How to Use Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

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How to Use Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

If you love hunting, you already know the benefits of a rangefinder. However, if you are new to hunting and want to know everything that will make your hunting easy but more fun, you have got your guide. However, this article will guide you to master how to use spotting scope with rangefinder.

How to Use Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

Using a spotting scope with rangefinder ensures your sight at long distance objects and animals so that you can determine to take a long distance shot. For taking the shot you can always use a rifle scope with rangefinders. The laser range finder scope will ensure the legality of your hunting. If you are a routine hunter, you probably know the following process.

  • Set up the rangefinder and scan for the animal or anything you want to hunt.
  • After finding the desired animal, replace the rangefinder with the spotting scope to close-up your sight to be absolutely sure that you are taking the shot.
  • You should use the spotter scope with rangefinder to get all the details of the animal you are targeting. The details include the size, the sex, and anything else that you need to make sure the legitimacy of your shot.
  • After using your laser range finder scope, use your rangefinder to get a distance.
  • Make the necessary adjustments on your rifle scope with rangefinder and then make the shot.

However, if you are a beginner in hunting, you should follow some other instructions also for using the spotting scope with a rangefinder.

How to Set Up a Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

Here are some general instructions for the most commonly-used range finder scopes available in the market. If you find that the instructions are not matching, you probably have a different range finder scope.

Setting the Scope up on the Tripod

  • Setting the scope on the tripod is the first step you should learn when you have fixed your mind to go hunting. However, you will not need the tripod always but you will need it most of the time.
  • Unlock or unclip the leg lifter of the tripod and extend the tripod legs.
  • Lock the lifter back into place after extending the legs to your desired height.
  • If you are standing on a rocky or uneven surface, extend the legs to adjust them with the surface and make sure that the tripod is straight.
  • Make sure that the tripod is tightly set before setting the scope on it.
  • Place the scope on the tripod.
  • Lock the scope with the tripod.
  • There should be a button in your tripod to release the scope if you need. Use that button to lock and unlock the scope when you need.


How to Tilt & Pan the Scope with Rangefinder

  • Find the tilt and pan locks in your tripod.
  • If there are no tilt and pan locks on your tripod, you can do it with the levers or locks on the tripod.
  • Some recent tripods possess the locking mechanism built into their handles.
  • You can tilt and pan the scope by twisting the handles.
  • Never tilt and move the scope with rangefinder the scope without the handles or the tripod levers.


How to Find Your Targets with the Rangefinder Rifle Scope

  • Begin with a low magnification to focus your image for wider view and sharpness.
  • Until the image is clear and sharp, move and turn the focus control.
  • If the sunlight distracts your sight, place the retractable sunshade at the objective lens to prevent the sunlight.
  • Scan with the rangefinder rifle scope and find your targets.
  • After finding your targets at low magnification, you should increase the power to get a clearer and sharper view.
  • Refocus with the focus controls if you don’t have a sharp, clear image with the increased magnification.
  • Remember that the more you increase the magnification, the more you lose your wide field view. Increased focus reduces your wide view and increases your focused view.


It may sound so difficult but don’t panic. Once you start using the spotting scope with rangefinder, you will find it not too difficult. However, if you follow the above instructions carefully and practice a few times, you will find it easier.

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