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11 Best Golf Grips In 2024 (Read Before You Buy)

Golf grips are one of the most important accessories in the game that can influence your performance as a player. To improve your chances, it is important to buy one of the best golf grips available in the market.

If you are using your golf grip more often, chances are that a new pair will be required soon. The wrong grip can kill your chances at the game. Before you buy golf grips you should understand the various options that suit your specific need.

Using the right golf grip will help you to achieve ball control, accurate spin, long-distance shot, and other goals in the game. This review will help you make the right decision for faster grip lose.

Why Follow Our Lead

You may be wondering who we are to review such golf accessories. Well, we’ve a group of seasoned golfers in our team that’re in love with golf. Playing golf is an exhilarating experience for us. We know well that golf grip is such an essential accessory that dramatically influences the performance in the golf range.

From our years of golf touring experience, we shared our expertise on these products here. You probably know how golf grips determine both gripping and swinging of the club – two important things when it’s about hitting the ball that will reach as close to the hole as possible.

The second reason for our authenticity is that we are entirely impartial. We’re not sponsored by any golf grip manufacturers. So, we did not unnecessarily hype the features of any particular golf grip for monetary gain. Our goal of writing this review was ridding you of hours of product research both online and offline.

How We Made Our Selection

It was a time-consuming and exhaustive process preparing this golf grip review. We did everything possible to make our reviews as much reliable as possible that included:

a) Doing product research,

b) Consulting with pro golfers,

c) Testing different golf grips ourselves,

d) Incorporating a volunteer team into the testing process for better feedback, and

e) Collecting all the data and comparing different products to prepare a top 11 list of cool golf grips

At first, we went online and did 15 hours of research to know everything about the most renowned golf grips currently up for sale. First we listed down 26 products from the reliable brands that people were buying and using regularly. Then our team began testing all of them one by one with the help of a volunteer group that included friends, families, and the local golf fanatics to examine how each of the grips fared under various conditions.

Our volunteers also cut across persons of diverse age, gender, and body size. We also contacted a few professional golfers who had several years of experience of using different brands and models of golf grips. They recounted their experiences and opinions on each of the various golf grips they have used.

Based on our practical experience and the feedback from pros and volunteers, we shortlisted top 15 golf grips. Then we searched the web again for reviews on the best golf grips to buy and examined the comments and ratings from customers who had bought and used these products.

After we gathered the necessary information, we developed the list of factors that could help us to compare each of the products over another. The parameters for our comparison included grip size, grip texture, grip material, comfort, grip firmness, price, and maintenance. We compared how one product rated over another before we came up with our conclusion and prepared the final list.

A Quick View of Our Favorites Golf Grips

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
Top of the List SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 13201 SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 13201 Check Price
Also Great Winn Dritac Golf Grip Dritac Winn Dritac Golf Grip Dritac Check Price
Best Grip Set Winn Dritac Avs Midsize Golf Grip (Set of 9/13) Winn Dritac Avs Midsize Golf Grip (Set of 9/13) Check Price
4th SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 40203 SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 40203 Check Price
5th Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip Check Price
6th SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip Check Price
7th SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip Check Price
8th Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip Check Price
9th Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips Check Price
10th Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip Check Price
11th Champkey Death Golf Putter Grip No Taper Technology Champkey Death Golf Putter Grip No Taper Technology Check Price

11 Best Golf Grips Reviews for Comfort & No-Slip Performance

We have compiled the list of our top 11 golf grips after analyzing and comparing the products based on factors like durability, texture, firmness, size, comfort, and price. We recommend that you carefully go through each golf supply to make sure that you achieve the best scores in the game.

1 SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 13201 (Top of the List)

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 13201

Why Is This Our Top Pick?

We golfers often say “It’s all in the grip” when we talk about getting better at this game. Well, the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip seems to be your best friend and no. 1 grip that you can buy today because of the following reasons:

  • We analyzed 14 of the most important features that any top-class golf grip should have and we found this Putter Grip with the maximum number of these essential features to achieve the best scores in the game.
  • Despite being the top performer of our selection procedure, it comes within an affordable price range that made it our most-favorite.
  • When going through the verified reviews of this grip on Amazon, we noticed it had very positive user feedback with a high rating – a proof that other golfers were also satisfied with this product
  • This is one of the most popular golf grips on Amazon with the Parallel Technology that helps golfers put even pressure in both hands, thus eliminating enhanced tension in the forearms and wrist. This unique feature invoked us to put this tour-proved (PGA tour) golf putter grips on top of our list.

