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    Who Are We

    We are bowhunters, treestand shooters, golfers, photographers, foresters, and what not? Yes, because we are a group of people with utmost concern and respect for these sports and hobbies. A few of us are professionals while others are not. It is our passion for bowhunting and golfing that made us care about people who are continuously searching the best range finder on the market.

    Our Story

    We always hate to miss, but there was a time when we would get confused if each of our hit or shoot found the right way. Things have changed, and so have our techniques to test the different models of rangefinders. At the very start of our amateur life as a bowhunter or golfer, we knew only a little about the game. Shots after shots but no hits! Sometimes, we were forced to believe that we used to shoot to miss.

    The day one of our dear guys bought a rangefinder ushered a change. Although the first few weeks, we were not lucky, we came to understand the differences between hunting with and without a rangefinder. It took us months to get the hang of the ranging devices. However, we never got disheartened because we knew someday we would range and shoot like a professional.

    Our Mission

    Have you ever tangled yourself in the slew of rangefinders? Did you ever suffer from the “Hit and Miss” predicament? We know it is not very easy to overcome the hassles of choosing the best range finder so easily.

    Some of our buddies do not call it a day without touching their favorite rangefinders at least once a day. It is true that a rangefinder is just one of the several devices we use on a daily basis. But, we love to talk about the devices, share our stories with different models.

    We want to impart our readers the basics of the technologies modern rangefinders come with so that they can understand what and how to use them to their advantages. We dream about a happy community that excels in shooting, hunting, photography, and all other outdoor adventures.

    Let’s hunt or shoot together!

    Ranger Expert