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Best Ground Blind in 2022: Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

You might have been hunting a while and using your trusty tree stand when you realize that you’re a bit fed up with it. As the clock ticks on, it doesn’t feel comfortable and you soon start to ache and feel cold (and wet!). Then you see your pal bring along a tent-looking thing and then he gets in! All warm, cozy, and dry! And yet, he still manages to peek at his prey. Those little tent things? They’re ground blinds!

Today, I’m going to reveal all the secrets about ground blinds to meet your needs out in the field. Soon, your wet, cold, stiff days of hunting will be a thing of the past. I’ve been hunting for decades but it wasn’t until I got a bit older (and stiffer!) that I decided to vary up my hunting routine a little. I was also a bit fed up with climbing up to my tree stand.

Since then, I’ve tried and tested numerous ground blinds myself and so I think I can guide you through choosing one of your own! Read on to find out more and snap up the best ground blind for your needs.

Top Hunting Ground Blinds: Comparison Chart

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
Editor’s Choice Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind Check Price
Great Value for Money Ameristep Doghouse Ameristep Doghouse Check Price
Best Pop Up Blind for Bow Hunting Barronett Blinds Big Cat 350 Hunting Blind Barronett Blinds Big Cat 350 Hunting Blind Check Price
Best Chair Ground Blind Ameristep Tent Chair Ameristep Tent Chair Check Price
Best Mirror Ground Blind GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind Check Price
Super Durable Choice Primos Double Bull Deluxe Primos Double Bull Deluxe Check Price
7th Barronett Grounder Ground Hunting Blind Barronett Grounder Ground Hunting Blind Check Price
8th Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind Check Price
9th Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind Check Price
10th Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind Check Price

Top Rated 10 Best Ground Blind Reviews

1  Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind (Editor’s Choice)

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Our Editor’s Choice, the Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, is one of the best-rated models on our list with the maximum number of positive genuine user reviews. So we wanted to put it to test to see what the hype was all about. It did impress us with a number of key features. Let’s learn more about that.

This ground blind is made from country camo fabric and has a footprint measuring 55” square. With a height of 66”, it can fit two people comfortably. Despite being waterproof it has mesh shoot-through windows with a coating of Shadow Guard to eliminate silhouettes and shadows.

The fabric is made with Durashell Plus in a matte finish meaning that it is cool and breathable as well as waterproof. It is also resistant to damage, so can be set up on rough terrain without worrying about any tears to the fabric.

The frame is in a rugged spider-designed hub that is easy to set up and put down. In fact, it took us less than two minutes to do this each time! It came with stakes and tie-downs that are heavy-duty. There are hubs that pop out from the panels, creating a robust structure able to withstand strong winds and rain.

The door is D-shaped meaning you can get in and out easily and it is comfortable for long periods of sitting. You can fit two fully-grown adults in there without feeling overcrowded.

Having said that, it only weighs 16.75lbs, meaning that it is still lightweight and can be easily carried once you’ve taken it down. If you’re a hunter that covers a lot of ground, it’s a great choice.

You can use this blind for gun hunting, crossbow, or bow hunting. It has a shooting width which measures 66” in height and 69” in width with a double bull 360° surround view. Three of the sides have windows that you open for shooting, the other is the door, which you can also shoot through. We found it best to be set outside for around a day before we went to use it as a blind as it came with that newly manufactured smell that may put some animals on guard.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Resistant to rain and wind
  • Suitable for all types of hunting
  • Fabric has Durashell coating with a Shadow Guard interior
  • Lightweight
  • Fast takedown design


  • A little on the noisy side due to the door zipper and Velcro strips
  • Hard to stand fully upright

Our Verdict

Our testers really loved this one. Sure, there were a couple of drawbacks (like the noise of the Velcro and zipper and the smell it had coming out of the box), but overall this was a huge success and the game soon approached as if we weren’t even there! We tried it out in some pretty horrible weather conditions too and stayed toasty warm and dry. The fact that you can get this one for under 100 bucks (when we tested it) is a huge plus too!

2 Ameristep Doghouse (Great Value for Money)

Ameristep Doghouse

Our bang for the buck pick is the Ameristep Doghouse ground blind. That’s because it cost just under $70 at the time we researched. Your partner will not mind sending you to the doghouse if it only costs that much! Plus, it was full of such fab features too!

