Precision NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

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  • 29, Apr, 2018
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Precision NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Do you want to have correct distance information? Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder offers the ultimate performance regarding providing correct distance information. The adaptive slope and pulse vibration technologies deliver a locked system on the targets for ensuring accurate distances to the targets, not what’s behind it. The pulse vibration technologies offer a wonderful system for the target acquisition with precision.

Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder is very simple, handy, and stylish that is very suitable to produce accurate distance measurement. The high-quality parts and components make the play enjoyable by reducing all the complexities of measuring yardage from long distance.

The shockproof design makes it attractive to the world-class golfers as it is portable for the different tournaments without any hassle. So, no fear about the slide off as it has the long-lasting feature which increases durability and sturdiness.

Table of contents

01 Precision NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder Overview

Most of the rangefinders do not alert you about the targets through a vibration but this precision pro locks on the target easily. This excellent feature gives you confidence that you have found the target without facing hassles.

This lightweight rangefinder with slope has a shockproof design to protect it from destruction. No matter, if it slides unconsciously to the hard surfaces of the road when you are carrying, it ensures long-run capacity to delivers maximum services.

The water-resistant feature is also appealing to the golfers as weather forecasting has zero probability and sometimes the golf session may be discarded due to bad weather conditions. This laser rangefinder offers the water-resistant feature to continue playing in all circumstances.

02 Specifications
  • Adaptive Slope Technology (USGA Legal)
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Target Acquisition Technology
  • Accuracy +/- 1 Yard
  • 400 Yard Range
  • 1/10 Measurements
  • Water Resistant Design
  • Shock Proof Design
  • 6x Magnification
  • Free Battery Replacements
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 Adaptive Slope Technology

This golf laser rangefinder allows you to toggle between elevation measuring slope and tournament legal non-slope modes. It offers the straight-line distance as well as the elevation measuring information with accuracy. You may be worry that the trees, bunkers may create obstacles to your mission of setting the targets but this rangefinder removes this troublesome to a great extent.

3.2 Target Acquisition Technology

The TAG Function scans feature will help you to show your efficiency and competitiveness in the field as after some time it locks the view and focuses on the desired target to ensure accuracy. Thus, it eliminates the ambiguous situation, and you can decide wisely for target acquisition.

3.3 Pulse Vibration Technology

This golf rangefinder with slope gives a quick pulse when locked on to the target, so you know what you've hit. It makes a vibration when getting the targets from the long distant point and this vibration when locks on to the target are easy to feel. So, this precision golf gives you confidence that you have found the target. It is a wonderful technology regarding having accurate distance measurement capacity.

3.4 Clear Optics

Clear optics offers sharpness so that you can read the message on display easily. It also delivers quick yardage readings, and it is very simple to use, even for golfers with shaky hands. So, there is a little risk of the error message as you can read the command accurately. Even for the golfers who have shaky hands with little knowledge about the golf play, he can do the job with precision

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Pros
  • Easy to find the targets
  • Having shock resistant capacity
  • Ensure long-run capacity
  • Having water resistant capacity
4.2 Cons
  • Yardage Readings can be difficult in poor lighting
05 Final Verdict

Precision Pro Golf tries to cover versatile services to increase the value proposition to customers by satisfying their changing demand. They provide two-year warranty, battery replacement services, trade in allowance to get maximum customer loyalty. Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder is a wonderful combination of all the innovative technologies to ensure flexible operation. You will find the playing enjoyable with high motivation as it removes all the complexities to work with precision.

Though there is a silly pitfall, you can address this issue technically. The yardage numbers are black, and the text is skinny and small, readout can be difficult in poor lighting, but it is fine on a clear day. You should avoid using this Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder on a gloomy day. Except for this little drawback, golf laser rangefinder provides accurate distance measurement in most circumstances. The most exciting feature is the vibration locked technology which is very helpful to know when the target is acquired.

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