Reflex Sights Vs Red Dot Sights: Six Key Differences You Should Remember!

reflex sights vs red dot
Written by Robert Stevens

Many avid shooters are unaware of the fact that reflex sights and red dot sights are not the same.

In the contest between reflex vs red dot, we need to know about each of the sights before making the opinion in favor of either. This is the exactly we are here to do today in this article.

If you own a gun, you’re likely to get a red dot first and now may be looking for some useful information about red dot vs reflex sight, then sit down and go through the guide as this is going to be very informative for you. Check for what are the characteristics and qualities and the major difference between red dot and reflex sight.

Reflex Sights vs Red Dot

As we have seen the basic definition and the differences between the two sights – reflex sight vs red dot sight. Now we will take the study of the two options in term of the benefits, popularity and some others.

The ability of the eye is brilliant but insufficient in some scenario as well. There are some gadgets like focus, zoom, and the magnification that are very useful in enhancing the quality of views.

So, the use of the red dot sight and the reflex sight has great importance and they are used in most of the military equipment. It is very crucial for the military to attack on the right point targets and this can be gained only by using the ultra-modern and well-equipped weapons and arms.


The reflex sight comprises no laser and therefore no significant amount of light is emitted forward using this technology.  Since the reticle is very effectively reflected back to the eyes, the target field is clearly visible.

The red dot sight has been manufactured advanced technologies and it is widely used by the military forces.

1. Reticles

With then reflex sights, you are free to shoot only when you are able to find it. It uses a lens mirror to signify the red dot to reflect back to your eye.

The red dot sight not always aims the red reticle and it is also not always a simple dot. You can target the reticle with electronic sights that have no magnification optical.

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2. Magnification Power

The Reflex sight is a non-magnifying type of sight that we can easily found on different types of telescopes, firearms, and still cameras, etc. Because of the superior quality, durability, easy to handle and precision results, many of the military forces prefer to use reflex sight in attack operations.

As we have discussed above, the red dot sight is not a type of sight in itself. It is just a characteristic of the major sights like holographic sights, prism sights, and reflex sights.

3. Field of View (FoV)

This is the most important aspect when we use a more familiar telescopic sight. You have to see what’s going on around the aim and then get the wider field of view.

In the red dot, the field of view matters if the sight is too close to you. You can get a small blind spot where it can block the view of both eyes.

4. Acquisition

There can be a significant occlusion that may result from the front and the rear iron sights. Furthermore, while aiming the target with open eyes, there will not be any retinal occlusion of any portion of your naked-eye.

The red dot sights are quick in target acquisition, but the problem may occur about knocking off the zero that may result in failure.

5. Uses of the Sights

The use of the reflex sights vs red dot is different for varying conditions.

  • Military forces are the principal beneficiaries although you canuse a reflex sight for long-range targets.
  • The red dot sights are considered to be accurate to hit the target with the red dot point.

6. Co-Witnessing

This term means only one thing – the ability to use either optical or iron sight. Co-witnessing simply provides you with redundant sighting system in case any one of them get fail.

You will be able to see the electronic sight reticle aligned with the peak part of the iron sight.

7. Zeroing

While zeroing, you can get tube reflex sights that can be mounted with the switch module.

Zeroing the red dot sight is very similar to zeroing any rifle scope. It may have an additional zeroing process with back up iron sights.

So, What’s the Catch?

Summarizing all, the reflex sights and the red dot sights both are useful for different conditions and occasions. You can go for any of them as per your shooting requirements and reap out the benefits to enhance your experience.

So, there we have knowledge about reflex sights vs red dot. A thorough analysis is given to make the right selection sure for you.

You can see that Reflex sight is popular for its quality, precision, durability, ease, and superior performance, whereas the red dot sight is recognized for its long battery life and simplicity of use.

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