The outside has a big, open window that is just the ticket for hunting with a firearm. You can even add the mesh shoot-through covers to the portholes (they come provided). The fabric is finished off with a matte Durashell Plus coating as well as a patented 3D-edge ReLeaf blended trim, so it fits with your natural environment. There’s also Shadow Guard on the interior so that silhouettes and shadows are eliminated.

There are seven openings with zippers and each of them has the mesh shoot-through porthole cover included. It weighs 13.79 lbs. and comes with a carry bag for storage and transportation. The fact that it is so light and comes with a bag means it is incredibly versatile so you can hunt on the move, changing positions and locations as suits you best. It fits in two adults quite comfortably and pops up so quickly in the field.

For those on a tight budget, it’s brilliant! We did think it wasn’t as stable as some others, but the cost and the pros definitely outweighed this aspect! It was also a little tricky to draw bows in, so is more suitable for gun hunters.


  • Lightweight
  • Durashell and Shadow Guard
  • Patented 3D-edge ReLeaf blended trim
  • Fits in two adults
  • Affordable


  • It can be a little unstable in strong winds
  • Noisy zippers

Our Verdict

You won’t be in the Doghouse with this ground blind. Cheap and cheerful, it’s full of great positive features such as its unique 3D edge-blended trim. The Durashell and Shadow Guard also help with your disguising and blending into the environment. No wonder why it’s one of the best-rated models on the list. It does have a couple of drawbacks, but the pros certainly outweigh them with this little bundle!

3 Barronett Blinds Big Cat 350 Hunting Blind

Barronett Blinds Big Cat 350 Hunting Blind

The Barronett Blinds Big Cat Hunting Blind stands tall at 80” and is 90” wide from hub-to-hub. The footprint is 70” squared. In this one, you can even shoot whilst you are standing! The smaller footprint but higher height means it’s perfect for bow shooters. The company stipulates that “Bigger is Better” and we have to agree in this case. The fact you can stand up and stretch is great if you’re waiting for prey for hours.

This one has clever technology at the hubs with fiberglass poles and unique, high-quality fabrics. The hubs are all metal and the poles are solid, creating a strong structure with reliability for years to come, even in strong winds! The blind is portable like old shacks and super easy to pop up! It only weighs 19 lbs. The fabric pattern is Bloodtrail camouflage which has been designed particularly for ground concealment. The game won’t know you’re there because you’re invisible to them until you’re on them.

The windows are zipper-less and can be adjusted without noise, which is amazing! It gives you many more options for shooting too. You can open or close them in many configurations and there are mesh coverings that’re shot through. The windows can also be adjusted with one hand that’s really handy!

This one comes with a large size duffle bag that has backpack straps, which makes transporting it even easier. As it’s our best pop-up ground blind, as you can expect, just pull it right out of this bag, and up it pops! We absolutely loved how easy this was! We were ready to shoot in next to no time.


  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight at 19lbs and easy to carry
  • Quiet windows
  • Well-designed with strong poles and hubs
  • Tall


  • A little more expensive than other ground blinds in our list

Our Verdict

We absolutely loved the Big Cat 350 Hub model! It was the easiest to pop up and had such an easy time setting up. I loved the fact that I could stand and shoot with my bow without feeling restricted. The fact that the windows were quiet without the annoying zipper or Velcro noise was also an added bonus! It was more expensive than some, but it was well worth it in my opinion.

4 Ameristep Tent Chair

Ameristep Tent Chair

What we found was, you don’t need a full-on ground blind to be able to shoot well. So, this chair model was a great find. It requires no assembly and is a complete concealment system that comes with a comfortable chair that’s ready to use with all the coverage you need pre-attached. It has a realtree camp edge and measures 54” in depth and 34” in height. It fits two people comfortably and is fully waterproof.

The chair comes in a one-person or two-person option that easily folds out and the blind flips over. You don’t have the option to buy a hunting blind chair separately. There are also cupholders in each arm rest for added comfort and convenience. The fabric is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and, as well as being fully waterproof, is coated with Shadow Guard to eliminate silhouettes and shadows.

It also comes with a carrying case with a strap so you can easily transport it from one place to another. In terms of its openings, this one has both large and small opening flaps on the sides and front so that you can get a perfect view of your quarry.

