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Different Types of Golf Grips: Explained by Pro Golfers

different golf grips
Written by Robert Stevens

Golf is one of the most fascinating game you might have come across. The game looks quite easy when watching it been played. Have you ever tried playing the game and from your encounter, it doesn’t seem that easy? You don’t have to worry anymore. Certain techniques and procedure must be followed in order to get the result you have always wished for.

This article will provide you with all the necessary things you need to know about the different effective golf grips. And also help you in making the choice that is suitable for you.

Types of Golf Grips – Ways to Hold the Golf Club

Golf Grip Basics

Knowing the fundamentals of different golf grips is mandatory. Before you begin you must have to know the following.

1. Grip Size

Size has always been considered an important aspect in choosing a grip. Four essential golf grip sizes include Oversize, Standard size, Midsize and Undersize. So using a grip that is unsuitable can lead to undesirable results.

2. Grip Material

Most grips are usually made from different materials such as rubber and so on. Getting a grip material that is long-lasting is relevant. The environment should also be a consideration when selecting your golf grip material.

3. Outward Texture

Good result always come when you are in your comfort zone. When choosing a grip as a golfer you should the one with a texture that is comfortable and safe. The textures can either be smooth or rough depending on the designs.

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4. Grip Inflexibility

Some golfers prefer grips that are firm and provides maximum performance. For some, a comfortable grip is required. The type of firmness will determine the amount of energy to be applied.

3 Different Types Grips

Golf grips are the most important aspect of playing the game of golf. So, getting to know yourself and the kind of grip that works perfectly for you is essential. Three common types of golf grips are the interlocking grip, overlapping grip, and the baseball grip. Let’s take a look at a detailed description of different golf grip styles.

1. Interlocking Grip

The interlocking grip is quite a common grip. When using this grip, the hands have to be connected. The position in which you place your hand on the club is very important. Here the fingers are linked together to form an interlocking. So the golf club will then be resting along the finger base of your left hand.

interlocking grip

This type of grip is recommended for women and those that have small hands. When using this grip, you should cup the golf club using your left hand. With your smallest finger placed under or top of the grip. Place your thumb a little to the right as such it corresponds with the handle.

Why Do Golfers Choose Interlocking Style?

There is definitely a reason why this grip is common among golfers. Below are some advantages of using interlocking style.

  • Interlocking style provides the golfer with a form of physical linking. This helps to pull both hands firmly together.
  • It helps both hands to work together. The interlocking style brings both hands firmly in such a way that there are no gaps between them. Bringing unity between the golfer’s hands.
  • The interlocking grips work well with people that have small hand size. It helps to ensure the club is sealed in place with just little effort.
  • It helps a player avoid hip pain and get a firm grip.

What Isn’t Cool About Interlocking Style?

Generally, when using the interlocking style for the first time it usually feels like it is not cooperating with you, and it feels uncomfortable. Thus, we get another grip style (overlapping) on the scene.

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2. Overlapping Grip

Among great golf players the overlapping grip is the most common. When using this grip, firstly your hands should be placed on the handle. Then your smallest finger should be placed on top of a small gap that is in between your middle and index finger. This also depends on the hand used for griping.

overlapping grip

Why Do Golfers Choose Overlapping Style?

There must be reasons why the overlapping style is the most commonly used style among the great player.

  • Overlapping style allows the golfer to overlap your hand easily which allows you to freely move them when striking the golf ball.
  • It allows the golfer to securely hold the club and it is comfortable to use.

What Isn’t Cool About Overlapping Style?

If your hands are small and weak the overlapping style is not suitable for you. As it will be difficult for you to overlap your grip making the golf club difficult to manipulate.

3. Baseball Grip

This is also known as the 10-Finger Grip. As the name implies all ten fingers used to hold the club. It is usually used by the instructor during your early learning stage. People with health problem like arthritis, joint pain, and small hands often have a greater advantage of this technique. Firstly, your lead hand should get a proper grip. Place your smallest finger behind the hand close to your index finger. Close the lead had using the thumb.

baseball grip

Why Do Golfers Choose Baseball Style?

  • The baseball grip makes it very easy to pivot your wrist for extra strength.
  • This style is also recommended for golfers whose hands are not strong enough to use the other style.

What Isn’t Cool About Baseball Style?

The baseball grips do not offer you full control of the club head.

Contrasts Among Different Baseball Style

Based on the information we have gathered so far; these three golf grip types serve the same purpose. You must first look at which category you belong to before making a decision on the type of style that suit you best. The instruction for the three looks similar and no matter the one you decide to work on. The end result is getting a good and accurate strike. The best golf rangefinder can help you in this regard.

In conclusion, we have taken our time in explaining what different golf grips are all about, their basics, the different type of golf grip with their advantages and limitations. Depending on what category of golfer you are, you need to know what type of grip you are to use in perfecting your skills. By carefully going through this article you question and doubt so far could become more clear and precise to you now.

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