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9 Unique Gun Safe Storage Ideas to Protect Your Guns & Family!

Gun safe storage ideas
Written by Dan Goldsmith
Last Update: August 11, 2023

We know that all gun owners are bothered by inadequate space in their gun safes, but have you ever considered rearranging it to find an extra corner for something new?

We simply can’t explain how satisfying it is to have a neatly organized gun safe. So, here you go!

We are giving you the 9 best gun safe storage ideas. Let’s explore them one by one.

9 Gun Safe Storage Ideas

1. Rifle rods for your guns

Whenever you are fixing your rifles in the safe, it takes up a lot of space, even if you have racks inside the safe.

For making more room and a steady place for your gun, you must try rifle rods.

A rifle rod kit will make it easier for you to bear up more guns than usual.

It’s super easy to use; all you have to do is attach the fabric or Velcro pad to the safe roof.

Then, attach the rod to it. Double-check the fabric or the pad and see if it’s firmly attached. Otherwise, you will have to face the loss.

With the gun drag, you can only fix guns on the sides, but with the help of the rods, you can seat them in the middle of the safe.

Therefore, it will be more spatial. You can easily withdraw a gun either from the front or from the back corners.

2. Multi-mag gun magnets that go up on the ceiling to hold the arsenal

Next in today’s list of safe gun storage ideas is to place your arsenal on the ceiling, and no, I’m not crazy!

Anything going up to the ceiling means you have extra space. These magnets are usually attached to the ceiling.

They have a rubber coating so that the magnet won’t scorch your magazine. The better the quality (of the magnet), the better the grip.

There are high-quality magnets available that have the power to hold up a gun on the ceiling or even against the wall.

You can attach these impressive magnets under the shelf or even on the safe’s door.

3. Expensive bigger gun safes with extra room

If you’re seeking gun organization ideas, and money is no concern, this tip is for you.

Getting a bigger gun safe is always a good idea. A few extra bucks can help you fix all your revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and other shooting essentials.

With the larger compartment, we will suggest that you buy some rifle rods, hooks, and other handy stuff too.

These items will help you stay much more organized and everything will be easily accessible.

Next, we have 2 great pistol storage ideas for handgun owners out there. Let’s dive right in.

4. Pistol stands inside the safe for a more organized place

Using a stand for handguns also makes it to the list of convenient methods. These stands can station anywhere on the shelf inside the safe.

There are several stands as per their capacity.

A routine stand usually carries four guns, but there are numerous other models available that facilitate even a considerable number of guns.

5. S-shaped pistol hooks

If you are thinking of keeping your pistols mounted on one another, you will destroy the polishing of your handguns.

In addition to this, you will be using up a lot of space. Nowadays, the “S” shape hooks or gun hangers are available.

You can fix these hooks in the gun safe on the shelves or anywhere you feel convenient. Moreover, you can hang your handguns next to one another without any possible drawbacks.

Some of the hooks can have the capacity to hold up two guns at the same time.

The most convenient feature of these hangers is that they would not cover space on the shelf. This amazing characteristic is why they are highly popular among all gun owners.

6. Hangers for the guns

Back to the gun safe organization ideas. Purpose-built hangers are highly efficient.

These little hangers like “S” shaped hooks are quite trendy and useful. These hangers will help you to arrange your handguns neatly into the safe and keep them clean.

These gun hangers are not specific to one model, whereas you can use them for any pistol. It’s even simpler than taking the cloth off your closet.

Believe us, these hangers will help in saving you a considerable amount of space in your safes. Furthermore, you are going to love the convenience.

7. Magazines pouch

Magazines also need some love, right? Let’s incorporate them into our gun safe organizer ideas.

Although we have discussed gun magnets and how you can use them for magazines as well, here’s something new.

If you want to take care of the magazines properly, you should buy a pouch.

You can store the magazines in them without getting a single scratch. You can attach the pouch anywhere inside the safe, it won’t take up much space.

8. Door panels organizer on the back of the safe doors

Next on our list of gun safe storage ideas is using a door panel organizer.

Door panel organizers are a space saver. They are a great option if you don’t have a large safe, and even with a larger safe, it’s beneficial.

These panels have several different sizes of pockets, wherein you can place your handguns, magazines, ammunition, and others.

These portable panels can fasten to the back of the safe door.

Moreover, they help make more room to place other materials on the shelves.

9. Safe with adjustable shelves

As you all know that rifles, shotguns, and pistols are of different sizes, and they won’t cover up the same space.

The rifles are always standing on the shelves, and so do other guns.

You can create a decent space with adjustable shelves. You can make different compartments as per the size of every article.

Plus, there will be space for miscellaneous items too. In addition to this, for your convenience, safes with adjustable shelves are easily available in the market.


So, there you go! These were 9 amazing gun safe storage ideas you can go for right now to get a much more spacious and organized gun safe storage for yourself.

Use these techniques before you get any injury or before you reach the state where you have to search for hours to pick out your favorite gun and tools.

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