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Holosun 507 vs 508: Which Red Dot Sight Should You Choose?

Holosun 507 vs 508
Written by Dan Goldsmith
Last Update: November 10, 2023

Holosun 507 vs 508 has been a long ongoing debate. While Holosun 507 can be a lightweight and cheaper optic on your handgun, Holosun 508 is more rigid and durable with a Titanium housing. Choosing one of the two based on your requirements will be easier after you’ve gone through our guide here.

Holosun 507 vs 508: A Quick Look at Their Specs

Categories Holosun 507 Holosun 508
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.78 x 1.24 x 1.54 1.77 x 1.21 x 1.05
Weight (Oz) 1.5 2
Housing Material Aluminum Titanium
Battery  CR1632 CR1632
Side battery compartment Available now Available
Reticle System Multiple Reticle System Multiple Reticle System
Reticle Color Red and Green Red and Green
Shake Awake Tech Available Available
Solar Panel Available in most models Available in all models
Footprints Trijicon RMR Trijicon RMR
Eye Relief Available Available

Holosun 507: Overview

Holosun 507 is rapidly getting popular with shooters seeking alternatives to traditional red dot sight. If you’re looking for a holo sight that’s easy to use, covers only a little space on your firearm and helps you target accurately, the Holosun 507 is for you.

It offers many unique qualities. For example, it incorporates a green reticle instead of a typical red one. Users have found this feature useful since the green dot is easy on the eyes and helps them acquire targets more comfortably. Holosun 507 also has a compact size that many prefer.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the sight either, if you’ve somehow dropped the gun. Because, Holosun 507 is shock resistant and can survive different stresses.

The automatic shut-off feature is also great. So, if you’re on field, the sight will automatically sense movement and start functioning whereas during rest, its system will shut down and save itself from battery drainage.

Holosun 507C is one of the most recognized models of the 507 series in the market. HS507K is a more compact version of 507C, usually suited for shorter handguns and pistols.

Holosun 507

Holosun 508: Overview

Holosun 508 is another red dot sight but it’s more well-known among the professional shooters now. The most prominent model of the 508 series is the 508t that’s been largely accepted by the shooting community around the world.

The features of the Holosun 508t are advanced and effective. For example, it has a couple of reticle options- the circle-dot reticle and the crosshair reticle, a dozen of brightness settings to make the dot visible in all sorts of light intensity and a Picatinny rail mount which allows you to set the holo sight on a wide range of firearms.

So, if you are a regular shooter and expect a great number of convenient features from your sight, HS508t is the way to go.

We’ll get to know more about their respective features when discussing the differences between Holosun 507 and 508.

Holosun 508

Holosun 507 vs 508: How They Differ

1. Window Size

The optical comparison reveals that both the holo sights are almost of the same size. However, you can notice a slight difference in measurements.

Holosun 507 has a height measuring in at 1.54 inches, a width of 1.24 inches and a length of 1.78 inches.

Typically, Holosun 508 has almost the same metrics (width of 1.21 inches and length of 1.77 inches) except for in heights. A Holosun 508t is only 1.05 inches long which is significantly smaller.

Since people generally prefer handy and compact devices, the Holosun 508 is more popular than HS507.

2. Weight

Holosun 507 is about 1.5 ounces whereas Holosun 508 is 2 oz. Shooters usually prefer lightweight firearms. So, although the weight difference here is not so significant, I’m going to give an edge to the Holosun 507 in this category.

Size and Weight Comparison of HS507 vs HS508

3. Housing Materials

A unique difference between holosun 507 and 508 lies in their housing substances. While Holosun 507 has a 7075 T6 Aluminum housing, 508 has a Titanium one. Titanium is heavier than aluminum which is why 508 is generally bulkier as well.

The aluminum finish on 507 is anodized; meaning the outer surface of the sight is resistant to corrosive damage and has a distinct colorful look called a black or a matte finish. On the other hand, the titanium finish of 508 is more rigid and durable than 507.

Both sights are water-and fog-resistant and shock-proof. However, since the aluminum finish is less solid than the titanium finish, Holosun 507 can suffer slight damages after repeated shocks.

This is probably why the Titanium housing comes with a lifetime warranty while the Aluminum housing has a warranty of 5 years only. Some manufacturers including Holosun give lifetime warranties for both 507 and 508 housings.

4. Durability

You can follow Sage Dynamics’ durability test methodology to determine which holo sight is more durable.

Sage Dynamics Durability Test Methods:

I) 2000 shots burnout

II) 4 shoulder drops

III) Several single-handed manipulations

In an official review video, the 507C survived the test and kept maintaining its zero (ensuring accuracy without further adjustments) at 25 yards after going through all these challenges. However, the lens and hood of the holographic sight were damaged a little. Here’s the video –

In another test, the 508t also passed the test and maintained the zero without any damage to optics at all. Here’s the proof-

So, while both the holo sights can be durable enough for you, the 508 is sort of indestructible mostly because of its titanium housing.

5. Reticle

Both Holosun models here contain a Multiple Reticle System. Another Holosun model 407C lacks this feature.

In a multiple reticle system, you can choose out of 3 reticle options-

I) 2 MOA (Minute of Angle) Dot

II) 32 MOA Circle

III) Circle-dot Combination

Reticle system of holosun 507 and 508

The 2 MOA dot is usually selected for precision. Experienced shooters pick up on the dot and quickly take down their target by hitting a minimal surface area.