Detailed Review

The SuperStroke Slip 3.0 Putter Grip is made to offer you the best grip for touch, control, swing, and precision. It has a diameter of 1.3-inches and is designed to help limit the tension on your hand muscles; thanks to the new parallel technology.

It is the most widely used golf grip since it allows for a parallel hand placement that helps build your confidence in the grip. You will appreciate how balanced your swings become as it prevents your wrist from causing any swing interruptions.

This grip is designed to help you improve your skills greatly. It features a lightweight foam which has been enhanced by an additional PU material to enable you to have a comfortable feel.

Another fact that is worth mentioning is that this model approved by the USGA implies that it is safe for use. In addition, it comes in various colors that can match with your sporting outfit.

If  a putter grip always suits your taste, especially the ease of swinging or an enhanced pendulum stroke, then this product is for you.


  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Length: 10.50 inches
  • Weight: 60g +/- 5.580 core
  • USGA Approved


  • There is a balance in pressure between the hands
  • It prevents a build of tension in the wrist and forearms
  • It is approved by the USGA
  • It feels comfortable in hand, especially for long-distance


  • Not suitable for golfers with slippery hands

Our Verdict

The SuperStroke 3.0 Putter grip is the most popular and widely used golf grips. It features the parallel technology which is responsible for the balance of pressure in both hands and helps prevent excessive tension in the hands and forearm.

It gives a comfortable feel, thanks to its slim nature and lightweight foam. We recommend this best putter grip for any professional golfer eager to achieve better strides in the game. Remember professional golfers like Brooks Koepka and Jordan Spieth use Super Stroke’s grip too. If you plan to switch your current grip, they can’t let you down!

2 Winn Dritac Golf Grip Dritac (Also Great)

Winn Dritac Golf Grip Dritac

Why Is This Our Runner-Up?

This is another exclusive golf grip that comes with a reasonable price tag. This is the second cheapest grip on this list with a lot of important features that any golfer seeks in their golf grip. It also offers cushioning and high sock absorption with the unique WinnDry polymer that brings in comfort, and non-slip operation in all weather conditions. Also, it had the highest number of positive reviews compared to all other low-cost grips on our list. The combination of these effective features within a low price range made it our 2nd best choice on this list.

Detailed Review

Winn golf grips are of the best qualities among the cheap golf grips in the market and come with exciting features to enhance your career in this game. It is made from special materials that not only help you reduce swing tension but offer you a comfortable grip even in humid weather as well. When it is wet, the material becomes tackier that enhances your grip. It is one of the best golf grips for no glove.

It also has a good shock absorption rating. In fact, its absorption rate was 65% better than other grips we tested. In addition, it is the best grip for golfers living in rain-prone regions.

They are lightweight and comfortable in the hand, especially for those with hand weakness.

We also liked the various sizes and make that come with this model, which allows you to choose the category that suits your size and gender. So far, it is among the most affordable and best grips for irons in the market.

Finally, this is designed to offer you an excellent swing control with the club.


  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Sizes: Junior 28g, Ladies 35g, Standard, 48g, MidsizeA 49g & Oversize 50g


  • The grip becomes tackier in wet conditions
  • Suitable for persons with slippery hands
  • You can use it to play with or without gloves
  • You can choose from any of the sizes available
  • Has a high shock absorption rate
  • Reasonably priced


  • The grip texture may be too soft to most of its users

Our Verdict

The magic lies in the WinnDry polymer that has been used in the making of this cool grip. You get comfort, the right amount of cushioning, and non-slip performance in all types of weather. It’s also known to offer a tackier slip in wet conditions that makes it suitable for golfers in the rainy season.

The quality of finishing knocks down all the peers at this price point. In addition, it comes with various sizes that allows you to choose the one that will give you the best grip and feel. It is recommended for both beginners and senior golfers who would not prefer much tension in their swing; thanks to its high impact absorption rate.

3 Winn Dritac Avs Midsize Golf Grip (Set of 9/13) (Best Grip Set)

Winn Dritac Avs Midsize Golf Grip (Set of 9/13)

Why Is This Our Best Grip Set

We have selected this golf grip as the Best Grip Set because it comes as a set of 9 or 13 pcs of grips with a number of pragmatic features. The most crucial of them are its comfort and durability.

