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How to Throw a Knife Straight like You Know the Game

How to throw a knife straight
Written by Erik Himmel

Knife throwing is a skill that can impress almost anyone if they can come to perfect it. This is because most people do not know how to do it, so they are mesmerized by someone that actually can. What we want you to know is that there is much more to knife throwing than just throwing a knife. And this article is here to cover everything you might need to know. Just keep reading.

The ‘no spin’ knife-throwing technique is one that has gradually evolved over time right from the days of preparing the samurai of the martial arts school. With the use of knives, came the introduction of several throwing methods that were practiced be different people. Our focus in this article, will be knowing how to throw a knife straight.

A number of advantages comes with knowing how to throw a knife, but beyond that, is knowing how to throw it straight and well. We shall run through a number of knife throwing techniques briefly and also some importance as well.

How to Throw a Knife Straight in Different Ways?

How to Throw a Knife Straight in Different Ways

Many different techniques have evolved over the years explaining how a knife can be thrown without spinning. These techniques have their origins from places and people, and as such have it named after these people or places. While they are many techniques that have evolved with many others still evolving, let’s outline 4 basic techniques.

  • The Russian Technique
  • The Mumyou-Ryu Technique
  • The Traditional Japanese Technique
  • The Thorn Method

1. Russian

The Russian technique is one of the easiest and most common knife throwing technique without having it spin that exist.

This technique evolved from the Russian martial arts while training intakes on how to make use of the knife. To have a full understanding of how to make use of these technique, let us analyze it step by step.

Russian :knife throwing technique

Holding the Knife with the Thumb

To start with, you are to assume the grip and make use of it to hold the knife. This way, you are able to reduce the knife from rotating excessively while in flight. Go on to press the handle of the knife gently, then throw moving your wrist and forearm together.

Rotate Hips and Shoulders

When you throw, make sure your upper body is winded up with the throw. Turn hips and shoulders away from the target as you throw but in the same direction.

2. Mumyou-Ryu

Another knife throwing no spin technique is the Mumyou-Ryu technique. This technique unlike that of the Russian technique requires that you take proper grip and not assume it.

You will also need to ensure that the target aimed at and the knife are both in line when throwing to ensure you hit the target. Let us run briefly through the steps involved in the Mumyou-Ryu technique.

Modify the Standard Throwing Grip

To do this, your hands have to be wrapped around the handle, with you pinching between your thumb and middle finger. Your index finger should then be placed against the blade’s spine and centered.

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Release the Knife from a Suitable Position Carefully

Once you are in place and aligned to the target, you can release the knife from a 45-degree angle to make up for gravity and allow for a relaxed arc.

3. Traditional Japanese

The traditional Japanese knife throwing evolved from the Japanese martial arts that is being promoted by two prominent Japanese figures – Katori Shinto Ryu and Meifu Shinkage Ryu.

With a long standing Japanese history, this technique works best with smaller knives and is known to be a more precise technique. To effect this throw, follow these steps

Traditional knife throwing technique in Japanese

Keep Your ARM in a Downward Motion

This placement of your hands, is what helps you to hold the knife firmly.  This is very important considering the size of the knife.

Follow up and AIM the Throw Directly at Target

As you let go of the knife and set it on motion, make sure your eyes are steady fixed on the target.

4. Thorn Method

The thorn method of throwing knives straight combines together both the traditional knife throwing motion and the heavy spear throwing action together. It said to be invented by an instructor known as Ralph Thorn.

You can either practice this technique from the wide looping motion of your arm, or the timing of the release. Either ways you chose when using the thorn method, just follow these steps:

Hold the Knife by the Handle Firmly

There are two grip types available here and they are the thumb or modified hammer grip. Both ensures that you have a firm grip of the knife, but it shouldn’t be so tight.

Use your entire arm

As you advance to throw, a circular arm will be created that requires your arm to be dropped in. Make sure your arm doesn’t fall finish before you release the knife for its flight. Make sure you throw the knife with your eyes fixed on the target.

Throwing a Knife Straight: What Is It Called?

Throwing a knife straight is what is referred to as the no spin knife throwing. It is often also referred to as instinctive throw by some knife throwers and slow pin by others. This is because this throw type has its rotation controlled by the throw and has an incomplete spin.

Understanding the Basics

There are certain basic information you should know about as a knife thrower. A number of these basic information will be provided below and explained briefly to enhance your knowledge of throwing a knife straight.

1. What’s No-Spin Throwing Knife All About?

The idea behind how to throw a throwing knife without spin is very simple. It aims at ensuring that you are able to throw a knife at a target object or person without necessarily having the knife go through a complete spin.

While this process of knife throwing is called different names by different people, the idea is that no spin is required. Because the knife doesn’t go through a complete spin, it is likely to hit the target more.

2. Understanding the Science Behind No-Spin Knife-Throwing

If you have been wondering how to throw a knife without spin, let us quickly run through the physics behind throwing a knife without spin.

When you throw the knife, it gains momentum in the air making a radical shift. From a close study of its flight, you will discover that it spins but not so much to be noticeable. So when the throw is referred to as a no spin throw, it simple means there is an incomplete spin and not totally the absence of a spin. The incompleteness of the spin is what makes it higher to hit the archery target.

3. How Long Should the Knife Be?

The material that makes a special throwing knife is as much significant as the size and balance of it. The size of the knife to be used to effect the throw depends on how well you have mastered throwing a knife without spinning. While a beginner can make use of smaller knifes to enhance precision, a professional might have a better understanding of how it works. However, make sure knife to be used is of an average and moderate size.

4. How Should the Balance of the Knife Be?

The knife should be well-balanced. It is always very difficult for you to hit the target with ease when you make use of a knife that is not balanced. A balanced knife is one that has its handle as light as the blade. The handle or grip should not be excessively heavy else your throw might not be as perfect as desired.

How to Throw a Throwing Knife Without Spin? One Real Method!

Explaining how to throw a knife without spin in one real method is not an easy to conclusion to make. However, I would share how I go about mine so as to set a good pace for you to learn.

When throwing, I hold my handle the index finger and thumb and have my forefinger laid flat. The remaining fingers are wrapped across the handle very tight, this way, the knife doesn’t fall off. A throw is effected from the shoulder and not the elbow as is the usual case. Here, it is important that the knife is in a straight line with your hand and pointed to the target. Make sure as you throw the knife, you follow it through till it hits the target…

Ensuring Own Safety

A knife is a sharp object that can hurt you when it comes in contact with your body or any part of it. So when throwing a knife at a target, it is very important that you stick to some safety precautions, some of which includes

  • Make sure you understand what is required of any throwing technique before you engage it. When engaging it, make sure to follow every of its instructions to the letter.
  • Keep the environment cleared off anything that can affect your throw or can be affected by it. Take away people most especially children and items away to safety.
  • Wear safety gear like goggles that will shield your eyes. Also, you may keep an essential first-aid box near you because you don’t want to let yourself bleed in the event you cut yourself accidentally.

Knowing how to throw a knife straight is a very impressive ability that has to be developed. When you know how to throw a knife straight making use of the different techniques, you will no doubt become a better knife thrower.

To keep getting better, make sure you’ve read all the instructions provided here. With the right knowledge about throwing knives straight, you can boast about your skill anywhere any time! Don’t forget to keep your knives super sharp with the best knife sharpeners for better performance.

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