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How to Use a Reflex Sight: A Quick Guide to Mastery

how to use a reflex sight
Written by Erik Himmel

When the need for an affordable, compact, and durable rifle sight is felt, the very first name that matters is the reflex sight that comes more user-friendly than other sights and typically cheaper than prisms. Besides, you may love the comfort it gives allowing you to use it without batteries. But, none of these advantages can be yours if you are yet to know how to use a reflex sight. Let’s get filled with some valuable information before preparing for the next shooting date.

How to Use a Reflex Sight Like an Expert-a Quick Guide?

This type is also called exposed reflex sight due to the absence of a tube that lends it a distinct look and grows some interest in those wishing to buy a red dot sight. you can see your aiming point on a clear small-sized window. So, light are the chances that you may suffer difficulty of alignment, vision of the target, and the sharpness of the front sight. However, you still need to get a complete education on how to use a good quality reflex sight.
Initially, you would ask, “How do reflex sights work?” well, this discussion puts light on this plus everything that you need to know how to use a reflex sight.

a) Know Your Reflex Sight

Reflex sights or red dot sights are very popular AR-15 accessories because of their simple aiming process. Opposite of the iron sights, the reflex sights allows the users to focus on the target by throwing the red dot on the aim. In an iron sight, the shooters need to move their focus from rear sight to the front sight target.
Now, let’s move the discussion to the technical front and see the major technical terms important in the reflex sight reticle. If you really want to know how to use a reflex sight, consider these technical features that are critical to the accuracy.

1. Field of View

The field of view characteristics really do not matter a lot when using electronic sights. But it is always important and better in quarter battle, in IPSC competition, or hunting etc.

2. Occlusion

You may experience significant occlusion that may occur from the rear and front sights. When you try to aim with an open eye, there may also be no occlusion of your naked-eye FOV.

3. Magnification

Generally, electronic sights use no optical magnification. When you get deep by zooming in the target, the dot size will also get enlarged.

b) Choose the Right Reflex Sight

The reflex sights are not much expensive as compare to the holographic sights and the prism sights. Although they are limited to some extent but have additional value for the shooters as per their unique needs.
The selection decision depends upon your budget, your type of shooting, and the types of firearms etc. A simple reflex sight may be fully capable to meet up your needs. Exposed reflex sights can have an extra scope added with it to allow you to use the magnification.

c) How to Aim?

Choose the Right Reflex Sight

Well, while aiming the target with the reflex sight, some of the crucial things you need to focus. Set your weapon on the safer side and try to identify your aim with full concentration. Here you need to keep your eyes open and then take your weapon to the firing position.
When the sight moves to the front side, the red dot will also appear in front of the eyes. Wait till the red dot reached the aiming point and then switch your weapon to fire and dive in the target.

d) How to Zero a Reflex Sight?

While this sight differs from a holographic one in terms of many things, the zeroing method is not one of them. Once you have set your weapon on the range, you can either remove the optic or sighting through it.
Therefore, when you try to zero the sight, you can leave the optic turned off. You can also flip them down if it seems possible. Here you also need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer while turning the optic on and set on zero.

e) Use the Sight for Short or Long-Range Shooting

It happens quite often when reflex sights lose accuracy when it is used for the targets that are away for more than 100 meters. Therefore, if the sighting system is good and accurate at 50 meters, why it would not be exceptional at 250 meters?
According to the circumstances, it must be accurate also at 800 meters as well. You can notice that the sight will not lose its accuracy at longer distances, but at a certain point, the magnification may elevate the effectiveness.

f) How Can You co-Witness the Sight?

How Can You co-Witness the Sight
The objective for co-witnessing is to use one sighting system in order to verify the zero of the other part. You can focus on it if it seems important to you, otherwise ignore it.
If you place two systems on the co-witnessing process and one day they do not line up, them which one will change the position? You have to go to the range to observe it.

One more thing about the sight! You might have seen me skipping the magnification thing. I did it because magnification options aren’t available in these sights. Now that you’ve learned how to use a reflex sight, you can use it for your regular sighting needs and more detail-oriented applications.

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