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How Accurate Is Laser Bore Sighting?

How Accurate Is Laser Bore Sighting
Written by Dan Goldsmith
Last Update: August 11, 2023

Laser bore sighting is a modern technique that allows you to align the sight of your firearm with the actual bullet trajectory using high-precision laser light. Although the process is simple, quick, convenient, and cost-effective, many are concerned about its accuracy.

Here we’ll try to figure out how accurate is laser bore sighting. We’ll also talk about what a laser bore sight can and can’t do, and how you can accurately boresight your firearm with a laser bore sighter.

One, Two, Three, Shoot!

What Is Bore Sighting

Bore sighting refers to the process of aligning the bore (center of the barrel) of a gun with the sights on your firearm to ensure more accurate initial shots.

An essential skill that every shooter needs to learn, this process is the precursor to accurately zeroing your scope.

What is bore sighting

How Accurate Is Laser Bore Sighting?

So, are bore sights accurate? How accurate are the laser ones? Let’s find out!

If you use a laser in your boresighting process, then the process becomes laser boresighting. Many people argue that laser boresighting doesn’t work or is unnecessary.

However, most of them are used to boresight using the traditional way, using their bare eyes to look through the bore and adjusting afterward.

The intention of any modern technology is to make our work easier. This might be true that laser bore sighter makes the bore sighting process much easier, but many tend to stick to the old ways.

laser bore sighting

Even if there is nothing wrong with the traditional bore sighting process, a laser can maintain a straight line for a massive distance and is thus far more accurate than your naked eye.

In terms of accuracy, laser bore sighting is obviously way more accurate than the traditional method. Not only do they offer high precision over your shots, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. However, you need to use high-precision lasers and high-quality bore sighters for achieving maximum accuracy. 

How Does Bore Sighting Work?

Now that you know how accurate is a laser bore sighter, it’s time to check out how those work.

The process is pretty straightforward. Laser bore sighters either come in the shape and size of a bullet, which you can use by inserting it into your bullet chamber to be used as a dummy bullet or by attaching to your barrel.

Once in place, the device produces a high-precision laser beam (either red or green) that gets reflected onto the target.

The next job is to adjust the reticle without moving the gun. Where the reticle would be depends on how far your target is. We’ll talk about that in a moment.

laser bore sighting accuracy

When the reticle, red dot, or iron sight is aligned with the laser, the job is done. You are ready to take initial shots that’ll get you on paper easily and from there you can zero your firearm to your liking.

Remember, bore sighting and zeroing your gun are two different things. Laser boresighting can help you get on paper, but you’ll have to zero your gun yourself.

Laser bore sights are there to make your job a bit easier and that’s it.

Why do you need laser bore sighting?

There is a lot of hatred against these nifty little devices on the internet which I’m not sure why. If you want a direct answer from me, then no, laser bore sighters are not essential to your firearm.

However, they provide a lot of benefits that can’t be ignored by people like me. I’m sure you’ll say the same thing once you’ve experienced how accurate is bore laser sighting, and how it can help you get the perfect shot effortlessly.

Not only can this device save you money in the long run, but it’ll also save you precious time and effort that you can use for actual shooting instead of wasting time looking through an empty barrel.

Why you need laser bore sighting

Confused? Let me explain. Whether you miss or hit your target, some bullets are anything but cheap.

If you use 10/20 rounds just to align your reticle to your barrel, I just can’t imagine how many bullets you’ll risk wasting actually zeroing your firearm in the range.

Laser bore sighters can also save you a lot of time. Getting on paper is one of the trickiest things for a beginner and a laser bore sighter can make the job quick and effective.

Laser bore sights make sure that you hit around 3-4 inches of the bullseye at 100 yards.

Remember, you need to make some group shots to effectively zero your gun. Even if you can’t cut down on the group shooting, you can minimize bullate wastage by using a quality laser bore sighter.

Let me tell you this once again. Laser boresighting isn’t a replacement for accurate scope zeroing, but rather a precursor to scope adjustment.

If you don’t want any dangerous mistakes, you should always and always zero your scope accurately.

How to use a laser bore sight

You can get your weapon ready for zeroing with a few simple steps. Here is the process of boresighting your firearm using a laser bore sighter:

Step 1: Read and understand the user manual thoroughly that came with the laser bore sighter.

Step 2: Unload your gun’s chamber and magazine.

Step 3: Place your firearm on a vice, mount brace, or sandbag. Make sure that the weapon doesn’t move unnecessarily.

How to use a laser bore sight

Step 4: Once the unloaded gun is secure in its position, it’s time to make sure that the center of the bore is aligned with the center of the optic you’ve mounted on your gun.

Step 5: Put the batteries (included) on the bore sighter.

Step 6: Find the perfect adopter for your gun from the provided options, (a range of adopters come within the box of a laser bore sighter) take the appropriate screw, and screw it into the adopter.

You’ll also get an Allen wrench to make the job easier for you.


Step 7: Put the adapter on the end of the Arbor of your bore sighter and tighten it snugly.

Step 8: Place the bore sighter (along with the screw) inside your bore. Don’t try to tighten it since it should fit inside on its own.

In the case of a bullet-sized bore sighter, you’ll need no adopter. Instead, you just have to place the bore sighter into your bullet chamber. That’ll make the laser come out through your barrel and hit the target.


Additionally, use an empty magazine so that the dummy bullet (bore sighter) doesn’t get dropped and damaged. Also, do not let the bolt (in rifles) slide on its own and damage the bore sighter. Gude the bolt slowly in place and you’re good to go.

Step 9: Place the target 25 yards (the most effective range) away from the mounted firearm. Don’t forget to place the target in a safe direction.

Step 10: Get in a comfortable position and look through your sight. Try to pinpoint the laser and see how far away your reticle is pointing respectively to the laser beam.

Step 11: Now adjust the windage and elevation turrets of your scope to align the reticle with the laser dot. At a distance of 25 yards, the reticle and the laser should align perfectly. This will make sure that you’re on paper at 100 yards.

Bore sighting reticle

That’s about it. Congratulations! now you know how accurate is laser bore sighting a rifle and how to bore sight perfectly. You are now ready to zero your optics effectively at the range.


1. What’s the effective distance for a laser bore sight?

Ans: 25 yards is considered the most effective distance for a laser bore sight. It’s recommended because at that distance you’ll be clearly able to see the laser dot on the target. However, you are also free to boresight your long-range weapons at 100 yards.

2. Can I boresight on a 50 cal?

Ans: Yes, of course. Modern laser bore sighters come with a range of adopters ranging between 22-50 cal firearms. You can also boresight a handgun that has a barrel of 4 inches or longer. Boresighting even works with shotguns and crossbows.

3. What can I do if my laser bore sighter isn’t in the center?

Ans: There are 4 special screws on the tip of every laser bore sighter that can be adjusted to bring the laser beam in the dead center of the bore sighter. Use the included Allen wrench to adjust the screws if needed.

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