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How to Use a Golf Range Finder to Get a Perfect Measurement

how to use a golf rangefinder
Written by Erik Himmel

New golfers are more dependent on various gadgets and stuff. Golf Range finder is most popular and mostly used tech equipment in golf. Amateurs use this device to improve their golfing skill. Originally, range finders were developed for industrial purposes, but from the last decades range finders have been using for different recreational purposes as well.

There is a common belief among new users that, the use of laser rage finder is quite difficult and to have the perfect distance you need to hold the device very steadily towards the target. This is not always true, but it requires little steps, rules, and practice to be an experienced golf range finder user. Read More!

How to Use a Golf Rangefinder the Right Way

Golf Rangefinder

Purchase a Golf Range Finder

First thing first! Buy a golf range finder that covers maximum distance so that you can practice for both short distance and long distance target. You should consider the range of 500+ yards as long distance range finder. You should not buy hunting range finders. Although hunting range finder calculates distance, their operating procedure is little different. So, it is better to stick with the specialized golf range finders.

Golf range finders can be GPS based or Laser-based. GPS based golf range finders use pre-stored GPS points to provide an exact distance of different fixed points which includes flag sticks, bunkers, and lakes. These devices are quite self-explanatory and perform all required calculations for you. Laser-based golf range finders use laser beam combined with pin seeker technology which precisely targets and locks an object to measure the distance. However, you need to be very steady to measure distance with this laser beam.

Hunting Rangefinders also use a particular laser technology that measures target distance. They use the mode to prioritize target distance only, which is not perfect for golfing. So, you need to find golf specific laser or GPS rangefinders. There are a lot of Golf related range finders in the market. From them, you can try Bushnell range finder, Arduino laser range finder, and Leupold range finder.

Know Your Purpose

If you are new in golfing as well as using a golf range finder, know your purpose. In golfing you may use a range finder for several purposes such as determining the location and distance of tee, hazards, flagsticks, greens, and bunkers. Then start practicing for one specific target until you master it.

Know the Technique

Laser rangefinders offer a lot of technological features to assist you in finding and measuring target locations. Try to find out what your manufacturer provides for you. Try all the techniques to find best suited for a specific target. Check the range finding button, display reticle and the possibility of reaching a target. By adjusting the reticle with the ranging button, you can prevent error on viewing bunker or the hills.

Pin Seeker is another technology which is used in almost all laser range finders. With this technology, you can be confirmed whether your range finder is measuring the distance of flag or the trees around it. Pin Seeker technology uses a locking mechanism that shows a full lock on the target to confirm the measurement.

Some golf range finders also able to show the distance between two different targets by using the continuous indirect measurement technology. To utilize this technique, you need to hold the range finder to the goal and continuously press the ranging button or power button (varies depending on manufacturer) while moving the view from one target to another. It will precisely then calculates distant of two goals and show it to you.

There is always a new feature to use. So, check the user manual to find out more about the elements of your range finder.

Know your Location

The knowledge about your location may seem irrelevant, but it is essential that a master golfer knows his position more than anyone else. For example, your laser rangefinder may read a distance less or higher than the accurate distance, when you already know the accurate distance. Now, it’s time to point and try your target for the second time.

Start Measuring and Practice More

  • Check the magnification level before you start finding the target. Most range finders come with adjustable magnification for different distance. Adjust correctly before you measure.
  • Adjust your eye to the eye hole while focusing your target correctly. Knowing and using the eye relief of your range finder is essential. Wrongful placement of the eye hole before the eye can be very uncomfortable during the use of the golf range finder.
  • At first go for the more significant targets. It is easier to target and lock more significant targets. Be confident that you measure right distance then go for smaller goals.
  • At first, try to measure between 50 yards to 100 yards away target. It is essential before you start measuring flagstick that is in more distant.
  • Have someone who is experienced in ranging through golf range finders. This will ensure that you are using it in a right way. You will also be confirmed that, whether your unit is defective or not.

Although it is easy to aim and shot, a bit more patience and a lot of practice will help you to be a pro in finding an accurate distance using your range finder. You should read the manufacturer’s manual carefully before using your golf range finder. You can also consider video tutorials as well.

Final Words

Using a rangefinder is not something that needs a mountain moved and it’s not so technical as gripping your golf grips. However, for better accuracy and precision you have to practice a lot. Be sure to focus correctly and adjust magnification properly to get the right measurement.

Keep the range finder clean and store it correctly while you do not use it. Pack an extra battery as you might need to change the batteries just before the end of the game. Repeated usage causes more battery drain than regular use.

We believe you know all about using golf range finder by now. For more information and query, write to us. Happy Golfing with Your Golf Range Finder!

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