FitSand Rangefinder Case Review

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FitSand Rangefinder Case

Are you looking for a rangefinder case to protect your range finder from strike and scrape? Then, FitSand Rangefinder Case is exactly what you need.

This rangefinder case enables you to hold and carry your Vortex scopes with convenience. This lightweight case is very easy to carry when you need.  This case is excellent looking so it can be considered to be an excellent gift to your friends.

To let you know more about this Vortex rangefinder case we are about to start our FitSand Rangefinder Case review now.

Table of contents

01 FitSand Rangefinder Case Overview

FitSand (TM) Travel Carry Zipper EVA Hard Case for Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 with Horizontal Component Distance Rangefinder RRF-101 is the best way of protection for your rangefinder. The case is lightweight and so very easy to carry with you. You can fit your laser rangefinder very quickly in this case.

In case you want to know the detailed information of this rangefinder case, we are showing you the specifications of FitSand Rangefinder case now.

02 Specifications
  • Package Dimensions - 7.2 x 4.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight - 2.56 ounces
  • Shipping Weight - 2.56 ounces
  • Material - PU leather, satin finish
  • Brand – FitSand
  • Manufacturer recommended age – 12+ Years
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 Lightweight

FitSand rangefinder case weighs only 2.56 ounces. So, we must say that this rangefinder case is very lightweight

3.2 Portable

You can easily carry this lightweight rangefinder case with convenience.

3.3 Material and quality

FitSand Rangefinder Case is made with Polyurethane or PU leather. It is a very high-quality rangefinder case

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Pros
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Fits well
4.2 Cons
  • Limited color choice
05 Final Verdict

FitsSand Rangefinder Case is the ultimate solution for the safety of your Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 with Horizontal Component Distance Rangefinder RRF-101. This case is lightweight and portable and fits your rangefinder case very nicely.

According to our research, we found this accessory to be of high quality and very useful. So, we are recommending you to try this rangefinder case for the safety of your rangefinder case. We believe that the quality and the performance of this product will not let you down. Instead, it will meet your expectations to the fullest.

However, we hope that our Fitsand Rangefinder review has been very helpful to you to know more about this rangefinder case in detail and make the best decision wisely.

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