Green Dot vs Red Dot: A Comparison Guide for Beginners

green dot vs red dot
Written by Robert Stevens

The green dot and the red dot together make a conversation, often argumentative in the world of optics. Today, we are going to add all the significant clues to the debate in our ‘green dot vs red dot’ review. To begin with, we want you to know that we humans have two types of light receptors in the eyes. One is called rods, and the other one is called the Cones. They are called so because of the shapes of the receptors.

The rods help us see things in low-light, and on the other hand, the cones work the best with colors during standard lighting conditions. The rods are meant to work only through the rhodopsin in the low light. This chemical is less subtle than the red color. And this is the reason behind the photographic film made in early times. Therefore, it was used to sustain the night vision.

Continue reading to find more deep information about the difference between red and green dot sights.

Green Dot vs Red Dot-Which Is Better

Red vs Green Dot

The guys who use the guns/ rifles out there are better familiar that the red dot rifles are applied over the decades, and the green laser is the new in the industry which has arrived from only a decade ago.

The red dot sight also meant to be the situation when the action of someone inflicts personal violence in any way. The moment which takes the partner to raise the hand to carry on texting someone after they are said to stop is termed as Red Dot.

The Green dot meant to be a situation where the choice by someone reduces the probability that someone may be injured by any violence. The green dot is a moment to ask someone if he/she is alright or they need any help in the red dot situation.

1. Technology

As we are going through the advancement in every field, similarly the green dot technology has advanced in the last few years. Like all the other colors, Green is also accessible in various tones. Let’s look at the technological differences between red dot vs green dot sights;

You can describe the green dot by the number. Like if you consider the bluish-green, it comes in the range of 480nm and the leafy or so-called light green comes in the field of 500nm. The new green colors are expected to be in the market with the range of around 575nm, this is not a yellow zone, rather than yellow it is very close to the green phosphate night vision devices.

A red dot is a simple design that is known to use a very straightforward reticle. This is just because the optics uses the reticle of the red dot.

Red dot uses a simple technique for a simple job. Red dot comes with spherical mirrors that reflect the light. The reflector that reflects the light comes with a coating that only reflects the red light. The coating helps other light to stay away from the reticle.

2. Uses of the Dots

There is a scientific fact that one out of twelve males has blindness of red/green color. To some people, a red reticle can be seemed to be a red engine of fire, or some may see it like an orange.

Many shooters are aged and have lost the capacity to focus on the red color to some extent. And it is said by the experts that the older shooters can focus more on the green color rather than the red as green is said to be more merciful to the older eyes.

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It has such a unique design that you can easily use this for a medium range. This optic uses a simple reticle to perform the job. You can look through the optic at near-perfect angles. As soon as you spot the dot you are ready to clock the trigger.

You can use a red dot for different weapons. They come with a vast range of benefits to your hand weapon and a rapid shooting improvement.

 3. Size

When it comes to the size of the optics, you get confused about which to choose. But in this case, you can choose any one of the optics. Like we know that the difference between the red dot and the green dot optic is just a laser, so it will not matter which size you choose. You will get the benefit of looking through the window with both your eyes open.

4. Power

As the experiments are carried out by the experts to check which color is best for the night vision. They tested every color, and they found that all the colors make the night vision image and that are more accurately recognized.

But it is also said that in the night vision the green color suits the best and you can save more energy or the battery power while using the green color over the red.

So finally, in the race of red dot vs green dot, green dot dominates for the power and the night vision, if you want to use the laser for a long time.

5. Reticles

Usually red color has a high wavelength so it’s very easy to spot. The holographic & red sights are using red for a long now. Nowadays, these two are also using the green color as many people have the notion that it will be easier to pick.


So, green will not be a good choice if you are wandering in various areas. It will be very difficult for you to pick up the green.

To understand it correctly, you might need to learn a lesson. Consider a minute is 1/60 for an hour. Similarly, the MOA (Minute of Angle) is 1/60 of a degree.

MOA will help you to make the shooting easy as you can calculate the yards easily, as 1 MOA is 1 inch per 100 yards.

