, they’re used with patches to get rid of cleaning solvent or leftover grime from the barrel.

5. Cleaning/cotton swabs

They are great for some touch-up cleaning, especially when you need to remove hard-to-reach residues and excess solvents.

6. Slotted tip patch holder

This is a small piece of steel or brass with a slot that’s cut out for holding the patch while cleaning a gun. The other end of this metal stick is screwed on top of the cleaning rod. This is an alternative to the cleaning jag but harder to use.

7. Cleaning rod

Your cleaning rod should be made of a softer material than the barrel of your firearm. Most cleaning rods are carbon fiber or aluminum while the barrels are mostly steel. Carbon fiber rods are better since they don’t scratch your barrel.

Universal kits come with several rods of different sizes. Don’t end up using a smaller rod to clean a large barrel. Flexible cleaning rods are also available today that let you pull the cleaning tools through your barrel. Use the road carefully because the accuracy of your rifle or handgun could be compromised by even the smallest scratch on the barrel.

8. Cleaning solvent

Gun cleaning solvents come with many variations based on the type of gun and they dissolve fouling, copper and brass to help remove it easily. They usually provide a deeper clean but they dissolve the oil too, requiring lubrication after cleaning. Brass, copper, and copper jacketed solvents usually are better than other types. An action cleaner solvent is used to clean the action (lever, pump, and bolt) of a firearm and penetrates deep into the metal to clean the carbon build-up.

9. Cleaning oil

Lubricating oil comes handy in the last step of the cleaning procedure. It contains different solvents to remove rust, gun powder, lead, and corrosion. It also helps reduce friction and wear on all the moving parts. Penetrating the metal surface, it leaves an invisible magnetic film for smooth operation and prolonged life of the metal parts.

10. CLPs

Clean, Lubricate, Protect – period. They feature gun oil to remove fouling by making it slippery so it can be scrubbed and wiped out with a patch.

11. Case

Often made of plastic or nylon, the case houses all of the different cleaning components of the kit.

Optional Components of a Gun Cleaning Kit

1. Bore snake

Using patches to clean a barrel could sometimes get tedious and messy. Besides, a long cleaning rod is needed for shotguns and rifles. Bore snakes can make the job a lot easier and faster. They’re reusable and you can get your barrel cleaned with only one or two passes through it.

2. Pin punches

Get a pin punch set and you won’t have to go through the tedious process of removing so many pins one by one. Punches are different sized small rods that you’ve to press against a pin that you’re removing and hammer lightly for easy extraction.

3. White Towels

Weapon cleaning can be a messy business, especially when in a hurry. A good and cheap way to keep your workstation clean, to track all the parts when reassembling and to clean off the larger components is using an abrasive white towel.

4. Q-Tips

When it comes to small firearms, nothing gets the carbon build-up off the bolt face and the chamber inside like a Q-Tip cotton swab can. They’re cheap, easily available, and very handy.

5. Dental Picks

You won’t be able to always get the patches into those tight spaces inside the gun with your fingers alone. It helps to have dental picks designed for this purpose.

6. Gun vice

Tired of clamps? Get a gun vice to keep your firearm in place when you’re doing your thing.

7. Magnifier

It really helps with noticing the small components and details of your firearm, especially when you’re cleaning.

8. Screwdrivers

Things break, and usually a screwdriver serves as a backup for a punch, a lever, a pick, and so on…


1. How often should I clean my gun?

Ans. We recommend that you clean your gun and shooting accessories after every shooting session.

2. What will happen if I don’t keep my gun clean?

Ans. Fouling in metal is a common occurrence that could also happen to your weapons. Your gun could malfunction as a result. Your sweat and moisture from the weather could also cause rust that you would never want.

3. Do I need to clean my gun if I don’t use it?

Ans. In that case, clean it twice each year, as recommended by the manufacturers.

4. How much does it cost to get my gun cleaned?

Ans. You won’t have to spend more than 100 bucks to get your gun inspected, function-tested, full-detail stripped, and cleaned by a pro gunsmith.

5. What is the best gun cleaning kit?

Ans. There’s no specific “best” gun cleaning kit because this depends on personal preferences and needs. Some popular brands of gun cleaning kits include Otis, Hoppes, Gloryfire, and Real Avid, among others that can be in your consideration.

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