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Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work – Pros and Cons Explained

Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work
Written by Catherine Weeks
Last Update: August 11, 2023

From traditional method to the contemporary method of knife sharpening, the invention of electric knife sharpeners has undoubtedly made knife sharpening much easier. The relief of having to manually grind against a hard, rough surface consistently has now been achieved modern technology and there’s no limit to how sharp they can be kept. However, Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work? Is the use of electric knife sharpeners all that necessary compared to the initial ways of sharpening?

Now knives are relatively essential for every chef or culinary expert, as well as, for sports such as throwing knives. Its flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen is wide so one cannot afford to deal with such a tool being feckless. From the vast varieties of its structures, every good user acquires an ideal set to be kept at arm’s reach in the kitchen. Also, one thing is having this tool around for extensive usage while another is maintaining it over a period for subsequent usage.

An electric knife sharpener, if it’s really a good one, facilitates the kitchen activities. But, there’s more to its technical know-how. In this article, I’ll elucidate whether or not using electric knife sharpeners is ideal.

Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work – A Comprehensive Guide

How Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work

How do Electric Knife Sharpeners work?

The mechanism behind electric knife sharpeners is a straightforward process. Every type possesses an “internal motor” that carries the operation on a wheel, basically. Most electric knife sharpeners are divided in sections by degrees of sharpening power.

The sharpener is designed in a way that while sharpening, each side of the blade is sharpened one at a time (for better outcomes, an equal number of strokes on both sides of the blade is preferred).

Impacts on the Blade

Initially, the user determines the bluntness of the blade before using the sharpener. This is done to ensure that the blade has an even sharpness from the tip to the extreme. A blade that is very blunt is supposedly subjected to the “coarse” section.

If the blade is somewhat dull then the “fine” section will be suitable. However, no matter the section the user starts with, the blade must be subjected to the cross-ceramics stones for finishing.

What Are the Benefits?

There are quite many advantages of using an electric knife sharpener in the domestic and industrial kitchen or as a disciplined chef. Some of these aids include the following:

Saves Time and Energy

The modern electric knife sharpeners are made to help its users save useful time and energy in the kitchen. The older methods of sharpening the blade of a knife take a significant duration of time and one get easily tired of such an activity.

With the expertise of an electric knife sharpener, this typical issue becomes easily resolved.

Offers the Utmost Level of Sharpness

Is your blade getting dull again? Are you not content with the sharpness of the blade(s) in your kitchen? No matter how blunt the knife’s blade is, the electric knife sharpener provides its user with sections having different degrees of sharpening power to suit any preference.

levels of knife sharpness

No matter what if you are using an axe sharpener or an electric sharpener, you have to consider the correct techniques in sharpening the blade which includes applying the right pressure at the appropriate angle. Well with the electric knife sharpener available, the criteria are necessary to the barest minimum.

Offers Multiple Sharpening Options

There are numerous electric knife sharpeners that have other components to enhance the best of its use in the kitchen. The cross-ceramic stones, for instance, has been implemented into the electric device to give the sharpened blade a proper finishing of the job.

The other components that are installed to facilitate how well sharpened the user need the blades to be are also available.

Fits with an Array of Knife Designs and Styles

Maintaining cutting tools is important. Knives, as simple as the tool looks, have their several varieties with specific purposes. The blade is the main part of every knife that brings about its uniqueness.

Consequently, electric knife sharpeners are equally designed to work with all the kinds of kitchen knives that exist from a wide range of variety.

kinds of kitchen knives

What Could Go Wrong?

Are electric knife sharpeners any good by the way? Despite the many ways that electric knife sharpeners are of usefulness in the kitchen, there are still some factors to consider that do not favor this device.

It May Not Be Very Good for Expensive/Luxury Knives

Some of these expensive knives we find in the supermarket are not ideally fit for sharpening in an electric knife sharpener. This is merely because the blades of such knives are carved and constructed with metallic properties that are meant to ordinarily sustain the durability of the blades for a very long time.

The apt thing to do when the blades eventually become dull is to replace the entire knife rather than subjecting to an electric knife sharpener.

It May Not Allow You to Achieve Versatility in Sharpening

This simply implies that we need to expand our versatility in other knife sharpening tools in case we may not have the electric knife sharpener available at a crucial time.

It May Lead to Heavy Damage of the Blade’s Integrity (For Uncontrolled Uses)

Improper uses of the electric knife sharpener can result in critical damage of a blade. If for any reason there is a tendency that you or someone else around cannot get a hang of its proper operation, then keeping the device for subsequent usage in the kitchen is not necessary.

It May Not Be Cheap at All Time

An electric knife sharpener is the costliest sharpening tool to get for your knives. Also, fixing them as a result of feasible damage can evenly cost you much money. Therefore, one can just stick to having other less expensive sharpening tools until perhaps discount sales arise.


In case you wish to have an electric sharpener but you aren’t confident enough about its flexibility in your kitchen, browse some instructional videos to get a pictorial image of how it works.

Some individuals believe that electric knife sharpeners are too aggressive with its sharpening ability so if you fall under this category of ideology then it’s better you remain fond of the manual tool(s).

Hopefully, from the information carefully provided above in this article, you’ll be able to decide whether or not the electric tool is the optimal one for you. The factors shared as regards the advantages and disadvantages of owning the electric knife sharpener is to help you cut down on the numerous options before making rash decisions about keeping one around. Hope the contents were insightful enough!

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