Bushnell Scout Dx 1000 A Complete Arc Rangefinder

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Bushnell Scout Dx 1000 A Complete Arc Rangefinder

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This Bushnell Scout Dx 1000 arc is powerful rangefinder that quickly obtains the range of a highly reflective object even it is 1000 yards away. If the object is a tree or any other animal, then it varies from 650-350 yards. You will get superb accuracy from it. It will return the accurate ranges within half a yard also.

Dx1000 uses the single operational power button and focus mechanism into its eyepiece. This makes it super easy to use. They got the dialogue “Easy arithmetic: one button, four hooves in the air” and they are right on their saying. Most of the users found this tool easiest to use than other rangefinders.

The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC runs with a single CR2 battery, which is included with the package. This tool automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity. It helps to keep the battery up for you. It handles the battery drain in an efficient way.

With The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC, you will get an  Angle Range Compensation out to 99 yards. It gives you an accurate shoot like reading. The ARC mode provides you the flexibility and is selectable between Bow and Rifle modes, so the arc rangefinder is equally useful to bow or gun hunters. The device does not feature the Bushnell’s Clear Shot technology. This scout 1000 arc features three types of targeting modes for perfect shooting:

Bull’s Eye mode: This mode is for close-range shooting. It gets the distances of small targets and game without measuring other targets further away. When multiple objects are on the view, the device displays the closer of the objects on the LCD display.

Brush mode: It ignores the foreground objects, like trees and others. It just provides distances to the targeted objects only.

Scan mode: In this mode, you get the continuous ranges of all objects that you pan across.

The Scout 1000 dx laser rangefinder also has a built-in inclinometer, providing true horizontal distance out to 99 yards for bow hunting. When in Rifle mode, you have the features like bullet-drop/holdover in inches, MOA, and MIL. This 1000 yard range finder also comes with the feature of  diopter adjustment for use without your eyeglasses which is great for a glass wearer.

In the box, you’ll get the Bushnell scout dx 1000, a holding case, the CR2 battery, and a neck strap. The rangefinder has got a tripod mount and is compatible with Bushnell’s Magnetic Attachment.

Our Remarks

With all the features no doubt it’s a great tool to use for your range finder hunting. You get all the necessary items to carry it with you everywhere. It makes all the shooting and hunting very simple. Bushnell scout dx 1000 is the device you have to keep with you whenever you are planning for any outing.

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