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Uineye 1600 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder Review


If you in search of a stylish rangefinder that allows single handed operations, you are as close to that as you are to your favorite smartphone. 1600 Yards Laser Rangefinder has been hailed so much for reasons including its one-handed operation.
This golf distance finder is designed with a compact grip so that the user can carry this golf finder during the time of playing. This single handed operation makes it flexible to use the device with enthusiasm.

1600 Yards Laser Rangefinder provides different options for measurement, and you can switch the measurement units from meters to yards very fast. The crystal-clear view and transparent images make it attractive to the amateurs.

In case of long-distance measurement, it offers nose to nose feeling to your target. The versatile functions with multiple measurement modes, distance, angle, height and the horizontal distance measurement provide convenience for using this 1600 Yards Laser Rangefinder.

Feature Analysis

1. Quick Measurement

This golf rangefinder with slope can measure 1500 meter or 1600 yards to take angle shooting or hunting with 0.33 yard for accuracy. You can use this Uineye laser rangefinder for different purposes like wildlife viewing, game watching, hunting, climbing, and construction view. For short sighted people it provides clear images from the long distances.

2. Superior 8X Magnification

Uineye rangefinder is provided with the 8X magnification which offers crystal clear images through the ultra-clear lens display. The scan mode has the capacity for continuous ranging of moving or multiple targets optical. The multiple measurements enable it to measure the angle, horizontal or vertical distance. You can switch measurement from units to yards as you like most based on your choice.

3. Comfortable Grip

Ergonomic design provides comfortability for the single hand operation. Laser range finder hunting offers perfect grip, and you will feel lightweight and portable when handling this rangefinder hunting by a single hand. So, it is perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring and surveying.

4. CR2 Battery

This golf yardage finder is powered by a CR2 battery which provides smooth operation regarding the long-lasting charge. It requires a minimal charge, and the charging capacity is very fast. This CR2 battery is light enough to carry this unique rangefinder for a long time.

5. Superior Ranging Performance

Ranging distance to 1600yards with 8x magnification brings nose to nose feeling to your target. It offers superior performance as it has the multiple scan mode for providing different operation and the ranging will be shut down automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Range Capability: 5-1600 yards
  • Distance Accuracy: +/-0.5 yard
  • Objective Lens: 24mm
  • Eye Relief: 12mm
  • Battery: 3V(CR2)


  • Can fix the target easily
  • Provides accurate measurement
  • Resistant to water
  • Portable in all weather conditions
  • Very lightweight


  • Too fast reading to deliver 100% accuracy every time

Final Verdict

1600 Yards Laser Rangefinder is a high-quality rangefinder, useful for different purposes like hunting, golf playing, and wildlife viewing. It is designed with the standard material that is appreciable for taking the long distance measurement. It is very appealing to the user for its angle shooting options. The display offers crystal clear images with high precision.

In this Uineye 1600 Yards Laser Golf Rangefinder review, we have mentioned that there is a silly pitfall of this product, but you can handle this issue through minimal effort. We said that the mode may jump and cannot read the range always.

You may be thinking that you did not provide the commands, but the mode is working in its way. This is the problem of putting too much pressure on the button. You should run the command through the button smoothly. Otherwise, it will work on the way it likes.

Hopefully, by doing this, you can handle this issue and get the desired benefits from this 1600 Yards Laser Rangefinder

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