This midsize grip fits comfortably in hand and provides a superb feel and traction at the time of holding. Also, the sock absorption rate of the grips of this set is moderately high than most other items on this list. Also, these golf grips midsize last long as they are made with high quality polymer. So many advantageous features of this grip set convinced us to place it as one of the top golf grips.

Detailed Review

This is another great model from the Winn Dritac Company. The amazing features of the set 9 Midsize golf grip are what makes it one the best golf grips in the market.

One of the things we appreciate about this product is that it fits comfortably in the majority of men’s hands. In addition, it provides you with excellent feel and traction while holding the grip.

Whether you prefer interlock or overlap grip, you will surely like the contoured texture pattern of the grip. They come in sets of 9 or 13 grips per pack which makes the replacement process easier. In addition, the wraps can be adjusted to suit your hand size.

As can be seen in other products from DRITAC, this model features one of the best shock absorption rates. Also, it can be used in any weather condition, making it the ideal choice for golfers with sweaty hands.  Many users like the mature black color of this grip since it tends to blend with any sporting wear.

We cannot ignore the soft feel that this product offers to its users. Those with problems with arthritis will find it to be more helpful. Moreover, it is made with polymer material for enhanced durability.

If you’re eager to build your confidence and swing abilities without compromising on your comfort, try the Winn Dritac Avs out.


  • No. of items per pack: 9 & 13


  • Has a soft feel and almost eliminates any discomfort
  • Can be used in wet conditions
  • Designed to be durable
  • Fits into the hands of many men as a midsize model
  • Can be replaced easily


  • Becomes slick once the grip wears out
  • Can only be used by adult men

Our Verdict

This midsize standard golf grip is designed to fit comfortably in the hands of adult men. It stays cool and becomes tackier when wet. Its soft feel allows you to swing without much tension in the wrist and forearm.

It is so easy to maintain since it comes in sets of 9 or 13. This gives you the opportunity to replace it with a new one when you no longer feel the grip.

4 SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 40203

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip 40203

Why Is This Best for Beginners?

Developing skill in any field takes some time. When we tried to find out a suitable golf grip for the beginner golfers, we found this product that meets the criteria for being the best choice for beginners. The outer layer of this lightweight grip is made with Tacky Polyurethane which provides the maximum comfort level. Its cross-traction surface texture prevents the golfer’s hands from slipping in hot climates. Also, the Super Stroke Technology of this USGA-approved grip ensures consistent strokes. This product holds the maximum number of hassle-free features than the other products on our list, making it suitable for all beginners.

Detailed Review

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip Oversized is excellent for wrist movement. These oversize golf grips have a diameter of 1.3 inches and a length of 10.5 inches. The outer layer is made of a tacky polyurethane material which enhances its grip on your hands as the game progresses.

These oversized golf club grips use the ‘no taper’ technology to provide you with a firm grip which is needed for a consistently enhanced stroke.

Another feature which we liked about this model is its grip texture which is designed to save your hands from slipping during wet conditions. In addition, the grip is made of EVA foam that not only gives it the lightweight feature but provides you with a comfortable feel.

You might find it amusing that this was the most widely used Putter grips in the last PGA tour. You will also like the parallel technology which is common in Putter grips from this company which helps to prevent the buildup of tension in the wrist and forearms.

These oversized putter grips are durable, tacky and easy to maintain. It is designed to provide every you with the necessary encouragement to grow in the game.


  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • USGA approved


  • Features the parallel technology to help balance the pressure of the hands
  • Becomes tackier when wet
  • Can be used by golfers with slippery hands
  • Helps prevent tension in the wrist and forearm


  • Cannot be used by many golfers because of its size

Our Verdict

This product has been the best choice for beginners. It is made of the best gripping materials which are responsible for the tacky feel. The surface texture is designed to provide you with a firm and non-slippery grip. It can be used under wet conditions which makes it useful for persons with slippery fingers.

It is lightweight and feels so comfortable in hand. It is one of the most popular golf grips among professional and beginners’ golfers alike.

5 Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip

Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip

Why Is This for the Pro Golfer?

This is the only grip in our research that provides you the opportunity to represent your team with your preferred logo that may help you keep a superb team spirit. But that’s just an added feature. What makes this an advanced choice is its unique design that helps control the direction and speed with ease. Also, its enhanced rubber construction provides great durability and comfort with low maintenance. Although this golf grip is slightly pricier than most of the grips available, its such unique features make it an advanced choice, and rightfully so.

