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Why Use Oversize Golf Grips: Pro Golfers Reveal the Secret!

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game
Written by Robert Stevens

One thing that is important in every sport is the “technique”. One cannot overemphasize the importance of the golf grip—it connects the golf club with the golfer. They are an essential part of the golf game as a whole. With the right technique and a good grip, the golfer has complete control over his shot.

Every golfer appreciates high-quality golf grips because of the impact they have on the speed of the swing. Emphasis is too often placed on the importance of a customized golf club. However, none is placed on the problems that arise when the golf club is not gripped properly.

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game? Get In the Hole

Why Use Oversized Golf Grips

Why Use Oversized Golf Grips

Generally, golf clubs should come with a standard grip, however, “all hands are not equal”—as the expression goes. If we have established this fact, then the oversized golf grip is an alternate option for the golfers with large hands. Oversized grips are from 1/16 to 1/8 inch larger than the traditional grips, and when they are used, the difference is clear.

Most manufacturers would give you the option of the easy-to-install oversized grip. Here are some of the benefits you should be informed of –

  • Pain Relief

The oversized golf club grip can be quite handy for those with weak grips, older people with arthritis, joint pain and other conditions which are hindrances to them holding the grip competently. Due to the grip being larger than the standard, the golfer grips the club better, and the shock of the impact is absorbed, implying that there is going to be less stress on the golfer’s hands.

  • Reduced Grip Pressure

Have you tried to grip the golf club at the stick-head where it is thin? Did you notice how hard it is to apply full pressure to this end? If yes, that is natural. Notice also, that when you grip something with a considerable larger handle, i.e. a handle that fits perfectly under your grip, you feel how smooth and easy it is going to be when swinging. The oversized grip is easier to grip and hold firmly without it being uncomfortable.

  • Improved Wrist Action

Since the pressure on the grip increases with thicker grips, the action on the wrist decreases. This is beneficial. And if the problem with your game is accuracy. Too much wrist action means the golf ball is unlikely to hit the target.

  • Better Control

We earlier established how less wrist action helps improve your game. Now we will emphasize on how less wrist action, reduced grip pressure, gives you better control of your putting.

With the oversized golf grip, you are going to have better control on your golf club and your game too. The competency on how golfers grip their club determines the accuracy they are going to have with their shot. A comfortably gripped club guarantees a better chance to have a better hit, translating to additional power on the shot.

  • Improved Ball Trajectory

The trajectory is important in golf. A better and comfortable grip implies a better flight path. In order to avoid a slide or hook in a shot due to an incorrectly set club in the hands or a club moving at impact, the oversized grip gives you an option to have a stronger grip and a better shot.

  • More Comfort

Having a misfit in equipment can come with some repercussions. A small grip can create some problems for you, especially if you play too much of it. Before playing long stretches of the game make sure that you have a firm and comfortable grip.

  • Better Performance

The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of an oversized grip for those with large hands or weak grips due to some condition. The oversized grip is essential to the game of these individuals.


Having the perfect equipment adds to your game and fosters an appreciation for the game and your equipment. A comfortable golfer with the right-sized grip is a happy player. And if you are happy, you are already winning!


1. What type of golf grips do pros use?

Ans: The most commonly used grips used by professionals are the interlocking grip. The most notable professional who uses this grip is Tiger Woods. This is a good grip for beginners and those with smaller hands. This grip encourages better wrist control because your hands are locked together. It also does not require too much pressure.

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