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Daniel Defense Vs BCM: How Exactly Do They Differ?

Written by Marc Niad

Both Daniel Defense and BCM are reputed names in the gun industry. This might be true that weapons from these manufacturers are similar in almost every way, but there are still a couple of subtle differences that set them apart.

The weapons from Daniel Defense (DD) are a little expensive and advanced, whereas the cheaper BCM products are still reliable and highly customizable. Both DD and BCM provide supreme quality weapons and have become reliable providers to many law-enforcement agencies worldwide.

There is a debate going on about which company manufactures the best firearms. Today, we’ll be figuring out the answer here.

Daniel Defense – A quick look

Also known as “DD”, Daniel Defense is one of the largest firearm producers across the planet. The company started its journey in 2000 and is currently located in Black Creek, Georgia. DD is like the “Apple” of the shooting world as they produce supreme quality firearms.

Daniel Defense - A quick look

Known for their amazing build quality and superior parts, they make the parts themselves, which gives them complete control over the firearm’s structure and construction. As a result, DD’s firearms are incredibly durable. However, they’re also tough to disassemble and reassemble.

BCM – A quick look

BCM is another global firearm brand that is owned by “Bravo Company MFG, Inc.” They started in 2003 in Hartland, Wisconsin. BCM is famous for its quality build and cheap price. Unlike DD, BCM doesn’t make its own parts and as a result, can provide quality products at a cheaper rate.

BCM - A quick look

Due to their rigorous quality control, BCM has become a reliable provider for US Military Special Operations Units, Dept of Homeland Security, Responsible American citizens, and other government agencies both home and abroad.

Daniel Defense Vs BCM: How do they differ?

1. Barrels

Daniel Defense

Both DD and BCm produce high-quality firearms. However, the quality of DD barrels is known throughout the world. Despite being sturdy and performing exceptionally, DD barrels are surprisingly lightweight, and that makes carrying the weapon much easier and convenient.


BCM is no small dog either. They also offer premium-grade barrels, but the barrels are a bit heavier. Having to carry even an extra few ounces for a long time can become uncomfortable. With a slight advantage in the barrel weight, DD takes the cake in this round.

2. Mechanism

Daniel Defense

DD uses gas pistons as their primary mechanism. The mechanism is fairly new and it uses a faster and cleaner approach. However, this mechanism also increases the overall weight of the firearm.

In this method, a piston is used to take some of the gas from a fired cartridge and use the pressure to replace the used-up case. As a result, you won’t need to clean your rifle frequently and you’ll have less time between the shots.


The primary mechanism of BCM rifles is the Direct Impingement system. In this older system, gas is moved indirectly from a cartridge to the bolt carrier. This allows faster shooting. The rifle is also much lighter and uses carbon as a lubricant.

However, The DI (Direct Impingement) system also allows the firearm to get dirty fast. As a result, you’ll need to clean your weapon frequently. With a slight advantage in convenience, DD also takes the lead here.

3. Accessories

Daniel Defense

DD’s weapons are less customizable than BCM. The main reason behind this is the shorter production line. They will provide you with the best setup, and you can customize your weapon. However, doing so is comparatively harder with DD.

Disassembling and reassembling DD rifles are pretty hard. Additionally, you’ll have fewer options at your disposal when it comes to customizing your firearm.


This round undoubtedly goes to BCM because of their superior customizability. Their accessory support is well-reputed across the globe. With BCM, you’ll be able to customize your rifle with a ton of accessories, and that’ll give you a better experience than DD.

With a wider product and accessory range, BCM takes the lead again.

4. Price

Daniel Defense

This perhaps is the most prominent difference between DD and BCM. DD rifles are more expensive than BCM, mainly because of the in-house parts manufacturing process Daniel Defense offers. The assembly of the weapon and DD’s customer service are also top-notch. DD is worth the money.


There is no reason to think that BCM provides inferior quality weapons. In fact, both DD and BCM produce supreme quality weapons. The fact that BCM provides chapter weapons has to do with them outsourcing the parts.

BCM has the capability to give DD a run for its money in almost every sector. BCM has a slight advantage in price and accessories whereas DD excels in their mechanism, structure, and overall quality.

Daniel Defense vs BCM: Which One to Pick?

It all comes down to your personal preference. I’ve shot both rifles and am satisfied with both. If you want quality on a tight budget, BCM will be the best choice for you. You’ll like how customizable the weapon is and how easy it is to use the weapon from over 300 yards.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to compromise on quality and performance, go for the Daniel Defense. Their weapons are also incredibly accurate for over 300 yards. You’ll fall in love with their amazing build quality and reliable performance.

In other words, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the performance, no matter which one you end up choosing. Both DD and BCM produce top-quality firearms that have been and are still being used by a number of professionals all over the world. Both brands are capable of providing a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


1. Does the military use BCM?

Ans: Yes, BCM firearms are used by a number of government agencies across the world, including US Military Special Operations Units, the Department of Homeland Security, and Responsible American Citizens.

2. What is better – Direct Impingement or Piston?

Ans: The Direct Impingement (DI) system makes ARs cheaper, more portable, and more accurate. On the other hand, gas piston systems provide better performance and more reliability. It comes down to the user’s personal preference.

3. What is a CHF barrel?

Ans: CHF refers to the process named “Cold Hammer Forging,” and the barrel made from this process is called a CHF barrel. The process provides smoother barrel surfaces, high quality, and precision.

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