UTG BugBuster Scope

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UTG BugBuster Scope

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The Utg bug buster scope is completely sealed with 100% nitrogen. When mounting the scope on your firearm, it offers the maximum reliability because of its shock, rain, and fog proof features. Dual red and green illumination and a cooperative eye relief make the scope a favorite choice among shooters in the most diverse of environments and weather condition. The scope is completed with 2 inches sunshade; high-quality flip-open lens caps and quick detachable rings.

Bug Buster scope features 1-inch tube with emerald coating for maximum light transmission. For precise windage and elevation adjustments utg bug buster scope comes with lockable and resettable turrets. Proper zeroing is one of the most critical parts of the optics. Locking and re-setting features of the turrets help in proper zeroing of the scope. Using its adjustable wide-angle front objective users can get a parallax-free view from as close as 3 yards to infinity.

The utg 3x9x32 bug buster brought red and green reticle illumination for a more effective scope under various environments and lighting condition. For the RGB illumination to work, the innovative side wheel control was introduced to get away from the traditional bulky rheostat on the eyepiece and giving users quick and easy access for reticle light.

The utg 3x9x32 has range estimating mil-dot-reticle technology. The manufacturer of the scope UTG developed and refined the unique tactical range estimating (TRE) mil-dot reticle feature. With some patient learning practice using TRE technology, shooters can enhance accuracy and performance in ways not imagined before. Regular mil-dot reticles usually have 4 dots in each direction of the crosshair giving users 9 different targeting points for either windage or elevation. On the other hand, Utg bug buster has 9 dots on each direction of the cross hair, giving you 19 aiming points or 21 including the inner tips of the duplex crosshairs.

Our Remarks

The unique feature of Utg bug buster scope is range estimating mil-dot reticle for optimal aiming and shooting performance. For maximum light transmission 1-inch tube of the bug, buster has an emerald coating. The utg bug buster scope comes with useful and most commonly sought-after accessories. In addition to the flip-open lens cap, Utg bug buster scope package has completed with a 2” sunshade and a couple of medium profile Max Strength heavy duty rings.

The scope is completely sealed and is fog and rainproof making it a versatile scope to use under any weather condition.  Smart Spherical Structure(SSS) of the Utg bug buster control the joint-like interaction between scope’s inner and outer tubes. The spherical design provides long lasting reliability. This utg 3x9x32 is ready to meet your shooting needs right out of the box.

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