We loved this for how decent the price was and it was really comfortable too.


  • Easy to use chair blind
  • Lots of shooting openings
  • Cup holder and pockets
  • Reasonably priced
  • 2-person option available


  • Not fully waterproof

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a great chair blind. It is really well priced and well made too. There are many openings to shoot through in pretty much any direction. There was also a fair bit of room in there too. We liked the added cup holder and pockets for all our bits and pieces. We did get a bit wet on a really rainy day, but overall this chair blind ticked a lot of boxes!

Other Ameristep models that might interest you: Throwdown, Big Country, Brickhouse Elite, Dominator, Supernatural, 4 Spur, Caretaker, Spartan, Warlock, and Carnivore.

5 GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind

GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind

The GhostBlind was an extremely portable and lightweight mirror blind. It was perfect for those of us who like to sit and hunt on a stool or chair. As mentioned, its weight is fantastic, at just 12lbs! We were able to use it with bow, both traditional and compound as well as gun and crossbows. It covers around 180° around the hunter, so you will need two of them if you want full 360° coverage.

This one is made from all waterproofed hard plastic panels in mirror and black. The plastic is unbreakable according to the manufacturer. When it is laid flat it measures 46” in height and 102” in width. Each year, the camo pattern on these blinds varies as they discover newer, better camo styles.

This blind is suitable for all terrains and weathers. This makes sense as with mirrors, the local environment is simply reflected back! The reflected panels also tilt forwards so that glare is eliminated, and they don’t just reflect straight back at the prey. The game is unable to see themselves as they approach as close as 6”, which is what you need when you’re hunting from your ground blind.

This folding model has a unique hinge system for folding with all of the mirror panels being enclosed on the inside. When folded up, it measures 46”x24.5”x1”. There are also optional extenders that add 7” inches to your panels as well (at an additional cost).

As it only weighs 12lbs, this one will need some anchoring. It comes with some four cords to tie it to something and 4 stakes too. There’s also a shoulder carry strap and there’s an optional backpack too that you can use to gather all things together.


  • Unique collapsible hinge system
  • Reflective Mirror panels for the ultimate disguise
  • Extremely lightweight at 12lbs
  • Enough space for rifles and ammo


  • Only has 180° coverage
  • A little expensive

Our Verdict

We loved this blind for how it blended into the environment. It gave us great coverage and we were able to shoot from seated. It was really lightweight and easy to set up, so we tried it in lots of locations without suffering from fatigue of carrying it or setting it up. The downside for us was that it didn’t offer full 360-degree coverage but we were still able to hunt without detection if we positioned ourselves carefully when out in the field.

6 Primos Double Bull Deluxe

Primos Double Bull Deluxe

For durability we recommend the Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind. Its hub to hub space measures 77” with a floor space measuring 60” squared. The door is double width and is actually zipperless, meaning you can get in and out without making any noise to disturb any nearby prey. The windows close silently too.

With this one, you get a full 180° view from the front. In fact, it has materials from Double Bull that are legendary which is why it’s our most durable choice. This one is an updated version of their Evader model. The style has remained unchanged, but they have improved their carrying system which increases how portable these ground blinds are.

It comes in their exclusive Truth camouflaged print with a mixture of patterns and shadows and a depth of field that gives the utmost concealment for ground hunting. You can also sit inside on a camping chair for comfort.

The materials are legendary and offer full waterproofing, but the manufacturers keep the material choices under wraps! Furthermore, you can set this one up in seven seconds or less. This is excellent for when you want to move locations quickly. However, this one was over $328, making it the most expensive ground blind on our list. For some, it’ll be out of their budget.


  • Generous footprint and height
  • Quick setup
  • 180° view
  • Excellent quality materials


  • No fabric information included
  • The most expensive in our list

Our Verdict

If you can afford the price tag, this one is most definitely the one you want in terms of its durability. The fact that it can be set up in just a few seconds is also impressive, as is the ease of use. The quiet entry and exit meant that we could be super stealthy when we were out hunting, so we snaffled our quarry in next to no time.

Other Primos models that might interest you: Stake Out, Ground Max, Club XL, Bullpen, Shack Attack, Shadow Horse, 360, 270, and Double Bull Double Wide.

