Leupold Yosemite Hunting Binoculars Review 2018

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  • 15, Jul, 2018
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Leupold Yosemite Hunting Binoculars Review 2018

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After a long working week who wouldn’t love to go for a tour? You need to manage your backpack to  get yourself ready for a short tour. When you are going out, a binocular should always be with you to enjoy the clear view of nature around you.  Not just any binocular, Leupold Yosemite binoculars should be the choice of all. We will try to justify here, why you should choose Leupold binoculars.

Look Of The Binocular

The size and weight of the Leupold Yosemite binocular got our attention first. It has got the 6X30 configuration that empowers you to get a 6 times clear view of your surroundings. The clear views make the journey worth of millions. An 8X30 is also available from Leupold.

Leupold Yosemite BX-1 Hunting Binoculars 4.6 Inches tall and weighs only 482 grams. It's comfortable to carry it all the day. It's simple and light enough that users may handle it single handed.

Overall View Of Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 6X30

We haven’t got any report of destructive type test on  Leupold binoculars. The structure of the tools feels strong and likely to take up all hard use with ease.  You will not get any support to use a tripod from this product. Binoculars are easy to use without a tripod. Leupold spotting scope is more of the tool that you can use with a tripod and give your arms a rest.

The Leupold Yosemite binoculars are rubber padded as like many other binoculars. The rubber armoring does not make sure that the instrument is  waterproof. If you have a rubber pad applied to the outside of the binocular, it will help protect against minor bumps and scrapes. The new Yosemite BX-1 is available in a range of colors: black, natural (a tan or beige), mossy oak break-up blaze, mossy oak break-up pink and mossy oak treestand.

Water Resistant/Fog-Proof

Yosemite binoculars have got both Porro and roof design lens. This one is a Porro design binocular. All the Leupold is made waterproof and fog proof. They also used the nitrogen gas to remove the air molecule inside the lens to make  it free of any micro-bacterial attack. You should try to keep on the safe side by purchasing a waterproof binocular.

Our Remarks

Leupold Yosemite brings the sturdy and comfortable binocular to you. The BX1 binocular is not only waterproof and fog proof, but also free from any bacterial attack on the lens. It’s a great tool that you would you love to keep always with you while on tour.

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