Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder Review

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Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder

Rangefinders are essential product when it comes to hunting. If you want an accurate shot, you would want a rangefinder. Sig Sauer Rangefinder has taken the modern technology and hunting at an advanced pace. The Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder review will help you learn more about this rangefinder.

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Rangefinder is influencing the market quite well because of its outstanding performance. There are rarely such rangefinders in the market to give a powerful magnification along with an excellent range. Thus, it is regarded as the best rangefinder now.

There are several other benefits to know about Sig Sauer Rangefinder, and our review will let you understand about those benefits. Now, let's start reading.

Table of contents

01 Sig Sauer 2000 Kilos Rangefinder Overview

Sig is famous for its high-quality product, and Sig Sauer 2000 Kilos Rangefinder is no different. This rangefinder is being picked by most of the hunters and shooters for its 1000+ yard range which enables you to have the best hunting experience. But that is not all. The sig kilo 2000 rangefinder review describes more about it.

The Sig Sauer Rangefinder consists of a Cordoba protective carrying case, a lanyard, battery, a manual for guidance and a box for protection. The size of the rangefinder is possibly same as the size of your palm which is very convenient to use. The specifications of this rangefinder are as follows:

02 Specifications
  • Magnification Range: 7x
  • Finish: Matte black w/Rubber
  • Objective: 25mm
  • Eye Relief: 0.59” (15mm)
  • FOV: 34.6’ @100 yards
  • Max Range: 3400 yards on Reflective targets
    • 1500 yards on trees
    • 1200 yards on deers
  • Reticle: Circle with data
  • Battery: CR2
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 OLED Display

The feature analysis of Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder review starts with an excellent feature that is OLED display. While most of the rangefinder provides traditional LCD, this rangefinder gives a crystal-clear view through its OLED factor. This display can read in any lighting condition.

3.2 Finest range

The Sig Sauer Range finder yields 7 x magnifications which are the best thing any hunter would want. It allows you to focus even on the smallest target possible and never lets you to miss a shot. The 1000+ yards range works efficiently.

3.3 Waterproof and fog proof

Anyone would not want to drop their aim or lose their useful device either because of weather condition. This is why; this rangefinder comes with the protection from water and fog. You can have no difficulty shooting in rain and fog.

3.4 Well-made quality

The Sig focuses on maintaining a high standard in its material. The solid body of the rangefinder is built with magnesium with soft rubber adjusted to the top and bottom so that you do not lose the grip. The materials used are lightweight and durable also.

3.5 Auto-brightness

In this Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder review, we need to mention one of the exclusive features – the brightness option that can be adjusted both automatically and manually. It depends on the user’s will. It is built with a sensor to detect the lighting condition and work accordingly.

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Pros
  • Superior quality
  • First-rate magnification
  • Life time protection and warranty
  • Protection from weather
  • Adaptable brightness
4.2 Cons

In our Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder review, we see just one downside; very crucial aspect though. It is the cost of the rangefinder that might make you turn aside from the purchase. But, considering the hi-tech features, you can easily forget about the price you would need to pay.

05 Final Verdict

Hunting and archery are being practiced by many people till date. Hunters would always seek for the best instrument to support their activities. Sig Sauer Rangefinder is the best of its kind for its innovative and brilliant details.

Sig Sauer Rangefinder is expensive, but it is worth the value. This rangefinder has impressive characteristics which distinct from others like the OLED Display, sensor lighting, etc. This rangefinder is maintaining a superb magnification with other fancy stuff. These traits would undoubtedly impress any hunter.

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Rangefinder is gaining popularity in a wide range and recommended by people all over the world. In conclusion, we can emphatically say that Sig Sauer Rangefinder surely never disappoints your hunting adventure. We hope this Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder review assists you to make a great decision.

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