Golf Scope Binocular Rangefinder Review

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Golf Scope Binocular Rangefinder

Good news for people who want more vision! Laser Slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars are available to reduce the troubles wearing glasses during golf sessions. It makes a nearly perfect companion to the golf players by enabling them to identify the targets from a long distance without wearing glasses. Go through our informative overview of Laser slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars and get a concrete idea of what to expect.

Wearing glasses can make it hard to view via eyepiece. For this reason, this Suaoki digital laser rangefinder supports adjustment which frees you from glasses and views object from a long distance as it offers the 6X magnification.

Laser slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars offers versatile functions such as distance measure, height, angle, and speed with this one device to provide a perfect match to your multiple objectives. Not only you can use it for the golf purpose, but also you can view the wildlife, climbing, game watching.

During bad weather conditions, you will have no issues using this Laser Slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars as they are resistant to splashes or dust.

Table of contents

01 Laser slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars Overview

Golf binoculars provide accurate measurements on most instances. It uses laser beams which are safe for the eyes. The short-sighted people can take the targets with precision by using this.

Golf distance finder is very lightweight; you can handle this hassle freely. It is well designed enough to provide compact performance and portability for the players in all weather conditions.

It offers the perfect speed of setting the targets from angle measurement within 1 seconds that is not very time-consuming. It also provides the clear images for the short-sighted people from a long distance.

02 Specifications
  • Weight: 0.52lbs/ 273g
  • Measuring Range: 5.5~656 ft./ 5~600m
  • Measuring Unit: Meter/ Yard
  • Accuracy: ±1m
  • Angle Accuracy: ±1°
  • Wavelength: 905nm
  • Objective Lens: 22mm
  • Eyepiece Lens: 16mm
  • Exit Pupil: 3.7mm
  • Diopter Adjustment: ±5D
  • Field of View: 7°
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Speed: 18~300km/h
  • Measuring Angle: ±90°
  • Trajectory Angle Range: ±20°
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~ +40°C
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 Versatile Functions

This golf laser rangefinder has perfect height for measuring the distance or taking the targets through vertical or horizontal sight measurement. It takes only 1 seconds to set the targets so you will not get bored by using this laser range finder scope. It also offers the speed (18~300km/h) and angle (±90°) measurement which is very compatible with the flag-lock technology.

3.2 Golf Slope Mode

suaoki digital laser rangefinder chooses the golf trajectory compensation to calculate and adjust the yardage depending on the degree of slope (±20°). For the wonderful feature of this suaoki laser distance meter allows golfers to take a more informed swing. So the golf players can get the distance measurement with precision.

3.3 Better Viewing Experience

For using this suaoki rangefinder without glasses, it has the diopter adjustment of (±5D) knob for short-sighted or long-sighted people. It is designed with the high-quality 6x monocular to bring clear images right in front of your eyes. This feature is compatible with your game watching or wildlife viewing mission.

3.4 Precision & Convenience

For the elite amateurs, it offers the detailed accuracy of 1m in distance so that they can easily switch units between meters and yards based on the necessities. As the setting mode in this rangefinder scope has variations, it is highly demanded to the word class golf playing soldiers.

3.5 Solid Construction

This golf scope rangefinder is armored with the rubber gaskets to ensure that it is splash proof or dustproof. This rubber armor enables it to save from the water that can damage the different parts of this rangefinder. So it is highly portable as it has the non-slip grip and you do not have to fear of the slides of it.

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Pros
  • Provides accurate measurement
  • Ensure safety of the eyes
  • Offer clear images
  • Offer high speed
  • Very lightweight
  • Portable in all weather conditions
4.2 Cons
  • Can hang or provide an error message
05 Final Verdict

Laser slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars are built with features to give you an accurate distance measurement. You can load the necessary information required to hit the targets with precision.

As this Laser Slope Golf Scope Rangefinder Binoculars are a manmade product. It is not always free of the flaws. The mode or setting may display an error message if it hangs for a long time of use or you put too much pressure on the button to perform fast. But you can handle this issue skillfully.

When it will show the error message, you need to open the battery for a while for the relaxation of the battery. You also need to have a passion when pressing the button to work. Otherwise, it may hang. By following this thing, you can achieve the optimal advantage from this laser distance finder.

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