Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

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Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

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Bushnell neo xs golf GPS rangefinder is a lightweight and comfortable to wear a watch. The most awesome feature of Bushnell golf GPS is it is preloaded with 25,000 courses in over 30 countries. Bushnell neo ghost golf GPS is very easy to use. The new ghost has auto course/auto hole recognition feature.

This means after turning on the watch it will automatically detect where is your golf course, and during play, the watch will automatically bring forward for consideration to the next hole, but you can also change holes manually using the up and down buttons on the watch. However, an auto advance feature of neo ghost GPS cannot be disabled.

This best golf GPS comes with an odometer that measures the total distance that you have moved in the golf course, the speed in miles per hour and the total time you have been on the golf course. In ,addition, Odometer shows how far is the hole, center of the green, back of the green, how far a golfer from a certain house. Bushnell golf watch acts as a watch too. Bushnell golf neo ghost has most of the traditional watch features like countdown timer, alarm, and stopwatch.

Bushnell neo xs golf watch is waterproof to 10 meters. So, it can be wear on a rainy day. bushnell neo xs golf GPS rangefinder watch has hazard view. It displays up to 2 hazards on the screen at once. (If there are more plotted for that particular hole, they appear on a second hazard screen). The hazards are shown by text-abbreviations, which are usually self-explanatory. For example, LFB means left fairway bunker. But there are some abstruse abbreviations too, like MFW and MFWC.

Battery life of Bushnell neo xs golf GPS watch is long. Battery life is important because how long a product will last long depends on battery life.  Bushnell neo xs golf GPS watch comes with USB cable to charge the unit via a USB port.

Our Remarks

Bushnell neo xs makes things easier for golfers as they do not have to use the markers or hunches to estimate distance. In, addition, Bushnell neo xs is light and thin which makes it very portable. Golfers will have benefited from many of its useful features like odometer and watch. Its battery life is 12 hours. With this long battery ,life, you can play 3 rounds of golf.

If you are looking for quality, reliability, and accuracy, then Bushnell neo xs is the best golf GPS. And ,finally, the price of the device is unbeatable. Bushnell has dominated the golf gadget market by proving these awesome products at affordable prices.

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