Customshop911 Rangefinder Case Review

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  • 30, Apr, 2018
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Customshop911 Rangefinder Case

Are you looking for something that will provide appropriate protection to your Bushnell V3 laser rangefinder?  Then Customshop911 rangefinder case is probably what you are looking for.

This silicon case is expected to meet and even exceed your expectation. It fits like a glove. There are multiple colors that you can choose from. The skin of this Bushnell Rangefinder Case is very protective, and also does not slide around in the cart when it is out of the case

Now, to let you know more, allow us to begin our Customshop911 Rangefinder Case review.

Table of contents

01 Customshop911 rangefinder case Overview

Customshop911 rangefinder case is not sticky at all; you can slide your laser range finder in and out very conveniently. Which means, it provides a perfect fit for which you do not need to worry about scratches. This Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Case has a quite attractive design and is available in multiple colors. The smooth silicone material ensures excellent quality.

Now, to get more detailed and specific information about this product, let us move to the specification part of our Customshop911 rangefinder case review.

02 Specifications
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 Ounces
  • Material: Silicon
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Orange
  • Fit V3 and V3 Slope
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 Compatible model

These protective cases fit Bushnell v3 Laser Rangefinder and V3 slope.

3.2 Perfect Fit

This silicon case perfectly fits your device by the exactly precise size.

3.3 Dependable Protection

The waterproof case protects your Bushnell v3 Laser Rangefinder and V3 slope from dirt, scratches, and water.

3.4 Material and Quality

This rangefinder case is made of soft and smooth silicone material which provides amazing quality.

3.5 Multicolor Selection

There are four colors from which you can choose according to your taste and preference.

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Pros
  • Provides a good fitting
  • Waterproof
  • Scratchproof
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Reasonable price
4.2 Cons
  • Not too thick
05 Final Verdict

You might like the silicon case to be slightly thicker but remember that it does not make a difference as long as it serves its purpose well, protecting your rangefinder!

Overall, Customshop911 rangefinder case is a great product. So, we recommend you to use this rangefinder case as a perfect companion of your Bushnell V3 Laser Rangefinder.

We hope that our review helped you enough to know about Customshop911 rangefinder case and make the best decision.

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