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How to Hang a Deer Feeder? | 7 Easy Steps to Follow

how to hang a deer feeder
Written by Marc Niad
Last Update: August 11, 2023

Most times, attracting and sustaining deer on a particular for a couple of minutes can be very challenging since they are prey animals.

As a result, they are always on the go!

Once they are done with a little fragment located on the spot, they change their position ASAP. The animal is nocturnal; this means they are active both at noon and night.

The good news is that you can entice the animal to visit always.

Hanging a deer feeder works great. But how to hang a deer feeder so these magnificent animals will feel comfortable using it? That’s our topic for today!

Once you learn to hang the deer feeder properly, then getting them on a spot becomes pretty easy, in as much as you provide them with enough food regularly.

You can attach the feeder firmly to a post or tree where deer or other wildlife can see it and be attracted to it easily.

Usually, deer love food that’s served via a feeder, most especially if this is done during the winter season when there’s a limited food supply.

Are you happy to know you can attract deer with a top-quality deer feeder?

We recommend locating a spot where the deer can feel safe and secure to feed via your DIY deer feeder or any other feeder available in the market over a couple of minutes.

How to Hang a Deer Feeder: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a novice when it comes to this procedure?

Below are detailed steps you can read through; this will help get the process done and help you not to break the feeder.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Tape measurement
  • Drilling machinery
  • A drill bit with a small diameter
  • Durable rope
  • Old hose
  • 2 inches long screw with an O-ring
  • Scissors
  • Durable carabiner

Step 1:

  • Get to the mid-point of your feeder and mark it out.
  • Now create a hole that is small on the marked spot.
  • Afterward, proceed by putting an O ring that’s a bit long straight inside the hole and extending it to go further. During this, try as much as possible to avoid cracks in the feeder wood.

Step 2:

Once the above step is successfully carried out, spot out space where you intend to practice the steps involved in hanging the deer feeder.

Hanging between two trees with lots of bushes grown around can be a perfect idea.

It is also essential to ensure the tree you intend to use are of similar diameters and that both are 9 – 10 inches apart.

Spotting a location like this can be a perfect place to hang your deer feeder.

Step 3:

You can use a measuring tape to estimate the specifications and all the distance that occurs between both trees.

Now use any heavy-duty string that has similar measurements, but this time, ensure it has an additional 2 inches that will give you the allowance you need when tying the knots.

Step 4:

Get to the midpoint of the string you intend to use, and now coil the string across the carabiner.

Once that is done, fix an overhand knot with the space of the carabiner. While holding the ends of the string, create an overhand knot from it.

After that, you will need to move the end of the string to the other part.

The end part of the string that was once held with the left hand should now be on the right, similar to the other string end.

Step 5:

With the right info on the precise dimension of each trunk, use another hose piece and ensure it is long and similar to the circumference of the truck.

Make sure the hose is enough in a way that it mounts perfectly over the trunk.

Once all of this is in place, allow it to go through the string again. Now the hose will be there to help protect against damage that is likely to go around the tree.

Hanging a Deer Feeder from Two Trees

Step 6:

Make sure the string is placed in between the trees; this is to ensure the carabiner is rightly placed in the center of the string.

Once that is in place, make an attempt and tie one part of the string to the tree.

Measure out 5 inches or more above ground level, though this depends solely on the deer’s height you intend attracting or feeding.

Check to see if the string is coiled correctly on the hoes and secure it gently using a square knob all over the tree. Repeat the process on the second tree.

One of the crucial factors to consider is to ensure both strings used are equal and are tight equally all over the trees.

Step 7:

Next is to attach an O-ring screw directly above the carabiner feeder within the center of your string.

It is essential to know that these steps will make the entire process a bit more convenient when you’re detaching the feeder in times of a refill or maintenance.

How to Attract Deer?

Naturally, deer are picky when it comes to eating; they love moving from one spot to another. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why it is pretty challenging to hunt one down.

On the other hand, there are homeowners who love to attract these animals to their compounds or a close location.

So the question here is, how can you get the attention of a deer?

One of the significant ways is to know the proper way to hang the deer feeder.

Normally, knowing what a deer loves to feed on is one of the fundamental steps involved when it comes to deer attraction.

Deer consider meals like bark, twigs, grass, nuts, and a variety of vegetables as yummy. They are more active when the grass is green, and this occurs mostly in seasons like spring and summer.

Maintaining a green field of grasses, trees, or bushes can also be a perfect alternative way to entice them.

Foods like flowers, vegetables, and ornamental are their favorites. However, never use deer urine-based lures.

When it’s the winter season, you can attract them by hanging a feeder in between a tree, close to a water source.

In seasons like this, it is quite difficult for the deer to spot green pastures. You can fill up your feeder using nuts, oats, or any variety of deer feed.

Deer are naturally beautiful, and watching the animal feed and walk around your pasture will be something anyone will love to behold.

Above all, animals are considered one of the hunters’ favorites, but irrespective of the purpose you have at heart, it’s always important to go with the regulations and right that governs wildlife in your country.


Q. 1: How high should a deer feeder be off the ground?

A. 35 – 40 inches is a perfect height for deer.

Q. 2: Do feeders scare deer?

A. No, they don’t. Instead, they attract deer just like your deer call or deer attractant. Although most times this depends on how the deer is used.

Once a deer that is under the feeder goes off from it for no reason, then it is possible that were scared off.

Q. 3: Is it bad to feed deer corn?

A. Corn has some amount of high starch and it can serve as digestible energy, although sometimes it leads to complications in the deer’s digestive system.

When they feed excessively on corn or any food that contains high carbohydrates, they seem to experience lots of complex changes within the walls of their rumen.

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