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Top 05 Best Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

‘I think laser rangefinder is way much better than before, do you?’ opined a pro golfer and we don’t disagree with him in this context. With time, the technology has upgraded a lot along with the quality of optics, laser and digital distance reading accuracy. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone says that they are confused about choosing the right model.

This is the reason, today, we’ve brought to you the result of our month-long research and testing of a series of top-of-the-line models. We’ve taken our time to test them out one by one and accumulated all the data. Hopefully, by the end of this buying guide, you’ll be able to pick the best laser rangefinder for yourself.

Best Laser Rangefinder For Hunting

Nikon Prostaff 7i Laser Range Finder

Are you searching for the best laser rangefinder for your hunting and finding activity that would ensure consistent reading even beyond 1000 yards? If you do, then Nikon Prostaff 7i Laser Range Finder should be your first choice. We’ve gone through a range of testing and finally decided to put it on top of our list because of its killer design, exceptional accuracy even at a long-range, and weather-sealing features.

On paper, this gadget sports an 8-1300 yard ranging capability with multilayer-coated optics which gives you extra clear images. We also tested its performance at multiple shooting angles and found it consistent at about 89 degrees.

It has a long eye relief of 18.3, which is great for your eye. It has an easy-to-view display, with it you can see uncluttered screen displays. It is water and fog-proof rangefinder, so that gives you extra freedom in going out in the rains and rough weather conditions without damaging it.

We also liked that it could be operated using just one button, which made it especially suitable for emergency situations. At the end of the day, you want your gadget to feel and look good. Fortunately, this model will not disappoint you in this department. The only downside of this model is that it has been priced a bit too high.


Product Dimensions 4.4 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight 6.1 ounces
item model number 16209


  • Provides Clear Image
  • Long Distance Readability
  • Any Condition Use
  • Easy to Carry
  • Single Button Operation
  • Long Eye Relief
  • True-Target Priority System
  • Easy To View Display

Our Remarks

Considering Nikon Prostaff 7i’s features and performance, it is a great long-distance rangefinder for hunting purposes. It will provide clear images with long eye relief. Moreover, you can use it in any condition as it is water and fog-proof.

2 TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

Do you want a pro wild hunting rangefinder for your ultimate hunting adventure? Well, you can look out with TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder to find out your desired outcome.

It has an advanced speed technology which provides fast measurement with 1+- accuracy. But it can measure up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode. You can see the reading very clearly with its ultra-clear and multilayered optics. It is lightweight and portable rangefinder with one year warranty which makes it one of the best laser rangefinders in the market.


Color Camo
Item model number LYSB015FM1ZWY-ELECTRNCS
Warranty 1 Year


  • Premium Lens Quality
  • Provides Clear Reading
  • Lightweight And portable
  • Durable Body Design
  • Perfect for Carrying While hunting

Our Remarks

If you are searching for long-range rangefinder with pro-quality, you can check TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder. It measures up to 540 yards with the continuous mode. Its ultra-clear multilayered optics provides you extra clean readings.

3 Upland Optics Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder

Upland Optics Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder

Does your rangefinder can endure the toughness of extreme situations? Well, if it cannot, you can consider buying Upland Optics Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder. It has protection from water and all-weather condition. It has a no-slip grip design which protects the range finder from falling down in a hurry and running situations.

With 6x magnification and 17mm objective lens, you can focus perfectly on your target. It provides accurate reading out to 1000 yards which enables to take more ethical shots than ever.


Weight 0.16 ounces
Color Black
Objective Lens 17mm
Accurate Out To 1000 Yards


  • Tough Enough On Extreme Situations
  • No-slip Grip Design
  • Helps to take more ethical shots
  • Provides Perfect Focusing
  • Easy to Carry Anywhere

Our Remarks

Do you only care about the extra tough and extreme endurance of your rangefinder? If yes, choose Upland Optics Perception 1000. It will provide you perfect focusing and reading to target and take more ethical shots.

4 Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder

Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder

Do you want a bow rangefinder to get an exciting hunting experience? Good, you can consider Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder for this activity. It has an incline /decline technology which gives your horizontal reading even your target is in vertical position.

Its VR technology gives you stable images during the shaky hand situation. With its 6x magnification, wide field of view, and bright optics enables you to target faster. It has two different ranging modes, first target priority or distant target priority mode. You can choose between the two depending on the situation.


Product Dimensions 5 X 5 X 4.2 Inches
Weight 13.6 ounces
Weight w/o Batteries 7.1 oz
Item model number 16211


  • Fast and Precise Measurements
  • Accurate Distance Readings
  • Two different Ranging Modes
  • Provides Horizontal Distance
  • Provides Stable view During Vibration

Our Remarks

If you want a long-distance rangefinder, you can choose Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder. It has many premium and essential features like VR, Incline/ Decline technology, two different ranging modes. With these features you can have an awesome hunting experience.

5 Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Are you searching for the best golf laser rangefinder for your golfing action? Well, you can check Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder as it designed for first priority golf action. This rangefinder provides accurate reading, a must for taking the perfect shot is.

It has multiple targeting options, best for hunting mode. It can also filter reading through branches and leaves. Its adaptive slope feature provides you quick yardage reading to hit the ball into the flag hole. Do you need anything else to buy this best laser range finder?


Warranty Includes 2 Year
Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)


  • First Priority Golf
  • Nice Looking Design
  • Quick Yardage Readings
  • Provides Clear Images
  • Can Filter Reading Through Branches and Leaves
  • Adaptive Slope Feature
  • Included Clear Optics

Our Remarks

If you are searching for golf laser rangefinder, you can consider Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder. It is a nice looking and durable product. It is specially made for golfing action. But, you can also hunt with it easily.

Final Verdict

You have finished the article. Well, you may have extra queries to find. So, we thought why not we give you those findings here so that you can decide more accurately to choose the best laser rangefinder. See our findings below. You can choose these products depending on their price. But, price may vary depending on designs and features. We picked this price range by their starting price.

If you are searching for High priced products, choose Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder and Nikon Prostaff 7i Laser Range Finder. If you are looking for mid-range products, check Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder and Upland Optics Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder.

If you are searching for an affordable product, consider TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder.  You can also choose these products by their durability and performance. See our recommendation below. If you want ultimate performance whatever the price is you should choose, Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder and Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder.

If you want durability whatever the features are, choose TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder, Upland Optics Perception 1000 and Nikon Prostaff 7i. You can choose these products by its ratings and selling quantity. See the list below. The most sold product of this list is TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder while it has 4.4 ratings.

The second position achiever is Nikon Prostaff 7i while it contains 4.3 ratings. The third and fourth position takers are following rangefinders Upland Optics Perception 1000 and Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder. They both have 5 star ratings. These are the top rated rangefinders of this list.

The last position in this category is Nikon 16211 Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder while it has 4.6 star ratings. But it is one of the best rangefinders in this list, just like Nikon’s PROSTAFF 1000 and 1000i. So, may be you have already found what are you searching for. Happy Finding!

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