Detailed Review

Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip is the choice to make when you are representing your team. It is multicolored and designed with various logos to match with your team.

It is the best grip for the display of an exciting team spirit. They are made from enhanced rubber materials which are the reason for its excellent durability and ease of maintenance. This model is textured to provide you with a sturdy grip to enhance your swings.

What we liked about this product is the customized design that they have for every college and comes with a removable gel top ball marker for the team.

Another excellent feature is the grip’s thickness that gives you a comfortable feel needed for a powerful but low-pressure swing. You will also appreciate the contoured grip which allows each hand to fit perfectly while swinging the ball.

As a golf lover, you want to get the best output from your golf equipment, whether you buy a golf rangefinder or a golf grip. And the Team Golf NCAA Putter Grip can satisfy you from this perspective because it’s specifically designed to help you in controlling the speed and direction of the ball with ease. In addition, it can withstand shock which helps prevent a buildup of tension on the muscles of the hand and wrist.


  • Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Diameter: 1 ¼ inch
  • Multicolor


  • Durable with a strong feel and nice look
  • Comes in various designs and logos
  • Design can be customized
  • Contoured to improve swing speed


  • Many of its designs are for college teams only

Our Verdict

This product comes with the best features to provide you with a thriving team spirit. It comes with various colors and logos which represents each of the participating college teams. We liked the contoured grips which are responsible for the firm grip you need for an accurate and powerful swing.

Additionally, this product is made from the best materials available to increase its lifespan and reliability. Moreover, it is lightweight and relatively slim to give you that comfortable feel.

6 SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

Over 125 PGA Tour players made the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip their top golf grip because of its excellent features. It has a thick putter grip that can enhance the dynamics of your game.

The balance it provides to the hands while holding the grip is simply amazing. We can attest to its effectiveness in the prevention of excessive tension in the wrist, forearm, and other muscles of the body.

This product is designed to give you more control of the direction and torque of the golf ball by giving you a feeling of comfort while wielding the club.

It has a diameter of 1.67 inches which makes it among the thickest golf grips today. You will appreciate the ease at which it aligns with a club shaft.

We also liked the soft and comfortable feeling that the grip offers. This is a great choice in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.


  • Diameter: 1.67 inches
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Length: 10.50 inches
  • Weight: 90g
  • USGA Approved


  • Big enough to help control pulling putts
  • Has a comfortable feel
  • Great for long-distance swings
  • Ideal for professional golfers due to its light feel


  • A bit slippery when wet
  • Can be too large for many golfers

Our Verdict

This model features a large grip which feels soft and comfortable in the hand. The wide diameter allows you to make high-speed swings at a low force. It helps to balance the pressure in the hand while in turn preventing much tension in the wrist and forearm.

Despite its numerous advantages, it is not suitable in wet conditions since it becomes slippery when wet.

7 SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip

This is another Putter Grip that will offer you a balanced swing while you maintain a normal tension on the wrist. It has a diameter of 1.2 inches which is small enough to provide you with a comfortable grip needed for a smooth swing.

The outer layer is made of a tacky Polyurethane material which enhances its soft feel and its durability. In addition, it features an exclusive Parallel Technology which makes your strokes consistent in each swing.

Its surface texture provides you with enough traction to prevent your hands from slipping during wet conditions. Also, the product is lightweight which gives you the maximum feel needed for the perfect club.

You will appreciate the level of success that you can achieve in the game of golf because of the advanced technological design of the grip as it features the popular EVA foam which is used in almost all the Putter grips.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.3 ounce
  • Type: Oversize
  • USGA Approved


  • Maintains the pressure balance between the two hands
  • Soft and light
  • The stroke technology allows you to enjoy a consistent stroke
  • Prevents tension in the wrist and forearm
  • Can be used in any weather condition


  • Too large for most golfers

Our Verdict

This is one of the few golf grips that have been approved by the USGA. In addition, the oversized grips allow you to enjoy a balanced pressure between the two hands and in turn minimizes wrist action by engaging the stronger muscles during the stroke.

The No-taper technology which is used in its design enables you to enjoy a smoother, reliable and consistent stroke. SuperStroke’s Pistol GT 1.0 grip is used by celebrity golfer Dustin Johnson, so it’s a reliable brand and you can’t really go wrong buying their product.

