Bushnell neo ghost review

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Bushnell neo ghost review

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Bushnell neo ghost is tournament legal pocket-sized easy to use golf GPS. In this Bushnell neo ghost review, we will try to give you a realistic review of this product. This pocket-sized GPS golf rangefinder comes with over 33,000 courses. The first thing you determine the existence or notice when you pick it up is its light weight and large screen despite its miniature size.

At over 3cm wide, it displays the front, middle and back yardages very clearly in a rather functional font that continues the square theme. Bushnell golf GPS charges using the supplied micro USB cable and can last for 16 hours of GPS time which is equivalent to three rounds of golf on a single charge. The rubber USB port cover is a little feisty to open, but at least that means it stays in place when closed.

Neo ghost GPS features auto course and auto hole detection. When you change direction or turn it on, it shows the time and date by default option and then searches for courses by pushing the menu button on the right. From here Bushnell neo ghost golf GPS took only 40 seconds to find the course you are playing. But search time may be longer depending on the course you are playing. But it does the job nevertheless.

This is the best golf GPS that uses iGolf course database and has data of over 33,000 golf courses. But before purchasing this, you need to check that your golf course has been included in the online database. The neo ghost GPS will advance routinely from one hole to the next, or if it gets confused, you can use the up and down buttons on the left to scroll through holes whether you are on the distance.

If you click on the select button (found on the back of the device) of Bushnell golf neo ghost during a hole, it will bring up the distances for up to 4 hazards at a time. The abbreviations of hazards are easy enough to work out. For example, LFB means left fairway bunker, MFB means middle fairway bunker, RFB-Right fairway bunker, etc.

In this Bushnell neo ghost review, we need to tell that this device originates with a plastic clip that allows you to adjust or attach it to your belt or bag. It feels quite robust and should fit comfortably on most reasonable bag rims of up to 1cm easily.

Our Remarks

After reading the above Bushnell neo ghost review, we can tell that this device is a very competitively priced product with a clear display showing front, middle and back yardages as well as hazard information.

Its compact size will suit many golfers because they do not like both watches and rangefinders. They find the first one is distracting and the second one is time-consuming. The summary of the Bushnell neo ghost review is if you are looking for a good quality GPS, then Bushnell ghost is ready to go.

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