Hunting Facts & Different Types of Hunting- Using Guns, Bows & Arrows

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Hunting can be seen as a hobby or a sporting activity. It is the act of using traps or other forms of weapon to trap or kill animals. There are tons of weapons you can use and of techniques to adopt to carry out hunting effectively. The entire process includes tracking and pursuing animals of different kinds with the same motive (killing). People often hunt down wildlife or feral animals for food, recreational reasons, or for the primary aim of eliminating predators.

Over the years, it has been recorded that sportsmen and women donated an approximate amount of $8 Million every day primarily to support caretakers and wildlife agencies. Currently, hunters spend an approximate amount of $2484 yearly on hunting.

In our world today, we have a teenage girls market known as one of the most rapidly developing markets. From a recent study, it was proven that about 72% of women are currently hunting with firearms compared to the approximate amount that was recorded five years ago. By the same token, an approximate percent of 50 women were also recorded to get involved in target shooting, which also is a downward slide when compared with the number that was recorded five years back.

Most Popular Types of Hunting

Hunting Facts that Might Interest You

Here are some astonishing figures and facts that are linked to hunting. These figures and facts represent the significance of the hunting sport and how it has drastically contributed to the economy. Below are some astonishing facts and figures that are linked to hunting.

  • From a record taken from the Wildlife Restoration Act, which was enacted in the year 1937. It records that hunters and target shooters paid an approximate amount of $7 Billion as their taxes.
  • Most American citizens participated actively in combined hunting that recorded about 282 million each year. This means each person hunted for 20 – 22 days.
  • Approximately about 38 Million citizens were actively involved in fishing and hunting.
  • A total amount of 680,000 occupations were supported mainly by hunters and anglers.
  • Various hunting tools were sold out at an affordable rate with the removal of taxes that were associated with the sales of the tools.
  • Do you know that the sum total of American citizens who hunt or shoot outweighs those who play baseball.
  • The total number of Americans who were killed via a vending machine outweighs the number of mortalities traced to the use of guns.
  • The total sale of hunting equipment is on a rapid increase when compared to the total sales amount of sales related to sporting equipment.
  • An approximate amount of 40 Billion Dollars has been recorded to be spent by American citizens –primarily for the purchase of gaming equipment.
  • There has been a rapid increase since 1993 in the sales of a hunting license, stamp, and tag permits that are meant for non-residential citizen.
  • Hunting equipment is listed as part of the most sold equipment in the United States.
  • Hunting has generated $40 Billion revenue, which is exceeds the revenue generated by Goldman and Google if compared.

Various Types of Hunting

As stated earlier, there are diverse forms of hunting and different techniques you can adopt to utilize each skill. Now let take a brief look into each of the following.

Various Types of Hunting

Camouflage Hunting

Camouflaging is an important skill in hunting. It involves hunters remaining invisible to a specific animal they intend to hunt down. During this technique, staying out of sight should be your governing principle. The techniques allow gamers to blend within the background they stand to hunt down animals and remain invisible to the animal they intend to hunt.

As we know, animals have a different sight from humans. This principle has been the major step that has govern camouflage hunting. Although many are of the opinion that as long as we can differentiate ourselves, we remain visible to animals.

Dog Handlers

Dog handling is a hunting technic that is carried out effectively within a team and not individuals. Dogs that are used as handlers are properly trained to exhibit team cooperation for a successful hunt. If you prefer dog handling, then, using the right equipment will be the best opinion, this will help you gain massive control and never miss preys. A well-trained dog can be an unending asset for you as a hunter.

If you are a fan of dogs and love to use them while hunting, then there are a couple of wears and hunting equipment that could aid up your hunting experience and give you a smoother experience while running with your dog or after an animal.

While doing a bird hunt, waiting for a season isn’t required. There are various types of birds that are specifically for bird hunting all through the year, and it based on what you are hunting. Birds are known to have highly sensitive sights that are pretty active in viewing objects. Shooting down a game target will demand to wear a complete hunting outfit.