8 Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

If you are among those who know the value of a grip that ensures consistent strokes every time, bear with me then till I introduce you to another masterpiece from Golf Pride grips—the Tour Wrap 2G (model no.- RE132-001).

The grip is made from a hybrid combination of cord and rubber coupling the ALIGN Technology ensuring accurate hand placement during long games.

We found that the grip quality remained the same when testing in different weather conditions, thanks to its integrated ‘Maximum Surface Texture’ technology.

The existing ‘+’ patterns and pebbled surface texture promotes a heightened square coverage, and we had better control over our clubs for that.

We think this grip could be a secret key to greater performance for the pro golfers while at the same time, the amateurs can dominate the entire match flaunting a next-level performance.


  • Weight- 48 gm
  • Tape Strips wrapping 2-Way
  • Rubber clamp for the shaft
  • Standard grip size


  • Excellent grip
  • ALIGN Technology helping accurate hand placement
  • Could be used under all weather conditions.


  • Sweaty hands need wiping before gripping for better result

Final Verdict

We didn’t find any major issue with this grip by Golf Pride. Your hands would snugly fit each time you take your club up for a stroke. Our intensive testing with this model revealed its true potentials. We understood the grip played a role in maintaining consistent strokes. We expect it could be a great grip for golfers with Arthritis. So, if you want a game changer at an attractive price point, get this one.

9 Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips

This is another model from the Winn production line that is made of the Excel polymer material. It is designed to provide you with the best feel and comfort.

Winn Excel Wrap has one the best absorption rates which protects you from the shocking vibrations that come with your high-speed swings. Anyone with arthritis or other hand fatigue will love this choice.

What we liked about this golf grip is its aesthetics which enables you to choose from the various colors like white golf grips, yellow golf grips, and many others that suit your taste. In addition, the polymer shaft is designed with a passage for airflow to increase its comfortability in the hand.

You will appreciate the tacky feel with the Excel wrap grip. Also, you can choose a grip contour that suits your desire. The major advantage is that it is one of the cheapest golf grips on the market.


  • Weight: 42g
  • Extremely tacky
  • High shock absorption
  • Color: black


  • Gives a solid grip without requiring to squeeze down on it
  • Designed to be long-lasting
  • Soft exterior design makes it ideal for people with shaky hands
  • Has a high absorption rate for golfers that experience hand fatigue


  • More difficult to install when compared to other rubber grips
  • You may feel a little bit uncomfortable when using it for short swings

Our Verdict

Winn Excel Wrap is designed to offer you the needed encouragement for a high-speed swing. It gives you an extremely tacky feel which is needed while playing in harsh weather conditions. A pair of compatible golf gloves and a golf grip can contribute greatly to enhance your golfing experience. In addition, it comes with a high absorption rate which helps to protect your body from excessive tension that is associated with long distant swings.

Finally, Winn Excel Wrap is recommended for golfers suffering from arthritis or whose hands are easily fatigued.

10 Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

This is one of the most used golf grips by professional golfers. It is made of 100% rubber and is available in the standard size. It does not only provide you with the needed grip but is designed to help increase your proficiency in the game.

One of the things we liked about this model while testing it for this Golf Pride grips review is its innovative hybrid grip which consists of a soft rubber and brush cotton. In addition, it comes in different colors that add a unique look to your sports kits.

The Gold Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip hybrid material makeup allows you to have a comfortable and reliable feel. You will appreciate that this model works perfectly in humid weather conditions.

The handle feels tacky to enhance your power and downswing. Moreover, you will discover that the tension on your wrist, hand muscles, and the body is reduced to enable you to maximize your performance.

However, the bottom of these grips are larger in size than the top; a feature which some of the new and experienced golfers did not like. Nevertheless, this design allows you to enjoy a lighter grip with the club.


  • Weight: 46.5g
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 12 x 2 inches
  • Rubber: 100%
  • Color: black velvet
  • Weather resistant


  • Remains unchanged despite changes in weather
  • You can maintain the grip easily by washing with water and soap
  • Gives a soft and amazing tacky feel
  • A range of colors available


  • Most golfers are uncomfortable with how the top of the grip is smaller than the bottom

Our Verdict

Golf Pride Decade is one of the most popular golf grips in the market. It features an innovative hybrid grip that does not only enhance your performance but with the rubber and cord design, you are sure to enjoy an exciting look and feel. It’s a multi-compound construction.