Less experienced shooters and beginners usually opt for the 32 MOA circle instead since it gives them a larger surface area to focus on. More than that, the circle helps achieve speed in target acquisition.

The circle-dot combination reticle is the best of the three since it helps ensure both precision and speed while shooting at a target. The circle helps point the right spot and speed you up whereas the dot helps take the accurate shot.

Aside from that, there are red dot and green dot options in both these optics. They have distinct usability as well.

The color red has higher wavelengths and shorter frequencies. So, the red dot reaches the eyes faster and as a result, the target can be located quickly. Also, while green dots can vanish in the greenery such as bushes, red dots will accurately find the target there.

On the other hand, since the color green is of higher frequencies and lower wavelengths, green dots put less strain on eyes. People who have compromised vision can safely use green dots in their reticle system. Also, since green dots glow even at a lighter setting, you can save battery by using them.

6. Battery Life

When talking about the Holosun 507 vs 508, you need not worry about your Holosun battery life at all. Both 507 and 508 sights are equipped with the CR1632 battery, which is supposed to last for 50,000 hours on setting 6. It’s very unlikely that your battery will run out before its quota of hours is finished.

Yet, the manufacturers do recommend to swap the battery out every year to avoid any sort of risk. There is no difference between the two holographic sights in this case.

7. Shake Awake Technology

Speaking of no differences, both Holosun 507 and 508 feature an excellent technology called “Shake-awake” that is also known as the “Auto Shut-off”. Through this feature, the optics of the sight automatically turn the LED screen on even at the slightest hint of vibration. This is a user-friendly attribute for self-defense in particular.

On the flip side, when there’s no vibration, the LED is turned off on its own to save battery life.

8. Solar Fail-safe

Both the sights include a solar panel each. This panel helps you continue using the sights in sunlight in case your battery is down. You can deliberately shift to solar charging to save your main battery power. The brightness of your LED will be a little low but you’ll still be able to shoot away!

9. Side Battery Compartment

If you have ever used older models of the 507 series, you know how troublesome it was to replace their batteries because the replacement was at the bottom of the optics. That means you had to remove the entire optics from the gun every time you needed to swap out the batteries.

Fortunately, the updated models such as, 507C V2 and X2, have incorporated a side battery tray now. So, you can easily pull out the tray from the optics while it’s still mounted on the gun. This has rather simplified the entire process.

Holosun 508 has always been attached with a side battery compartment.

10. Adjustability

Both the 507 and the 508 optics have about 10 brightness settings and 2 Night Vision modes.

The brightness settings ensure that the sight is operable in all light conditions. They offer a “Lockout Mode” as well. Through this mode, you can lock a specific brightness setting for your sight. This is very important in self-defense and even combat situations because no matter what happens, your optics will maintain the same brightness.

The night visions in the sights will help you shoot comfortably at night.

11. Footprints

Both these sights contain the Trijicon RMR Footprint. You can mount your sight – whether 507 or 508 – on a large variety of handguns because most handguns have a plate compatible with the Trijicon RMR footprint.

Even if you don’t have a compatible plate, you can add one. In fact, these footprints are so popular that you can mount your favorite sights on shotguns and rifles as well.

12. Eye Relief

Holosun 507C and 508t represent lenses with limitless eye relief. Both their lenses have a multi-layer coating which deflects any stray light from interfering in the sight.

Their lenses are also parallax-free. This means that once the target is fixed, the reticle won’t drift away even if you start moving.

13. Availability

Holosun 507 has been around longer than 508. As a result, it’s produced in larger quantities and is widely available.

14. Price

Holosun 507 is actually more affordable as well. 508 is more expensive due its housing material. However, price shouldn’t be a factor in convincing you that one sight is better than another.

Our Take

In this Holosun 507 vs 508 comparison, you have now noticed that both red dot sights have a lot to offer and it’s a matter of personal preference and specific needs.

Both are excellent performers in the shooting world. You’ve seen how they have multiple reticle systems, a long battery life, and other practical and convenient accessories. We’ve also shown how they both passed the Sage Dynamics’ durability test with flying colors.

If you are looking for a lightweight and at the same time, a little cheaper option of red dot sights, Holosun 507 is a great budget choice.

But if you can afford spending more, we highly recommend using Holosun 508, especially 508t for its user-friendly nature and rugged Titanium exterior.


Q. What is the difference between Holosun 507 and 508?

Ans. Holosun 507 and 508 offer almost the same features. They only differ in dimensions and housing substances. For example, the Holosun 508 is shorter in length but heavier. While Holosun 507 has an anodized Aluminum coating, 508 has a Titanium finish. Because of that reason, Holosun 508 is less prone to repetitive damage.

Q. What is the difference between hs507c and hs507k?

Ans. Both models are produced by Holosun. However, the HS507K is more compact than HS507C in size. On the other hand, HS507C includes a solar panel which the other doesn’t.

Q. What replaced the Holosun 507c?

Ans. Shooters may prefer lightweight guns. Holosun 507K is lighter and more optimal than 507c in that sense. Others can choose more solid and durable options. So, they replaced the 507C with the 508t.

Q. Is the Holosun 507C discontinued?

Ans. The HS507C V2 Micro-solar red dot sight has been discontinued.

Q. Is the Holosun 508t discontinued?

Ans. The Holosun 508t original is still in the market. However, the HS508t V2 green dot sight has been discontinued by the manufacturers.

Q. What is the difference between HS507 and HE507?

Ans. HS507 is the Holosun classic line of red dot sights whereas HE507 is the Holosun Elite line of green dot sights.

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