7 Barronett Grounder Ground Hunting Blind

Barronett Grounder Ground Hunting Blind

The last product on our list is another Barronett, this time the Grounder pop up portable model. This one claims to be easy to set up and is already fully assembled, which we were pleased with! It has window pains with camo mesh that are easily replaceable that are attached with Velcro strips. They also open with zippers. As for the door, it opens with a full-length zipper to get in and out really quickly and a peek-window too.

This one is designed to be lightweight and has been made with water-resistant, durable, 150 denier tightly woven fabric that has a black coating on the interior to eliminate shadows. There is a five-hub design with this one, making it quite straightforward to take down and to put up. You simply let it pop up and you can get on with your trophy hunting. The hubs are all metal and the poles are solid fiberglass for a stronger and reliable structure unlike some blinds out there. This means that the blind can withstand strong winds as well as years of use.

For convenience there’s also a storage pocket for your gear, which I love (I’m all about the pockets!). It comes with a carrying bag too. For $120, or thereabouts, this one is a great option for many hunters out there. There were a couple of drawbacks, however, namely the noisy Velcro strips and zippers – you really need to be mindful of them if there’s quarry to be had nearby! Otherwise, we thought this did a fine job!


  • Excellent construction
  • Solid, durable materials
  • Fabric is water-resistant and extremely durable


  • Noisy Velcro and zippers!

Our Verdict

If you don’t mind compromising with the odd bit of noise from Velcro or zippers whilst you make adjustments to your blind or position, this one ticks a lot of boxes. Its five-hub pop-up construction is great as it is so simple to set up. It kept us warm and toasty dry even on the heaviest of rainy days (we sure know how to pick them!). All in all, it was a great little ground blind.

8 Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind

Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind

For those that like to hunt in groups, this Pentagon PT550BW model by Barronett is perfect! It has five sides and has 70% more space than many competitor blinds. You really can fit your pals and yourself in there as well. Furthermore, it has panoramic windows giving you unrivaled sightlines. The windows allow you to see through them even from the back of the blind and are silently operated too. The mesh is shoot-through even for broadhead use and there are three ports for shooting with guns. There are even two peek windows on the rear wall of the ground blind.

The durable framework has stiffer, thicker poles with strong hubs. It has clever technology in its hubs as well as strong fiberglass poles. The fabric is high quality and is unique to these blinds. Despite the size of the blinds, they are still portable and are pop-up too, making them easy enough to move and set up multiple times in a hunting trip.

The fact that this one is large in size means that you can stand up and have a good old stretch. What’s the point in sitting in a smaller, more cramped blind when you can have all this space? For us, it was a revelation having so much space compared with when we tested out the others in our list.


  • One of the largest models available
  • Not too expensive for the size
  • Lots of shooting ports
  • Durable


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Large and a little bulky to transport than others

Our Verdict

Here comes the best hunting blind for those hunting in groups. The panoramic windows were fantastic and meant that we could shoot really easily whether standing or sitting. Its size did have a slight downside in that it was, evidently, bigger to transport too. But, you can share the load with your hunting pals since you all can fit in the same blind!

9 Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind

Barronett Ox 5 Ground Hunting Blind

This ground blind made the cut due to its durable fabric. In fact, it has the same durability as ox hide, hence its name. The black interior layer is scratch resistant and there is the color-rich outer fabric that has a soft but low sheen to it. The two layers are bonded together and make a waterproof, ultra-durable fabric. This one is tough and has metal hubs and poles that are heavy-duty.

The windows are silent slide and fully adjustable, creating just the right sized gap that you desire. Its pentagon shape is also excellent for giving you lots of space. In fact, it gives up to 70% extra space than other blinds out there. This huge footprint means that you conceal your movements further. There’s also a ground skirt for added concealment and a brush holder.

The door at the rear gives easy access so you can pop in and out as desired. This really was a great find and a great addition to our top ten. It is one of the more expensive ones at under $300 at the time of our research but we loved it. And so do lots of others according to the ratings it gets on Amazon. It had an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, which we agreed with.


  • Huge area to hunt in
  • Durable double-bonded fabric
  • Slide windows
  • Weatherproof


  • A little on the expensive side

Final Verdict

We loved this blind as its slide windows were a great addition and meant that we had such great visibility and shoot-ability when we were in our ground blind. It was dry and comfortable too. Even though it was on the larger side, it wasn’t too bad to transport either. Plenty of other users agreed too, as you can see by its success online like on Amazon!