It feels tacky in all weather conditions. The lightweight and the soft feel allow you to have more control of the swing and the club’s responsiveness. The grip size is standard which implies that it can be used by both professional and amateur golfers. The RangerExpert team believes that with the Golf Pride Decade, you’ll be able to put the ball exactly where you’ll want it to go and then look for a golf range finding device or a golf GPS to find it.

Other Golf Pride models that might interest you: MCC Plus 4, MCC Plus4 Standard Orange, Z Grip, Z Cord, Tour Wrap 2G, Tour Velvet 360, Vardon, Tour Velvet Align (used by golfer Rory Mcilroy), New Decade, CP2 Wrap.

11 Champkey Death Golf Putter Grip No Taper Technology

Champkey Death Golf Putter Grip No Taper Technology

The Death Grip is among the latest golf grips that are produced without the taper technology. It comes with soft surface texture to provide you with the comfortable feel that is needed for a reliable and consistent stroke.

Also, in the design, it uses the tacky Polyurethane material in its outer layer to enhance your comfortability and confidence in the grip. The EVA foam to maximize your comfort and feel.

We also liked the lightness of this product which reduces the pressure on the wrist and other muscles of the hand while stroking.

You will also appreciate the unique designs on the grip; that include the beautiful colors which match with your sports outfit. In addition, it uses the parallel technology to provide your hands with a balanced pressure while reducing the pressure on your wrist and hand muscles.

Another feature that is worth noting is that it has a shock absorption rate of 65% which is higher than those in rubber grips. The high absorption rate allows it to reduce tension in the hand, muscles and protects the body from damage.

It is recommended for use if the hand is a little uncomfortable or strained. Its anti-slip force is greater than rubber by 40%.


  • Core size: 0.580R inches
  • Weight: Slim 2.0/50g & slim 3.0/60g
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches


  • Parallel Technology to balance pressure between the two hands
  • No Taper Technology to enhance feel and comfort
  • Uses EVA foam to maximize feel and minimize wrist action
  • Has a good absorption rate for shielding the body from harm
  • More suitable for persons with strained hands


  • Golfers with small hands may be uncomfortable with the size

Our Verdict

This product incorporates one of the latest technologies in the design of Putter golf grips to the benefit for your overall benefit. The No taper technology allows you to have a firm grip for a smooth, accurate and reliable stroke. It has one of the best shock absorption rates when compared to its competitor in the market which helps to reduce the impact on the hands while protecting the body from harm.

Finally, this is the best for those a little uncomfortable with their hands.

Best Golf Grips Reviews – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

best golf grips for sweaty hands

1. Grip Size

This size of the grip is the first thing that should come to mind when you are shopping for the best golf grips. If you select a wrong size golf grip, you will feel uncomfortable and this might slow down your progress in the game. It is either you find the size that fits perfectly out of the four sizes in the market or you increase the grip’s thickness by wrapping some layers of tapes around it.

2. Grip Material & Color

Your ability to maintain a firm grip on the golf club depends on the material makeup of the grip. The most widely used golf grips are made of rubber. However, you can still get golf grips that are made from either leather or other compounds but those won’t be as sticky or grippy as the rubber ones.

You can match the color of the grip with your style too. Most common colors for grips include green, black, teal, yellow, blue, orange, red and white.

3. Grip Texture

Firm vs Soft – while firm grip textures are needed for high-speed swings and ball control, the soft grip makes it easier and comfortable to hold the grip. The firm grip allows you to hold the club with little pressure. However, the golf grip for beginners and seniors is one with the soft texture.
Round vs Ribbed – You will discover that all grips for woods or iron are either ribbed or round. A round grip has a symmetrical design while grips with ridges throughout its length are ribbed. This design allows players to position their fingers on the grip properly.

4. Grip firmness

The amount of swing speed which you have depends on the firmness of your grip. While professional players prefer a firmer grip, a softer grip is best for beginners.

5. Comfort

This is the most essential factor to consider when buying a new golf grip. If you don’t feel the comfort in your hands while taking the shots, then you have bought the wrong grip. If the texture is too soft or too coarse such that it could cause some injuries to your palms, then it is not good for you. The interlocking gripping and cross handed grip style can be uncomfortable here whereas claw (used by golf player Tommy Fleetwood) or baseball style ten finger grip ensure the maximum comfort in this case.

Sometimes, the size may be too big or too small for your hands. Once the feel is not right, that means your comfort has been compromised. Your preferred grips should be comfortable enough to improve your performance in the game.

