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How to Clean a Rusty Rangefinder- Explained in 8 Easy Steps

Clean a Rusty Rangefinder
Written by Robert Stevens

A rangefinder is a device that might get dusty or rusty throughout the months/years of continuous operation. To ensure that your rangefinder works well with great performance, you need to make it neat and clean. To know about the process of cleaning a rusty hunting or golf rangefinders, read the guidelines below.

Cleaning a Rusty Rangefinder: 8 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Cleaning a rusty rangefinder

Cleaning a rusty rangefinder

You should follow the below guidelines and procedures carefully if you want to be successful in cleaning your rusty rangefinder.

Step 2 : Separating all the parts

Before cleaning any rusty rangefinder, you have to make all the parts of the rangefinder separate from each other so that you can clean it very well.  It is essential for you to maintain because you can’t clean well if all the parts of a rusty rangefinder are together.

Step 3 : Cleaning the body

In time of cleaning any rusty rangefinder, you have to clean its body first. At the time of cleaning the body of a rusty rangefinder, you have to dismantle all the parts of the body of the device.
You have to open its screws that are visible. Also, you have to make the proper cleaning of it for further usage. You can use tissues, soft papers and clean oil for the body cleaning. If you use body cleaning oil you that doesn’t harm the rangefinder, please use the tissue or soft paper for removing that oil.

Step 4 : Screw cleaning

In time of making all the parts of a rusty rangefinder separate for cleaning it, you will find two screws. If those are in need of cleaning, please clean it with medium hard paper or hard tissue to remove its rust.

Step 5 : Keeping the camera aside

Keeping the camera aside

At the time of cleaning rusty rangefinder, you have to remove the camera from it, and you also have to keep it aside with very much careful attention so that it can stay safe.

Step 6 : Cleaning the lens

The camera lens with the rangefinder may get rusty due to repeated uses. So, it also needs to be cleaned for better work in future. To cleaning a lens, follow the below instruction.

  • Use a UV or Skylight filter
  • Lens cleaning fluid
  • Cleaning Tissues
  • Cleaning clothes
  • Use a blower
  • Use a brush
  • Use silica gel

Providing that you can maintain the above following instructions in time of cleaning lens of the camera used with a rusty rangefinder, you will undoubtedly get successful cleaning.

Step 7 : Cleaning the other parts

After following the above-mentioned instructions for cleaning a rusty rangefinder, you have to clean its other parts to make it perfectly clean. Its different parts are given below.

  • Film counter
  • Shutter release
  • Shutter dial
  • Film reviewer
  • Self-timer
  • Range finder

You must have to clean it very carefully and very well so that any rust cannot be found after cleaning.

Step 8 : Assembling all parts after cleaning

After cleaning the parts mentioned above, make it together again for use. When you assemble all the pieces as they were before cleaning, the rangefinder is ready to use.

Anything that can freshen may work well in this context. So, if you want to keep your favorite rangefinder neat and clean for getting better services, there is no alternative to cleaning this.


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