Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Bushnell tour v3 golf rangefinder is the updated version of Bushnell tour v2 with the same magnification (5x), range performance (5-1000 yards), and accuracy. But key feature included with this version to make it stand out among other golf rangefinder is its pinseeker with jolt technology. This technology separate background clutter from the flag. When the laser of Bushnell tour v3 locks the flag jolt trigger short vibrating pulse you can feel and get confirmation that you got the flag. So, it necessarily eliminates any doubt

Bushnell golf tour v3 is a vertically held rangefinder. Measurement of this device is 4.3 x2.8 x 1.6 inches. This is an average size golf range finder. Its weight is 7.4 ounces without the carry case. Because of its size, it fits faultlessly into your palm making it easy to grip and locking flag more accurately. Tour v3 has a grey nylon carrying case for its safety.

This case is firm but not solid. The zippered case is grey in color, with black and red highlights. The case opens to about 35 degrees, with netting at the sides that preventing the rangefinder from falling out. Bushnell golf rangefinder easily slides in and out of the case. This case can be attached to a bag or cart with the attached elastic loop. A small dust cloth also found with the carrying case for wiping the lens clean.

Bushnell golf laser rangefinder has one power/laser button. This button is located on the upper of the device. The button has dual functionality. It powers the device on and off and fires the laser and adjust settings (switching between yards and meters and turn the jolt feature on and off).

Like another rangefinder, pressing the power/laser button of tour v3 rangefinder turns on the device, and then pressing or push the button a second time will begin firing the laser and returning distance. The Bushnell tour v3 jolt displays the line-of-sight distance below the targeting circle, which has cross-hairs surrounding it while the laser is being fired.

The v3 rangefinder has an adjustable eyepiece (+/- 2 diopter adjustment) that requires a firm twist to adjust. While it’s possible to adjust the eyepiece with one hand while looking through the viewfinder but most people find it convenient to hold the device with one hand and adjust it with the other hand. Unlike the high-end Bushnell golf laser rangefinders, the eyepiece of tour v3 jolt does not twist “up,” which is used by some laser rangefinders.

Our Remarks

Measuring distance accurately is very important to win in a golf completion. Experienced and professional golfers measure distance by setting up posts or watching trees. But this measurement often time is not accurate. To help them out from this distance measurement problem, golf rangefinder comes into play. Bushnell tour v3 is a great golf rangefinder. Bushnell golf rangefinder measures distance more accurately than any other rangefinder in the market.

The key technology that Bushnell tour v3 has and differentiates it from others is its pinseeker with jolt technology. With this technology, golfers can target flag more accurately and with confidence, increase their chance of winning the tour. Besides Bushnell golf tour v3 is easily transportable, easy to grip, nice looking and reasonably priced.

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