6. Maintenance

You should consider buying a golf grip that can be maintained easily. Grips that can be easily cleaned or washed with detergent after each use will last longer. If it appears that the grip demands more than you can offer for its maintenance, then you should consider getting a new one.

7. Your Budget

Golf grips come in different sizes, materials, textures, and prices. It is obvious that some of the top rated golf grips are relatively expensive. Though there are cheap golf club grips that can still help improve your performance just like the branded or expensive ones, there is nothing wrong with spending a little more to purchase a grip that you feel comfortable with. Although your budget matters, quality and comfort are always more important. However, if you want to get a budget deal, look out for closeout or discount offers offered during Black Friday campaigns.

Other Notable Brands

Here are other reputable models and their popular models worth looking up if you want to dig deeper into the market:

Grip EQ, Scotty Cameron (Rickie Fowler uses their grip), Odyssey (pro golfer Phil Mickelson used their Versa), Iomic, Pure, Puma, Winn (known for Dri-Tac and Counterbalance models), JumboMax (used by Bryson DeChambeau), SAPLIZE, Lamkin (known for their training aid models, Deep-Etched- used by Justin Rose, Sonar, Z5, UTX and Crossline), Arccos, Taylormade, P2 Grips, SKLZ, Garsen, Bettinardi (celebrated golfer Fred Couples uses their grip), Loudmouth, Two Thumb, Ping (known for PP60 and PP58), Boccieri Golf (they launched a secret grip model in a joint venture with golfer Jack Nicklaus), Titleist, Tacki-Mac (known for Non Tapered models), Gravity Grips (known for Evnroll), Fatso, Puma and Flat Cat.

How Important are Grips in Golf?

best golf club grips

Holding the grip is one of the first lessons that a golfer receives. It starts by learning how to swing and knowing how to grip the club. It is difficult to make good and consistent shots in golf if the grip is not held properly. Many new and intermediate golfers may be using the wrong grip golf ignorantly even though it may feel a little comfortable in the hand.

You will be able to have efficient control of the golf club if you are using one of the best golf club grips. While you are swinging, you should tenaciously hold onto the club and the hands should not slip. The last three fingers of the left hand, the middle fingers of the right hand and the ring should supply the main grip pressure.

Having a sound grip will make the two hands work in unity to build a strong swing that can lead to a more accurate shot.

Most golfers make the mistake of holding too tightly to the club. This method of gripping increases the tension in the forearms and the shoulders and consequently limits your swinging capabilities. You will have more power and clubhead speed if you maintain a low gripping pressure while yet holding the club securely.

Consequently, your ball flight will be determined by your grip. Also, how neutrally your hands are positioned on the club will affect the left to right flights of the ball. You need to develop the skills of how to curve and bend the ball in any direction.

While a weaker grip will encourage the ball’s flight, a stronger grip will slice; either of the two gripping skills will be used in club control.

Different Types of Golf Grips

Don’t confuse yourself with the gripping styles and grip types. Here is all you need to know about different golf grips.

1. Rubber Grips

Rubber grips have become the most popular nowadays. However, some additives can be provided to change its condition and feel. Before now, golfers relied on wool grips until leather grips became the norm even though it did not last. Rubber grips are the most recommended beginners golf grips.

2. Corded Grips

These are rubber grips with a brush-like cotton fiber that gives it a coarse feel. The full cord style corded golf strips have the cotton fibers sticking out on the entire grip while the cotton strips are laid half-way on the grips in the half-cord style.

While some golfers do love the cord grips for its moisture-wicking feel which allows them to hold the clubs with confidence, others dislike the abrasive feel citing its tendencies to cause blisters on the hands.

The only disadvantage of using cord grips is that it wears out faster, which implies you will have to change it more often. However, this is still a reliable option for sweaty hands.

3. Wrap Golf Grips

Wrap golf grips are rubber grips designed with thin strips of leather wrapped around it. These leather golf grips have the advantage of allowing you to rotate your hands to any direction on the grip without experiencing a change in the feel since the texture remains the same throughout. In addition, it has an easy installation because of the smoothness of its alignment when compared with other grips.

4. Lightweight Golf Grips

The main material for the construction of lightweight golf grips is rubber. However, as the name implies, they are lighter than other grips. Most players are not comfortable with its low-weight because of the absence of proper counterweight to enhance the feel which is required for a full head swing. However, lightweight golf grips usually are preferred by seniors and players whose swings are slow and single plane.