10 Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind

Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind

This blind is another one which is on the large size as it fits in three hunters! If you are looking for a bigger replacement for your existing small model, this one should be ideal. It has a 66” height at the center and measures 75” x 75” from hub to hub with a floor space of 58” squared. The material from which it is made is 150 thread denier polyester in both a vertical and horizontal weave for extra durability and strength. This one is designed to withstand difficult weather should you be caught in the wind, snow or rain. The blinds have been treated with UV as well as Durable Water Repellent (DWR). There’s also been coatings of antimicrobial treatment to prevent dry rotting, fading or mold-related issues.

This blind is easy to put up and take down. Once you’ve mastered it, it takes just 60 seconds to put up after taking it out of its carry bag. You can set this one up a few days to help it to blend into the scenery where it’s positioned.

The pattern of the fabric was designed to be for deception purposes and annihilates the outline of the blind, blending you in with your environment. The Realtree Edge has open parts for light to penetrate through and mimic those open areas. The highlights and shadows match surroundings perfectly.

This one cost around $120, so it was fairly decent in terms of price. It does have good ratings online but this was actually the lowest rating of all our featured products. Still, it is most definitely worth a mention on here due to all of its fantastic features.


  • DWR, antimicrobial and UV coatings on the fabrics
  • Realtree Edge
  • Easy to put up and take down once you have the hang of it


  • A little cumbersome to get the hang of taking up and putting down

Our Verdict

The Rhino Blinds is a great buy if you’re looking for a model with all the coatings to make sure it lasts and to make sure that you stay safe, dry and comfortable, also it will accommodate up to 3 men. It blends well into the area too, thanks to its realtree edge. We couldn’t really complain about the cost either as we found it to be good value for the money. Our only snag was that it took us a while to master taking it down!

Other Rhino models that might interest you: Rhino 50.

Best Ground Blind – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

1. Weight and Size

A good ground blind is one that can withstand strong winds so it should be weighty enough to not blow easily. Having said that, it should also be lightweight enough to be transported from place to place with comfort and ease.

2. Style

  • Chair blind

best-ground-blind-review Chair blind

  • Hub style blind

Hub style blind-1

3. Mobility

You should think about how easy your chosen ground blind will be if you decide to carry it from one place to another to hunt. There should be comfortable straps for your shoulders and extra safety traps to enable you to carry it conveniently. You also want one that won’t bounce when being transported so that you have a free hand in which to carry your bow or gun.

4. Construction and Quality

A good ground blind needs to be durable. You need to have one that is going to stand up against the elements. Most blinds are made with materials that are made to last. Polyester, PVC and Nylon are tear resistant as well as being lightweight and they won’t stretch or shrink. Unlike burlap, they are also waterproof.

They are supported by a frame which gives the blind its integrity and shape. It is important to have hardy, strong materials for this. Most of the time, the frames are made with fiberglass which has great strength but is light in weight. Fiberglass does not rust either. Another commonly used material in frames is stainless steel. It has good rigidity as well as strength so it can withstand lots of wear and tear. However, it will be heavier and much less flexible.

If a blind can have both fiberglass and stainless steel, using both materials’ strengths, it can work really well.

5. Where You Hunt

Your preferred hunting blind should fit in with any location where you want to hunt. Being a good match will mean that you will have a clearer shot on your prey without any detection. Depending on the location you might put up an elevated machan and cattle panel for convenience. You also need to make yourself aware of the regulations in your chosen hunting area since not every county allows raised platforms. Some areas have restrictions on what and where you’re allowed to hunt as well as how you hunt animals. You should always check first.

6. Space and Capacity

Also, you are going to need to work out how much room you want inside your ground blind. Think about whether you are going to be hunting on your own or with someone else. Bow hunters need to have enough room to be able to draw the bow back fully, and when needed, use a bow hanger or holder. Also, do you want to be able to stand in it?

These are questions that only you can answer but they are important ones to consider before you buy a ground blind. Depending on the number of hunters you should choose the size. The size ranges from single-person to extra-large 4-person. However, the smaller the size, the better.

