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Golf rangefinder is generally a device that golfers use to determine the distance to fixed points such as to the flag, green or hazard. In golf measuring distance accurately is an important factor to become successful. Experienced and professional golfers can estimate distance by using markers and physical things like trees and bushes, but this estimation is always not accurate.

In this scenario, golf rangefinder comes into play to provide you accurate and more reliable data. There are two types of golf rangefinders. One is GPS rangefinder, and the other is laser rangefinder. Bushnell tour is a laser range finder.

Bushnell Golf rangefinder manufacturing company standing on a leading position due to its features. Bushnell tour is one of their premium models. This tour x rangefinder is packed with features and benefits that no rangefinder in the market has. The first feature is its exchange technology. Exchange technology means it has interchangeable faceplates to enable and disable the highest level measurement function in a way that has been approved by golf’s ruling body.

If you use the Bushnell golf tour x jolt with the black faceplate, it will measure only distance and makes it tournament legal. If you switch the black faceplate with the red faceplate, then the device will automatically go in slope reward mode and will give you the true yardage to your target.

Dual display technology is another exclusive feature of Bushnell tour. This technology allows the user to easily toggle between a bright red, vivid display or sharp black display based on lighting condition or personal preference. It has pinseeker with jolt technology. This technology helps lock onto small targets and vibrate the device when it zeroed down the target. Because of this technology of tourx the golfer received a short vibrating pulse whenever the laser has locked onto the flag. So, jolt technology has removed all doubts.

This model features ranging capability from five to 1,300 yards and is accurate to +/- 0.5 yards. Another great feature of Bushnell tour x is E.S.P.2 (extreme speed precision) technology. This technology picks up the long-range objects with 5 times faster than other rangefinders with ½ yard accuracy.

Our Remarks

Golfers will simply love this Bushnell tour golf rangefinder because of its so many cool features. Its dual display technology also known as DDT allows golfers to get a better view of golf course in any outdoor lighting. Its pinseeker with jolt technology is for better targeting. But its most great feature is exchanged technology where you can use either black faceplate or red faceplate. The black faceplate is for measuring distance accurately which is very important to get success in a competition.

It can pick up the target with 5 times greater velocity than any other rangefinder in the market. Its high-quality construction and easy to use features make it the number one golf rangefinder.

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