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Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder Review


Are you looking for the particular rangefinder that delivers wonderful performance? We have the opportunity to try a number of rangefinders for different activities like hunting. Halo Rangefinder is the one that is ideal for your adventures. This Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder review is for those who want to know everything about the product before throwing their money at it.

Basically, rangefinders measure ranges, but the best range finder does something more than that. For certain endeavors, you need the finest one. Halo XRT Rangefinder is handy for all types of terrain due to its driving range, shooting range and finding the range of any other stable object.

This device can eliminate any complications with a single button for its operations. It is recommended especially for hunting because it is useful in all types of terrain for long range hunting. On reading this Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder review, you will get to know about the remarkable features of the product one by one.

Feature Analysis of Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder

1. Water Resistant Housing

The weather can rough at any time, and no one can control the weather. The Halo XRT Rangefinder keeps you free from anxiety when you are out on the golf course or hunting over ground and stream because of its water-resistant design.

2. 6X Magnification and Scan Mode

The enhancement magnification is definitely a bonus when you are trying to measure range with Halo’s 6X magnification. The 20mm objective lens is better and clear. The eye-lens is 15.5 mm and has a fog proof and waterproof coat. The scan mode can smoothly range a target to ensure that your reading is accurate even if your aim is not as stable as you would like.

3. Compact Size/Shape

The compact size and lightweight make the Halo Rangefinder comfortable to use and flexible to carry when you are in outdoor activities. The palm can be simply fitting with your hand, and this rangefinder has two-handed bracing design along with a non-slip rubberized grip that makes sure to get an accurate reading without having a stretch when steading your grip.

While considering the range finder’s ability to deliver consistent visibility, we took its compact design and optical functionality into consideration, which is evident in this Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder review.

4. 600 Yard Range and Accuracy

In spite of its smaller size, the Halo XRT62 still has an impressive 600-yard range and an accuracy of +/- 1 yard, giving you the certainty you need to choose the right lineup for the accurate shot. This level of accuracy did not escape our attention, which is why, we emphasize it in our Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder review.

5. Reliability

Well, at a very close range of under 10 yards, the distance can look a bit imprecise, but it is delivered only one-yard-of-error at distances beyond 10 yards.


  • Product Dimensions: 6″ X 2″ X 7″
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Battery: CR2 Lithium Ion battery
  • warranty: 1-year


  • Accurate rangefinder up to 300 yards
  • Simple to operate
  • Great value for your price
  • Longer battery life
  • Water Resistant
  • 600 Yard Range
  • Compact Size


  • The XRT62 can failure in low light conditions.
  • Sometimes the manual zoom setting may lose you an elusive target.

Final Verdict

Great, as much as we like other models of cameras, Halo XRT Rangefinder may be the best rangefinder for hunters who need their target fast. This rangefinder has the right blend of extra features, compact design and simple to controls. The proper light conditions can help those who want to work with stable targets.

So, in our Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder review, you have read about a rangefinder that is simple to use, budget-friendly, reliable and durable. Don’t you think it fits your needs?

In terms of full range finding ability, XRT62-7 Rangefinder makes accurate targeting for impressive hunting. The 6X optical magnification makes the eyepiece up to your eye level for flexible seeing. So, we highly recommend the Halo XRT62-7 Rangefinder as a better-quality rangefinder that will help you improve your golfing as well as hunting.

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