5. Putter grips

The putter grip is different in style, design, and thickness from the regular traditional grips. They are not like the simple, thick, round and tapered grips. The Putter grips are of several sizes and make. Generally, they have less traction and are not designed to be swung with a great force, that’s why Tiger Woods likes them.

What Size of Golf Grip Suits You?

Your grip size depends on the size of your hand. This is measured from the wrist up to the middle finger’s tip.

Grip sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another, however, they are based on one of these standard sizes.

  • Junior – shorter and smaller than standard
  • Undersize – smaller than standard by 1/64 inch
  • Midsize – larger than standard by 1/16 inch
  • Jumbo size – larger than standard by 1/8 inch
  • It is possible that you may still be uncomfortable in any of these sizes. This is the reason many players choose to attach some layers of tape on the grip or shaft. A single wrap of tape will
  • increase the size of the grip by 1/64-inch diameter.

Most players prefer a thicker grip that’s especially great for arthritic hands and can choose to add more wraps of tape either at the bottom or top of the grip. Midsize golf grips are not easily found on the market which is the reason most golfers add the tape layers on the undersize to get their required feel.

The Jumbo golf grips are primarily used by golfers for putters. However, your grip should be just the right size for you. Once you don’t feel right on it, then you are not using the right golf grip size.

How Do You Change Your Golf Grip?

Most professional golfers engage the services of professional clubmakers to assist them in changing grips either at a retail shop or in the golf course. You can change your grip yourself with little or no difficulty. However, you will need golf grip tape, solvent, golf tee and a tool to take out the old grip.

The first step is to remove the old grip using the right tool then clear off any tape that is found on the shaft. Wrap a new tape on the shaft from the bottom up.

Now, you should insert a golf tee at the end of the grip and then add a little solvent to coat the inside. Pour the remaining solvent from the grip over the tape until it covers everything.

Ensure that the grip is correctly aligned before pushing it through the shaft. After this, keep the grip for about 24 hours before you start using the new golf grips.

Taking Care of Your Golf Grip

Keeping your golf grips dry and clean will help prolong its life. You should be careful to put it in a dry and cool place.

Hot or damp environments and oil from your palms can degrade your grip’s tacky feel faster than expected. Leaving your grip in your car’s trunk, especially when it is hot will cause it to wear out quickly.

When you want to clean your grip, apply mild dish soap and a soft brush. Wash the grip in the soapy water, scrub it gently with the brush then dry it completely using the towel. It is possible that the towel may not put off the water completely, you should not use the grip until it becomes dry.


Q: What are the best Golf Pride grips?

Ans: The RangerExpert team’s rigorous testing and weeklong research on a wide range of golf sticks finally winded up putting the Tour Wrap 2G and Decade Multi-Compound Grips as the ultimate Golf Pride grips today. Read our full reviews to get the details.

Q: What golf grips does Tiger Woods use?

Ans: The golf legend Tiger Woods uses Scotty Cameron putter and puts the Ping PP58 grip for his putter. He used the same grip during his junior golfing days.

Q: Are thick golf grips better?

Ans: Thicker grips can slow you down a bit if you don’t naturally swing fast. But it is not applicable for every player. Some of them do swing faster with thicker grips.

Q: Do you use the same grip for drivers and irons?

Ans: The rule of thumb is that you pick the same grip when choosing your shots. However, putting is an exception here. A solid grip will ensure that the clubface returns to square status in times of pitching, chipping, and performing bunker shots.

Wrapping It Up

The golf game can be fantastic only when you have the perfect grip. This is because the grip is the only link between your body and the club. Your foundation in golf starts with the grip which can influence your achievements in the game. To perform your best while enhancing your skills in the game, you should get one that matches with your play style and size.

The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip is the best among the top golf grips because of its excellent features which makes it an excellent choice for both professional and amateur golfers. It comes with a slim diameter which allows you to enjoy more precise, powerful and controlled swings. In addition, the Winn Dritac Golf Grip Dritac was our top pick based on price to quality ratio. Aside from its top features, it is the best golf grip for persons who are living in rain-prone regions.

However, you will have to practice with a grip to know the one that is for you. The most important thing to consider before or after buying a grip is the comfort, once you do not have the right feel, get a new one quickly. We also recommend you to read the book titled Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons for learning the fundamentals of golf grips.

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