Wild boar Hunting

This type of hunting is usually accompanied by multiple challenges. It is done all through the year. The wild board is an animal with a well-developed sense of smell and hearing.  And in most cases, the animal tends to get aggressive, so the use of the right tool and hunting clothing will be required in case you miss a shot. And oftentimes, when they get frightened, they tend to move out quickly, and become violet once they are wounded.

Big Game Hunting

All forms of hunting that are carried out with the use of bear, deer, and wild board is categorized as the Big Game hunting. Although for most individuals, the use of elk for hunting explains this form of hunting. It’s best to have all your hunting gear and equipment ready to be on a safe side in cases where preys can retaliate.

Small Game Hunting

This type of hunting is very common. Its season range to all year round. The use of domestic dogs can be of great importance and will serve better if the dogs are properly trained. We all know that a small game cannot be aggressive when compared to a big game. A big game is very active, and missing out on a single shot can often lead to disaster.

Small game hunting can often be challenging, especially when it comes to hunting down foxes. As we all know, the animal has an incredible sense of smell and hearing, and are good at frustrating and misleading hunters.

Active Hunting

Active hunting requires standing on your feet to cover a longer distance while going after prey. This can sometimes require you to travel through the forest, so we suggest going to the forest with your complete gear. While engaging in active hunting, traveling through bushes, swamp, and wood will some time appear to be the only option. Using cloths that are well ventilated and hunting equipment that are of lightweight.

Bait Hunting

This type of hunting involves sitting still for a protracted time without moving. If you intend bait hunting, the use of heat-retaining and comfortable clothing will be the best option. While waiting, all your hunting equipment needs to be ready, as no one knows when a game will appear.


Safari hunting is a type of hunting practice that is done specifically in regions that experience high temperatures. The use of lightweight gears and thin clothing is recommended due to the region’s dry and exotic climates.

Recreational Hunting

This type of hunting involves stepping out for fun than spending time shooting at prey, but you have to own a license. In this form of hunting, shooting down prey is not more of a priority, because you have a dual motive (fun and hunting).

Hunting 24/7

In this form of hunting, the individual involves sees hunting as a lifestyle. It involves spending more hours than expected in the forest. So if you find yourself indulging in such art, then it’s time to reconsider your priorities, maybe you are embarking on Hunting 24/7.  If you enjoy hunting and gain satisfaction from it, then, sooner or later, you will find yourself embarking on Hunting 24/7.

Weapons Used for Hunting

Below is a list of some of the most common types of weapons used in hunting.

Using Guns

This depends on the type of animal you intend to hunt down. You can either go for a rifle, a shotgun, or a handgun. The barrel and ammunition is the major difference that exists between the three guns. Rifles are designed with grooves bores. A bore is going after. This helps its bullet travel fast, straight, and further. If you intend to use a short gun, then it’s best to aim only at a short distance.  Handguns are designed with an optical or iron sight.

Using Muzzleloader

Using a muzzleloader is a lot more different if compared with the use of guns. Bugling and stalking on large animals like elk or moose will require the use of special tactics and skills. Although there are specific seasons that are set aside in most American states specifically for muzzleloader hunting. So if you use muzzleloader for hunting, it is advisable to keep your firearm clean to avoid it from malfunctioning.

Using Bow & Arrow

You can find this in many stores were hunting weapons and equipment are sold. Bow and arrow are classified into the following different categories; these are crossbows, longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows. It is essential to choose the right bow for the right hunt, as animals vary in sizes, so should the size of bow you intend using. If you intend to go for a deer hunt, then the use of a 40-pound bow will be a viable option if you want to kill without stress.
Using a 70 pound can lead to difficulty while trying to pull up its string, especially if you have multiple cloth layers on, and the weather is generally cold.  The use of allows and bows while hunting gives a better definition of what hunting is all about.  Because it involves getting closer to your target to get a better shot. To do this successfully, you are required to go beyond the senses of the animal’s smell, hearing, and sight.

Irrespective of the types of hunting you want to adopt, the use of the right weapon and equipment cannot be compromised as poor preparation can lead to poor performance or even a loss of life as most time animals can get very aggressive and on the long run, hunters become hunted.

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