7. Weather Resistance

The biggest issue that you will probably face while hunting is the weather. As most hunting is carried out in the springtime or autumn season, you are more likely to encounter changeable and extreme weather. Your chosen canvas blind does not need to be fully resistant to all types of weather. Usually, a ground blind focuses on resisting one or two weather conditions. Of course, a lot will depend on the place you will be hunting too.

Quite often the type of weatherproofing a blind has is due to its material makeup. If you want waterproofing, polyurethane is what you should be looking for. This is usually in the form of a coating on top of polyester or nylon to seal the already waterproof material. These two materials are often resistant to wind as well. Nylon tends to be more resistant than other fabrics. Having said that, polyester is more breathable, and you won’t sweat as much in it. Nylon can cause temperatures inside to be unbearable.

8. Ease of Setup

Once you get to your chosen location, it is vital that you can set up your ground blind as quickly as possible. I prefer models that can be put up in 15 seconds or less. It is also worth thinking about how quickly you can take down the blind when you want to move locations. There are DIY options for stronger and more durable builds too. It might take more than a day to complete the setup of a round hay bale blind. 

9. Stealth

So that your prey avoids sensing your presence you should exercise some caution and preventative measures. For example, always wear black or camouflage clothing – whether that’s a hunting jacket or a pair of pants – that will blend in with your chosen ground blind’s inside material.

10. Versatility

Having the flexibility to adjust viewpoints quickly whilst remaining quiet and concealed is a great advantage in a ground blind. Some blinds have panels that are replaceable and moveable which creates a much more versatile blind.

11. Scent Trapper

You should hide your scent with a scent masking spray so that animals cannot smell you. Remember, even if you don’t think you smell of anything, animals have a much more acute sense of smell than us humans do. So, make sure you and your gear and the blind are scent-proof. 

12. Camouflaged

If you are up for deer or coyote hunting, choose one that blends in perfectly to the environment. Tree trunk or stump blinds are popular for them as they look like genuine trees. People also use cedar wood pallet blinds for deers. You need to ensure that it is camouflaged so that your prey isn’t spooked by it. Finding the best deer hunting blind with loops at the bottom and top is also useful as you can conceal your presence even more with grasses or reeds.

13. Hunting Prey

Ground hunting blinds are not all designed in the same way or for the same purpose. Some blend in really well such as those for birds or deer. Others are made for a specific animal rather than a general camouflage.

How to Prepare and Improve Your Ground Blind?

To make sure that you get the most out of your ground blind, you want to make sure you prepare it well by camouflaging it and securing it, among other things. To camouflage it further, you need to make it blend it with where you are going to position it as much as possible. If possible, and if you have permission, you can chop some of the smaller trees or bushes and lay them over the blind. It will need to look natural too. Be careful that you’re not too ruthless in your chopping, deer can sense change if they’ve been somewhere before and their favorite tree is gone.

As for securing it, you need to use rope to tie down the corners to something that is close by. This is particularly important if it’s going to be a blustery day. Many blind models come equipped with stakes to strengthen the support offered and allow them to withstand strong winds.

If your ground blind is not waterproof or insulated, there are things that you can do to make it fully waterproof. Find a silicone spray (make sure it’s thick and waterproof) and spray it all over the blind. You better do this outside, by the way! Make sure every nook and cranny are covered otherwise it will leak! This needs to be done ahead of your hunting trip so that the spray has a chance to start working. Now the blind should be capable of withstanding the heaviest rainstorms out there as the water will just run off it. You can always add more silicone spray too if you need a touch-up.

What Can a Ground Blind Bring to You?

You may have gleaned some ideas by the introduction to what ground blinds (also known as shacks or shanty) can bring to you. If the best ground blind is chosen, it can work magic for both big and small game animals alike. Gamekeepers around the world use ground and pontoon blinds for ducks, turkey, goose, dove, hare, waterfowl, pigs, and other small games. These are also used for bigger games. Let’s expand it a bit further!

1. Increased Mobility

Compared with that trusty old tree stand you have, a ground blind is so much more portable. If you choose a nice little spot you can have your blind up in just a few seconds and then you’re ready in waiting for the game to stroll on right past you. If you later decide to change your position, the ground blinds are so easy to take down and move to somewhere else.  Indeed, it takes between just 10 and 30 seconds to take it down, which is pretty impressive.

