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A User-friendly Guide to Using a Halo Rangefinder

Halo Rangefinder
Written by Erik Himmel

Halo Rangefinder is one of the most popular and convenient devices for the hunters and the golfers also. If you are a golfer, halo laser rangefinder is your best friend when you want to put the ball into the hole. Hunters also find a great use of the halo rangefinder when they want to measure the distance of their targets. Although a halo rangefinder is pretty easy to use, we will go through some general instructions to maximize the use of it.

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder

Open the battery compartment cover on the back of your halo rangefinder by pulling up the tab and turning it to the left

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder

Follow the arrows on the compartment door. They will match and now you can remove the cover.

After removing the battery compartment cover, insert a CR2 battery and make sure that the plus (+) is facing down.

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder 2

Remember: the tabs of the halo rangefinder can only go in one way. So, when you close the battery compartment cover, align the arrows. Then push down the battery and turn the cover to the right.

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder 3

For installing the lanyard strap, turn the rangefinder over to the bottom side and put in one end of the lanyard through the hole. Then insert the long end of lanyard through the small loop and pull the taught.

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder 4

Identify the Power button and press it briefly for turning the unit on.

How to Use a Halo Rangefinder 5

Now, you will see 1 of the 4 images on the LCD screen of your halo rangefinder depending on the previous setting.

LCD screen of your halo rangefinder

For focusing the unit, identify the adjustable eyepiece and turn it to the left or to the right until the images you see are in focus.

How to Switch between Modes in Halo Rangefinder

There are generally four modes in halo laser rangefinder like halo Z6X, halo xl450, halo emblem, halo optics. Identify “mode” key and press it. The modes you will see are:

  • Yards measurement in Normal Distance
  • Yards measurement in AI Distance
  • Meters measurement in Normal Distance
  • Yards measurement in AI Distance

1. Yards measurement in Normal Distance

in this mode, you will only see the Track of View space in yards. This mode will give you a precise standard space to the target.

2. Yards measurement in AI Distance

in this mode, you will see the Factual Space in yards & upright direction. This mode reimburses for the direction of gradient or drop in ground to provide a precise space to the objective.

3. Meters measurement in Normal Distance

in this mode, you will only see the Mark of Vision space in meters. This mode will give you an accurate usual space to the objective.

4. Meters measurement in AI Distance

This mode will show you the True Distance in meters & upright position. This mode reimburses for the position of rise or drop in landscape to provide a precise space to the object.

Ranging with Halo Rangefinder

  • Click the “Power button” only once and start ranging.
  • When you are ranging the distance of your target, the conveying sign will twinkle. After completing the ranging, the twinkling will stop and the result comes on the monitor of your halo rangefinder.

Note: If your target is out of range or a measurement could not be obtained the halo rangefinder will display “- – – -” on the screen.

How to Use the Scan Mode of the Halo Rangefinder

  • For using the “Scan Mode”, you have to press and hold the Power button.
  • Then you will see ‘scan’ on the screen.
  • You will then see the measurements changing on the screen while you change the targets in scan mode.
  • Release the power button to stop the Scan mode. This mode can be used in any of the 4 ranging modes.

How to Clean the Halo Rangefinder

  • Your rangefinder is designed to power off automatically after 20 seconds of button inactivity.
  • For cleaning the lenses, use the cleaning cloth that was in the box of your halo laser rangefinder. Keep a circular motion to clean the lenses with cleaning cloth.
  • Using any cloth which is not soft can make a scratch on your lenses.

Halo rangefinder is a great device for targeting and ranging distant objects or animals. The Halo rangefinder is one of the best modern rangefinders that make all of your ranging purposes fulfilled with accuracy and precession.

HALO XL600-8 Hunting Scopes Range Finders, Multi, One Size
  • Maximum reflective range of 600 yards. Ergonomic design with non-slip grip. Accuracy: +/-one yard
  • Scan mode allows you to range multiple targets at different yardages with only one click of the button
  • Angle intelligence: calculate true horizontal distance of targets at any elevation. Weather resistant housing
  • Shows distance in both meters and yards. Adjustable Eye piece for focus
  • Includes CR2 Battery, carrying lanyard, and lens cloth

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