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How To Buy a Vortex Rangefinder for Outdoor & Hunting

Vortex Rangefinders
Written by Erik Himmel

Since the advent of civilization, hunting has always been a wonderful way of life for people all over the world. Whether it is for food or pleasure, any type of hunting has its appeal to enchant hunters. As technology enters the avenue of hunting for recreation, people met a new dimension in the way they see, spot, and hunt the wild population. Vortex rangefinder is an example of advancement in bow hunting as long as measuring the distance to the targets matters.

Out of all these hunting weapons, people have always loved bows whether compound bows or longbows and arrows. As the modern technologies improved, so did the bow and arrows. Then the crossbows were invented, and this became one of the favorite hunting equipment for the hunters. Hunting with a crossbow (bow hunting) also became very popular, with groups of people heading out to the forests to hunt the animals with these highly specialized weapons. Crossbows can accurately hit out targets over a large distance. This is why bow hunting is still prevalent in the league of expert bow hunters.

Bow hunting for beginners can be quite thrilling till they get the hang of this adventure.

Why Are Vortex Rangefinders Preferred by Professional Bow Hunters?

Why Are Vortex Rangefinders Preferred by Professional Bow Hunters?

What are Rangefinders?

As the name suggests, it ‘finds’ out the distance between the hunter and an object that the hunter is pointing his crossbow at. When the button of the rangefinder is pressed, a high-frequency laser beam is emitted towards the target. The laser beam comes back in a certain duration which is measured. Then, the distance between the transmission and return of the laser beam is calculated and displayed onto the screen of the rangefinder.

The rangefinders can be particularly important because hunters need to get an approximation of the distance between him and the animal. This will enable him to get an idea of which angle to shoot and how much to close into the animal so that he can land exactly on the target.

How to Buy a Vortex rangefinder

The Vortex rangefinder is one of the top-tier rangefinders that you may get. This fits perfectly with any crossbow and is very easy to operate. Although a little pricey, this rangefinder can be a beast when it comes to bowhunting.

The Vortex rangefinder has a belt clip so that you can clip the rangefinder to your belt. This fits onto a tripod socket as well. The rubber armor on the Vortex rangefinder gives the users a solid build-quality and durability. Although a little bit bulkier than the rest of rangefinders that you may find, this rangefinder will not sustain damage even after it has fallen for a thousand times over a meter height.

The rangefinder itself is made to be waterproof so that you can hunt down animals during the rainy season as well without the fear of the rangefinder getting wet. The fully multi-coated lenses in the Vortex rangefinder gives it anti-reflective properties and an overall brighter view. The best thing about the Vortex rangefinder is surely the feature of adjusting the sight metrics. It can give the measured distance in meter or yards, which is a very handy feature. It packs a vibrant LCD screen and the colors in the display are very bright and accurate. The red data displayed on the screen is easier to read when compared to all the other high-end rangefinders, which makes it perfect for bowhunting in low lights.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty, which just makes the decision even easier to make. The only disadvantage that we’ve found when using the Vortex rangefinder is that it does not show the angle. Many expert hunters prefer knowing their angles to pinpoint their accuracy. Another problem with this product is surely it’s pricing.


It doesn’t matter if you head out for bow hunting turkey or deer, it can always be a fascinating activity. But, it might not always be the case if you can’t shoot at an animal with pinpoint accuracy. This is where the rangefinders come into play. The rangefinders can give you an exact distance between you and your hunt so that you can take the required actions to bring the hunt to your home.

The Vortex rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders. Bowhunting beginners can use this rangefinder easily and quite effectively. The superior build quality, high-quality display, and accurate reading make Vortex rangefinders one of the most reliable tools for distance measurement you can use for bow hunting.

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