2. Bad Weather

As the old adage goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Well, we can extend that to bad equipment too. If the weather is atrocious that shouldn’t put you off hunting, but it does make it a rather miserable occasion if you are hunting from the ground and getting cold and wet all day or are up a tree in 45mph winds! If you have a ground blind, you won’t need to put up with much of that at all. It will give you great wind protection if you secure it to the ground with the stakes etc. that come with the blind. 

3. Comfort and Freedom

Another fab thing that ground blinds offer is the comfort and freedom to aim right at your target from a relaxed position. It is easy to spot prey from the blind at eye level as an animal walks right in front of you.

There’s enough space for setting a tripod. You can’t miss if you’re that close! We’d recommend applying homemade DIY solutions to make a custom wooden blind floor to keep your gear and rifles safe.

For more freedom to choose locations, we’d recommend you to go for mobile box blinds that come with wheels and a ladder for easy transportation and mounting. On the other hand, a concrete blind would be a permanent solution if you can find a good position.

4. No More Height Fear!

If you’re afraid of heights, a ground blind is a great idea. And there are a fair few hunters amongst us fearful of heights. Being on the ground is much more comfortable instead of a tree stand for them. They are also easy to set up. For example, you can set up a put hut duck blind within a couple of hours if you have the right arrangements.

5. Safety First Where Kids Are Concerned

If you are introducing your children or grandchildren to hunting then a ground blind is a distinct advantage as it is much safer being on the ground than up a tree when you might need climbing sticks. They can also move about below the window section without the risk of an animal seeing them and being startled.  We’d recommend a hinged window for convenience.


1. Do ground blinds work for deer?

In a word, yes! They most definitely work for deer. Ground blinds make the perfect coverage and vantage point for hunting deer if tree stands aren’t your thing.

2. Do Ground blinds control scent?

No, not really. It is wise to mask your scent in some way in the same way you would out in the field so your prey doesn’t catch a whiff of Eau-de-human.

3. How do you hunt on the ground?

First of all, find the deer before you start hunting! Scout them out and then get down low. Ground hunting needs to be engaged and dynamic. You must take it on and notice the stuff around you. You need to spend more time paying attention to your surroundings and looking than actually moving. It’s best to stalk your prey when they are having their afternoon snooze. If you’re hunting in the morning or evening times then you can stay stationary as they should come to you, provided your position and camouflage is good.

4. What are the differences between ground blinds and tree stands?

A ground blind is based on the ground (no surprises there!) and a tree stand is up a tree! Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Tree stands are trickier to put up than ground blinds most of the time and are usually much more uncomfortable than a ground blind in which you can sit on a comfy chair and not get as cold or as wet.

5. What is an advantage of ground blinds for hunters?

You can easily stay in a ground blind all day and not be too uncomfortable. You’ll be fully covered and sheltered from the elements too.

6. What is the best ground blind?

It depends on what kind of hunting you are choosing it for. However, if you are looking for one to hunt in the woods, we’d say Ameristep Care Taker ground blind is an unbeatable choice. 

7. How high should deer blinds be?

This tends to depend on the vegetation in your surroundings. As a general rule, the best deer blind should be between five and 10 feet off of the ground.

8. How high should a deer stand be off the ground?

When hunting, there are advantages to elevating your blind. This can give you a better view of the wildlife. If you elevate the blind, you get the same benefit of being higher up in a tree stand but still being able to shoot close range. You can elevate it above the ground so that it creates an area where the bottom of the blind is a living space for the prey where they look to hide, bringing them as close as possible.

9. What is a deer blind?

A deer blind is a hunting shade or small camo-enclosed hiding device from which hunters can aim and shoot deer and other games without disturbing them. It’s also used for keeping hunting accessories safe from outside adversaries.


There you have it! The most exclusive ground blinds in many categories depending on your needs. There’s a whole range of them described here but only you will know which one would fit your own needs.

However, if you still can’t decide on the one that you want, our Editor’s Choice is what we recommend you to go for. It certainly was the best ground blind that we tested! Remember, durability is also key. You don’t want to be shelling out for a new blind each year!

Hopefully soon, and hopefully thanks to our help, you’ll be sitting in your chosen blind eyeing up your prey! Until then, happy shopping, hunters!

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