Simple And Affordable Simmons Volt 600 For Your Hunting

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Simple And Affordable Simmons Volt 600 For Your Hunting

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From the package and all, we get to know that the Simmons Volt600 range is from 10 to 600 yards. In real life usage, it’s tough to get the accurate distance. You have to keep in mind that in lab its examined in perfect condition, but in real life, there is nothing perfect, so the range may vary due to sunshine or gloomy weather. Accuracy on this rangefinder is +/- one yard, and that is quite perfect.

This Simmons volt 600 features simple one-button operation, and there is no extra button to create confuse you in the field and give you nothing less than accurate results.

You will get a 4x magnification from this Simmons rangefinder. It will allow you to get a closer view of the object you are trying to gauge the range. While the Simmons laser rangefinder has an LCD display and it is not backlit. Therefore, it becomes difficult to read in certain lighting conditions. You will get the battery level and the range to your target at the display that will make your hunting easier.

The volt 600 rangefinder is almost perfectly contoured to the shape of the human hand. It’s a bit oversized to make it convenient to hold and operate with gloves on. The plastic housing of this rangefinder does not have any rubber trim or adornments to make the rangefinder slip resistant. Thank’s to the manufacturer that it’s not a completely smooth surface. So it was easier to keep my grip on the device. The plastic lines on the top align perfectly goes with your four fingers and the thumb slot on the bottom providing a decent grip on the device.

You don’t get any battery with this Simmons volt 600 laser rangefinder. You need a 9 Volt battery to run it successfully. This kind of 9-volt batteries is easy to get into the rural areas. So the hunting becomes convenient with this kind of rangefinder.

Simmons volt 600 rangefinder shows you the distance of the object you are looking for on the screen. What it lacks is, it does have the scanning option. For scanning you need to target another object and press the button thus you can get the scanning and its quite boring. To carry Volt 600 rangefinder with you can use the provided case with belt loop. Also, the rangefinder has lanyard hole in itself you can set a strap there also to place it around your neck.

Our Remarks

Simmons volt 600 is an efficient tool for the hunters. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Simple one button use of this Simmons Volt 600 tilt makes it usable for everybody. You will get the precise distance of any object in this rangefinder. It’s great with its batteries also as the batteries are available in the rural areas. Enjoy hunting!

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