Vortex Viper HS LR 4-16×50 Riflescope

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Vortex Viper hs lr 4 16x50 Riflescope with dead-hold BDC reticle offer host of features to hunters and shooters alike. The Viper HS LR 4-16X50 (hunting and shooting long range) belongs to a subset of the Viper HS line. This subset is perfect for when you need to extend your shooting range, and bullet drop and wind drift compensation are important.

The HS of the Viper series is an acronym which implies hunting shooting rifle scopes.  Vortex Viper hs lr 4 16x50 has BDC reticle. BDC stands for bullet drop compensation, and it is ballistics reticle. These reticles are capable of giving shooters a true point of aim for a known distance to compensate for bullet drop.

The vortex viper scope has an advanced optical system. The XD glass of vortex scopes renders an image that is sharp and clear from edge to edge. The XR multi-coated lenses of vortex viper hs capture most light from dawn till dusk. The 4 x zoom range will pull snipers close to their target. The vortex long range scopes offer exposed target-style elevation turrets for dialing elevation at extended ranges. The CRS zero stop allows you to get back to referencing zero even after coming up several revolutions on the turret.

The exterior lenses of the Viper scope are protected by ultra-hard, scratch resistant Armortek coatings. The vortex viper scope is purged with argon and then sealed to prevent any loss of Ar (argon) caused by changes in pressure or temperature. This sealing process makes Vortex viper hs lr 4 16x50 fog proof and waterproof. The hard-anodized matte black finish of viper hs lr makes it extremely durable and looks awesome too.

The Vortex Viper hs lr 4 16x50 weighs 2.1 pounds or 33 ounces. This is not as light as other rifle hunting scopes on the market. But why does the optics weigh more weight? It is because 50mm objects bell means more weight. If you are related or concerned about the weight of the scope plus other weight factors like your rifle and any night vision mounting accessories, then this 2.1 pounds should not be suitable for you. Then you should look for lighter scopes between 11 or 13 ounces range.

Our Remarks

Vortex Viper hs lr 4 16x50 riflescope is an evolutionary upgrade with dead-hold BDC reticle comes with an array of features destined to well received by shooters and hunters. The riflescope has a new optical system highlighted with a 4 x zoom range capability. The ultra-friendly eye box with improved eye relief allows shooters to get on target easily and quickly because shooting opportunities are measured in terms of the fraction of seconds.

Vortex Viper hs lr 4 16x50 riflescope is built on an ultra-strong 30mm one-piece machined aluminum tube. The vortex scopes deliver increased windage and elevation travel for optimal adjustment. Its waterproof and fog proof features make it an all-weather riflescope.

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