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Night Vision Generations Explained in Simple Terms!

Night Vision Generations Explained
Written by Marc Niad
Last Update: August 11, 2023

Night vision image tubes come in a range of grades that offer peculiar features.

And with this read, you have valuable insight into all of the night vision image tube generations and their subdomains.

Let’s jump right in!

Night vision sights provide an excellent rendering of a tracker’s immediate surroundings in greater detail. These devices function through a built-in tube.

The tube is responsible for brightening the environment with ambient light for a clearer view.

Also, these tubes function to provide greater clarity and increased field of view potential. Right now, there’re three types of night vision image tubes.

These tubes come in three generations. To get an idea of how these tubes function, you need all the info you can get.

That’s why you’ll get a detailed look at night vision tubes in this piece.

With a closer look at each generation, selecting a suitable night vision gear is more natural than expected.

And with this info, your chances of a successful hunt get a significant boost.

Night Vision Generations Explained: Generation 1

Generation 1 night vision image tubes are the pioneers of night vision illuminating equipment.

Several buyers still rely on the gear in this generation for low–range tracking exercises. Here’s a look at each installment in this generation;

Generation 1

Even though the make-up is similar to high-end options, generation 1 tubes function with an infrared illuminator.

The illuminator renders images through light drawn from the environment.

On the flip side, there’re noticeable blurs and dirt on the images relayed from this tube generation.

Generation 1+

Greater clarity is sure from generation 1+. The build mimics standard Gen 1 equipment but with noticeable tweaks.

In most cases, the shell construction, lens quality, and control design are different. The stronger lens also gives off a slightly clearer image.

Night Vision Generations Explained: Generation 2

Right now, Generation 2 night vision image tubes come with a higher view field than its predecessor.

These devices also sell for a higher price. Check out the multiple installments in this tube generation.

Generation 2

Standard generation 2 tubes get an excellent rendering that outclasses generation 1 tubes.

With a minimum resolution of 28lp/mm, it processes images a lot better than its predecessor range.

The greater view field gets a boost from this device’s build and increased lens quality.

But it’s noteworthy to state that regardless of these features, Gen 2 feeds still have apparent blemishes.

Generation 2+

Generation 2+ performs a lot better than standard gen 2 tubes when it comes to image resolution.

A 32lp/mm minimum resolution on this unit assures a significant boost to image clarity and smoother feeds.

Generation 2CGT

38lp/mm minimum resolution on this machine significantly boosts visibility.

Aside from the occasional blurs during fast movements, this is a moderately-priced choice for trackers and game hunters.

Generation 2HP

If you’re looking for something as close as possible to Gen 3 tubes, this is the closest you can get.

A 70lp/mm minimum resolution on this unit guarantees better images similar to military-grade gear.

It also delivers images over a greater view field for enhanced tracking potential. That’s why they deliver impeccable performance in night hunting, scouting, tracking, and military operations.

Night Vision Generations Explained: Generation 3

The current night vision tube leader, Generation 3, offers enhanced visibility and is best for military personnel and pro-trackers.

Carefully consider its five versions for more info on what this range provides.

Generation 3

Standard generation 3 night vision gear makes getting a wider, clearer look at your environment more comfortable.

With a minimum resolution of 50 – 64 lp/mm, this equipment offers smoother, less-hassling views.

If you can get past its massive price tag, it’s a great choice for getting brighter feeds in dark spaces.

Generation 3A

Advanced features from this night vision gear guarantee outstanding time tracking, hunting, and military operations.

It comes with an impressive minimum tube resolution of 64 – 72 lp/mm.

Generation 3P

An enhanced view is sure from Gen 3P tubes. Right now, it’s very close to the highest resolution you can get.

It comes with an impressive minimum resolution that exceeds 73lp/mm easily.

Generation 3 HS

Making the most from a hunt or tracking op is easier with Gen 3 HS equipment.

Right now, it’s the market leader when it comes to rendering an excellent image.

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