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How to Use Compound Bow Sights – Ranger Expert Guides You!

how to use compound bow sights
Written by Robert Stevens

Using bow for hunting requires stability, and most times, attaining such stability can take a couple of weeks or months. However, there’re tricks you can use to get around this, especially if you’re a beginner.  Stability is important when it comes to aiming a target since most times, what you might be aiming at will be in motion. Taking down a game or hitting the bull’s eye requires precision and accuracy.

There are a variety of sight mechanisms you can easily fall back on and use if you want to enhance your vision. And if you’re a beginner or a pro that has been searching for ways to improve their shots then, search no more! In this article, we shared some facts you can use with the best compound bow sight to help increase your level of precision and accuracy when it comes to shooting.

Before we go any further, first things first; let’s talk a bit about bow sighting, the types, and why it’s important to have a bow sight.

Complete Guide : How to Use Compound Bow Sights

Compound Bow Sights

What Are Bow Sights?

Bow scopes, also known as bow sights, are an accessory that can be fixed to your compound bow to get a better and easy shot. It performs a similar function as a rifle scope, i.e., it is designed to give more precision and control. The sight helps to enhance the position where the arrow ultimately lands.

Everyone desires to strike the bull always, but doing this with poor sight can be very demanding. A headshot or a clean kill is every gamer satisfaction! But there are lower chances of aiming parts due to how small they appear when viewed from a distance.

Type and Advantage of Bow Sights

Bow sights are usually designed in different sizes and shapes, and these are categorized based on the type and the number of pin it has. Below is a shortlist of those sights you can easily find around you.

1. Fixed Pin

This is one of those archery sights you can easily fall in love with due to how simple and easy it is to use. It has a simple design that features different fixed pins with a variety of colors, all locked up within a space. Although becoming used to its mode of operation can also require some time of practice, and in no time, you can perfect your aim like a pro; this is one of the reasons why it’s considered as hunter’s choice.

2. Movable Pin

Just as the name goes, Movable Pin, the sight is designed with a variety of pins that can be adjusted manually, different from that of a fixed pin. You can easily make the necessary adjustments on the pin to view over distance.

The bow sight moveable pin is accompanied by a small slider that serves for different ranges.  Aside from the customized aim, it has some cons when it comes to using it. Taking a clean shot can be very confusing due to the variety of options that accompany the sight. We recommend this for pro archers.

3. Pendulum sights

When hunting from a particular location, especially in places where there are lots of movement and distraction, using a pendulum sight can give you a lasting solution. The sight is created with a pin positioned within the pendulum located at a sight bracket. The pin is there to make up for unsteadiness and help you gain more accuracy once you’re targeting on an inclined angle.

Once the angle targeted by the bow drops, you will notice a swing just outside the bracket; this happens to notify you and help you with more precision. One of the significant drawbacks is their ability to perform poorly when your target is at a distance.

4. Target Sights

These sights are mostly used in archery competitions. They have been reviewed by hunters and archers and rated as one of the most precise when it comes to bow sights. But they’re not so common because most hunters consider them too expensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bow for women or men, a sight can improve the performance several times better.

The sight is designed with a laser scope; I guess you know what that means. More precision! It is also built with a customizable option to support sighting over height and windy environment. This feature also stands it out from other sights and increases its level of accuracy.

Tips & Techniques for Using Compound Bow Sights

You can quickly narrow down with the steps below to get a quick result when it comes to using compound bow sights.

  • Using the right sight

Mainly, there are three categories of bow sights and each of these sights has its own function. These are – the fixed pin sight, the movable pin sights, and the pendulum sights. So, you have to make a choice on which of these sights works best for you; i.e., what works for you as an archer or hunter.

  • Installing the sight

After picking out what works best for you, it’s time to move to the installation phase. This time, all steps will need to be adhered to properly to help protect you and the bow from damage. Using a manual will be a perfect idea, since it will help walk you through the entire process.

A simple step to this is to fine-tune the distance that occurs between the riser and the ring. Moving a bit closer to your target will be an added advantage if you intend to have a perfect shot. The reverse is true when you are further away. Make sure the point where you stand allows you to aim easily and accurately. With a perfect location, you can start sighting.

  • Sighting In

There are different procedures to adopt when it comes to bow sight since there are varieties of bow sights. Usually, figuring out the steps involved can take a couple of days or weeks; it all depends on how committed you are with the process. While practicing, it’s essential to stay away from positions that will limit your consistency and mess your adjustment up.


If you have been hunting for some time, I believe using a sight won’t be that necessary. But to beginners, it can be a treasure in a dark chest. The sight is always there to help them spot out viewpoint and ensure they get the right shot.

Hunters’ and archers’ needs are different. So, getting the right sight depends on what and how you intend to use the sight. Using a bow as a beginner can be tricky, but you can overcome this while training to get better at your aim.

Don’t forget to take care of the sight  as you would do for your compound bow.


  1. How do you aim a compound bow without sights?

A. One of the main ways to focus your compound bow without any sight is to aim your arrow on a spot of a vertical line that runs across the center of the target. You have to aim your target just slightly below the bull’s eye, especially if you’re shooting 10 yards away.

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