6. Vision Gets Blurry…

If you are a shooter suffering from Astigmatism, you will be keen to read this comparison of green dot vs red dot, to get the best dot for you.

If you have blurry vision, you would never go with the red dot sight. Red dot sight will never make you the things visible.

A better suggestion for the Astigmatism is you must use green vision. Green vision is said to be used for older visions. So, it is suggested for the older shooters and the people who have Astigmatism to use the green dot optics.

7. Night Vision

As told earlier, the night vision in the green color is always the best. We also see that the green color is always used for the night vision rather than the other colors. Also because the green color is the energy saver and while you will use a red dot, it might get lost in a sea and the light bars.

Also, if you are using the green color in the forest, you might face difficulties while using it as the green dot will be lost in the green forests.

8. Magnification Power

Magnifier is always important o aim the far away targets. Magnifiers come in various types like a dot, circle, and so on. A huge dot might cover your target, and if you are using the ring, you may find it harder to center.

In the red dot and the green dot when you are talking about the magnification power, the best part is to have the proper skills to get the best shot on the target.

9. Field of View (Fov)

Again to understand the view that would be good for a shooter to shot at a target we would like to tell that the electronic optics/sights are more useful than the irons. This is because the shooter gets a chance to keep his/her eyes open.

For both the green dot and the red dot, if you are using it on your handgun which requires a small window, you will have to put it off to get a perfect sight of your objective.

10. The Human Biology

As we all know, in the spectrum of visible light lengths, the Red one ranges between 625nm to 740nm, while the green ranges between 520nm and 565nm. For long cones peak at 560nm and the medium cones at 530nm, meaning, both fall in the green zone. That shows clearly how humans see greens better than red. Scientifically speaking, green is the color that our brains pick and process faster.

But even after that red dots are more widely spread than the green ones. The reason is the battery consumption. You need more battery juice to power green light than it is required for red ones. So, your batteries will run out faster if you prefer green.

11. Acquisition

Technology has advanced a lot, so the best holographic sights and red dot. They can do their job more rapidly than traditional irons.

The red ones unlike holographic sights to some extent focus directly to the ogle and give the pivotal distance at sight.

But on the other hand in the case of Green Dot, it will help the old shooters to get fast on the objective as compared to the red dot. A clear view of the target and a perfect focus on the eyeball will let the shooter hit a bullseye.

12. Durability

Here we would like to explain the theory that every time the durability depends on the climate and the conditions you are using the object. Like if you are using the red dot in muddy and the conditions where you get the frags from the front, the dot may suffer more. This also happens in the case of the Green Dot.

So, the option you get at the last is the Green dot which is about ten times less expensive than all the optics in the market and will give you a good view of the target at night because of the green vision.

13. Price

The price varies from the quality of the product we are going to buy. For the shots in the night, you might need the infrared illuminators which depend on the moonlight for the range. The red dot and the so-called new tech integrated laser white light pointer can get you the shots, but they are too expensive for these.

So, the option you get at the last is the Green dot which is about ten times less expensive than all the optics in the market and will give you a good view of the target in the night because of the green vision.

So, The Final Take…

No, that you almost finished reading the discussion, it’s time to get a final take on the ‘green dot vs red dot’ debate. A red dot is always a good option if you have difficulty seeing the green dot and vice versa. But for the people who are not suffering from any of the above, you might need to get any of both.

The green dot may be a favorable option as you can see twice (50 meters without the scope and 100 with the scope). Also, you get the perfect laser path with the green dot which is a positive sign for a shooter.

Green Dot vs Red Dot-Which Is Better

After using both the optics you might get a question which is a better option to choose and might be curious to know who wins the race in green dot vs red dot comparison.

We won’t say use them both and which you find better for you, you can choose that. But we would recommend that while going for the low light shot, you must go with the green dot which might be more useful for you in the caves to see the enemy.

But when one is using in the daylight and would like to see the clear hands of the target, you must prefer the red dot for the perfect shot.

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