Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder

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Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder

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All of Bushnell golf’s industry-leading laser rangefinder innovations are packed into Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder. The first feature that distinguishes Bushnell golf rangefinder with other golf range finder is its slope-switch technology. This technology lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of slope function. So, what is slope function? While all rangefinders measure the distance to the pin, slope edition takes it one step further by giving golfers elevation adjusted the distance to the hole.

Instead of just a straight-line distance to a target, it rapidly calculates or estimates what the uphill or downhill position implies in terms of yards/meters. For example, when you measure your shot with a standard rangefinder, it will give you just a reading of the distance to the hole. On the other hand, the slope function takes the distance that adds or subtracts from the reading based on the elevation change to that hole.

In simple words, this function will give you more accurate distance reading to the hole. Another advantage of slope function is it can be used to map out courses. Prior knowledge of slopes and elevation of a course will help you play the tournament more confidently.

PinSeeker with jolt technology is another premium feature of golf range finder. Generally, laser rangefinders are extremely accurate to pinpoint the target. But with one issue that almost every laser range finder struggle is locking onto the correct target every time. Because with trees and other objects in the background, there is always a chance the rangefinder choices up an object other than the flagstick.

But PinSeeker with jolt technology eliminates wrong targeting issue. When golfers aim the target with Bushnell golf laser rangefinder, the jolt technology will give something desired or provide short vibrating bursts to reinforce that the rangefinder’s PinSeeker technology has isolated the target and locked onto the flag.

Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder comes with dual display technology. This technology is exclusive to the Pro X2. DDT technology allows the user to easily toggle between a bright red, vivid display or sharp black display based on lighting condition or personal preference. The vivid display feature is especially useful on overcast days.

Bushnell golf laser rangefinder can magnify targets 6 times larger than the target’s actual size. A rubber armored metal housing makes this golf laser rangefinder fully waterproof. The Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder offers tremendous accuracy. This golf laser rangefinder claims a range of 5-1300 yards with accuracy ranging to ½ a yard.

Our Remarks

The Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder is another revolutionary rangefinder produced by the leading manufacturer of rangefinders in the industry. Its durability originates from its sleek design with armored metal housing and waterproof feature. Having the slope switch technology offers great flexibility to golfers who play competitive golf. However, slope compensation can be used during practice rounds. During playing actual tournament simple switch of a button make it tour legal.

Dual display technology makes Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder for use in any light condition. It is waterproof and easy to carry. Its PinSeeker with jolt technology eliminated any doubt about the target 6 x magnification power gives a clear view of the target. In summary, Bushnell pro x2 rangefinder is packed with technology, lightweight to carry around in your bag and a laser rangefinder that will last a very long time.

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