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Shooting Essentials

10 Best Shooting Ear Protections (2021): Rugged Yet Comfy Earmuffs With Multimedia Options & Mind-Blowing NRR Ratings — Rigorously Tested & Reviewed

Erik Himmel

If you’re a shooter or work in noisy areas like industrial zones or shooting ranges, you should always have the best shooting...

Best Gun Cleaning Kits of 2021: Universal Complete Kit Sets for Shotguns & Rifles – Tested & Reviewed by Gunsmiths

Erik Himmel

A gun is like a woman. You should know how to hold her! Additionally, she needs maintenance and lots of care. As...

Best Bipods: 10 High-Grade Rust-Resistant Aluminum & Lightweight Models With Rubberized Stand — Reviewed After Series of Testing (Free Buyer’s Guide)

Erik Himmel

Sometimes, you may have thought that you’ll only need a rifle and ammunition to become a successful shooter. Although these items are...